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Armenian Ruling Party 'Regrets' French Decision On Genocide Denial

Armenians rally outside the French Embassy in Yerevan to thank France for a bill passed by its Senate making denial of the Armenian genocide a crime on January 24.
Armenians rally outside the French Embassy in Yerevan to thank France for a bill passed by its Senate making denial of the Armenian genocide a crime on January 24.
By RFE/RL's Armenian Service
YEREVAN -- Armenia's ruling Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) says it "regrets" a decision by France's Constitutional Court invalidating a law that made it a crime to deny that the killings of some 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks in 1915 constituted genocide.

The Armenian government, however, has refrained from any official reaction.

HHK spokesman and deputy parliament speaker Eduard Sharamazanov attributed the court's ruling on February 28 to "internal political issues" in France and intense lobbying by Turkey.

A senior member of the opposition Armenian Revolutionary Federation said the court had succumbed to "Turkish pressure, threats, and bribes."

Sharamazanov said it is "very important" that French President Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered his government to draft a new bill on the topic.
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by: john from: cali
February 29, 2012 16:59
Weather the killing of Armenian is considered a genocide or not, is not the issue. A law making it a crime to deny it, is stripping people the right to thier opinion and thats a crime. They're many killings of different culture and races. Should we pass a law that condemns anyone who denies them?
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by: Jay from: Melbourne Beach,Florida
March 01, 2012 11:23
@ John,

FYI, it is a law in France to deny the so-called Jewish Holohoax, if you get caught denying it you will be STRIPPED and thrown in slammer for a couple of years. And to "armo-turk", what did you have for breakfast? the usual paint-chips, and Raki?
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by: Alexander
March 02, 2012 06:09
It is a crime in Germany to deny the Holocaust.

by: Lucien from: Los Angeles
February 29, 2012 21:42
France is going down a dangerous path if it seeks to criminalize speculation on matters. Today it is genocide denial, then it will be something more nationalistic, eventually it will be opposition and dissent.
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by: Armenian from Baku from: USA
March 02, 2012 16:25
Do you feel the same way about the French law criminalizing denial of Holocaust?
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by: Eric from: USA
March 03, 2012 09:58
Without speaking for Lucien, he didn't state any specific event. His point is that the law (for any genocide) strips freedoms from individuals. When a government controls personal opinions... danger is around the corner.
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by: Armenian from Baku from: US
March 05, 2012 03:30
Eric, Lucien made the comment in reference to the specific law mentioned in the article. Punishment of Holocaust denial has been around in France for many years. It has been accepted without any outage from US, Turkey, Germany, or any other country which values freedom of speech. The problem here is a double standard and hypocrisy. Denial of Holocaust is considered a sign of anti-semitism, while denial of Armenian genocide is somehow is freedom of speech. The Armenian genocide has been accepted by numerous organizations and countless independent historians as a fact. The only "historical" research that says otherwise is financed by Turkey, the same country which prosecutes those daring to raise an issue of Armenian genocide as an insult to Turkishness. Until Turkey owns up to its history, the genocide continues.

by: Armo-Turk from: TurkArmenia
March 01, 2012 06:41
Anatolian Turks' genetic haplogroup is same with Armenians, commonly. And their appearance is same too. Why do they making noise ? 1914 Christian Armenians were revolt to Muslim Armenians (Ottomans), and so Muslim Armenians pushed them to the East. They are same people, Muslims believe 1 god, Christians believe 1 god + 1 suicided-himself god son + mariam the god's wife + and holy spirit... 1 to 4 yes, only gods' numbers are different :)))
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
March 01, 2012 11:14
Dear Allahtan armo-turk djan,allahtan muslims like you have 3 gods-zan,zar,zamin-that is women,gold and land-they also believe that when they go to heaven,millions of virgins will attend to their every need.Allahtans like you are ample material for psycho-patologists and must be treated with every care in the proper institutions dear MIT kgb effendi.

by: Vachtang from: Moscow
March 01, 2012 07:54
Today, it is clear that Sarkozy can no longer be allowed to be president of France.
He might do a lot of trouble and the poor French can not recover until the end of the Earth.

Another thing that Sarkozy can be appoint a Chief Expert on genocides..We all see his "wisdom" in this matter...

Mr. Sarkozy! Yesterday in our yard there was a drunken brawl...drunk guy waving with bottle of vodka and killed two of his companions.
We ask you as the chief expert on genocide, assign a status of genocide to this ugly act.

by: Mike from: US
March 01, 2012 08:26
It is so amazing that Armenians completely blame the Turks for this massacre when in fact they were the ones who provoked it in the first place. It seems like everyone has forgotten the fact that it was the Armenians who first attacked Turkish villages after getting green light from the Russian side, hoping that Russians would back them up; but it backfired and Russians, as always, didn't keep their word and Armenians were abandoned, leading to the massacre. This map shows what they wanted to achieve and still want including the part of Georgia which they fled to after the massacre and today want to take away from the Georgian territory. lol


I guess there is just no justice in the world. When kindness is mistaken for weakness and rewarded with backstabbing!

by: Caucasian
March 01, 2012 10:23
Caucasians 'Regret' that Turkey didn't deport all Armenians back to India.
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by: J from: US
March 01, 2012 13:48
What is this nonsense?
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by: Mike from: US
March 02, 2012 17:42
HAHA, that comment made my day!!! :D

that's true; no matter how much they try to hide it, armenians are an indo -european people and they just settled in the caucasus region after urartu fell apart and kingdom of albania vanished
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by: J from: US
March 03, 2012 01:36
What is this nonsense?

by: Bart from: USA
March 01, 2012 18:46
The Armenian genocide cannot be held hostage to political games. The genocide of the Armenians perpetrated by the Ottoman Turks in 1915 is a documented fact recognized by genocide scholars and many international governments, among them France. The genocide should not be used as a political pawn by foreign governments because the veracity of the tragic events have already been established.

by: M from: Ingushetia
March 08, 2012 23:07
"The Armenian people are extremely indignant at the way they behave guests from the "North-Eastern Caucasus" in Russian cities. As the leader of the Armenian Youth Association "Ararat" Ashot Hakobyan, the Russian Armenians are ready to work with the Russian struggle against the so-called "North Caucasian guests."

One member of the organization said:
- We are also outraged by murder and crime by members of the _Ingush_ and Dagestani diaspora in Moscow, and together we are ready to resist. Russian and Armenian - a truly brotherly peoples. We are bound by centuries-old friendship that dates back to Byzantine times. Russian-Turkish war, the protection of the Armenians of the Russian Empire from the Turkish genocide, World War II - are inscribed in golden letters in the history of the fraternal relations between our peoples, when in Moscow will be riots, or other illegal actions, we will definitely stand up to the Russian side.

At the same time, representatives of the Ossetians have Russian patriotic organizations for their support.

- We know of the Ingush not hearsay. The Ossetian-Ingush conflict in the early 90s showed that only Russia and the Russian people is our brothers. How do we protect the Russian during the conflict with Georgia in August 2008 and we will, if necessary, will rise on the Russian side, I think it will go as the vast majority of Ossetians, Armenians, Greeks, and Abkhazians."

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