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Azerbaijani Soldier Wounded Along Border With Separatist Region

Azerbaijan's Defense Ministry has said that troops of the separatist, Armenian-populated Nagorno-Karabakh region within Azerbaijan attacked Azerbaijani positions and wounded an Azerbaijani soldier, who was subsequently hospitalized.

The authorities of the separatist government countered that a 19-year-old Karabakh conscript was killed in the shoot-out.

The statement accused Azerbaijani forces of "agressive and criminal actions."

Earlier, Nagorno-Karabakh officials had accused Azerbaijani forces of violating the regional cease-fire about 1,000 times in the past week.

Aram Gyulnazarian is the 10th soldier on both sides to be killed so far this month along the Line of Contact that separates the two sides.

Azerbaijani and Armenian foreign ministers met on June 18 in Paris for a new round of internationally mediated talks aimed at resolving the conflict.

The two sides agreed on a cease-fire in 1994.

Based on reporting by Interfax, Trend, and Novosti-Armenia
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by: Alana Kalana from: USA
June 18, 2012 14:21
I like to know how Azerbaijanis like Hajizade ,Milli, Huseynov, and Ismayilova who are dubbed "freedom defenders" especially by "Radio Free Europe " can bring attention to them self by accrediting them self as activists, and defenders on such issues as human rights, democracy, justice, and freedom, and not feel a responsibility to support NKR’s right of self determination, an individual freedom, or least not openly speak against it? IMO, they are not at all convicted to die-hard"pro -democracy" values, and principles they claim they are, in fact they proved how expandable they are and how easy they can be surrendered for self-centered nationalistic ones .

Gee, I did not know you could do that without being thought to have clearly missed the boat called genuine.

If anything they should take at least some responsibility for the strong backing the people have for the violent actions taken against NKR by Azerbaijani forces.

IMO their lack of conviction to their beliefs is a good reason to believe why today the Azeri people are not taking a much more universal, humanitarian kind of stand, the kind that inspire people to protest against the their government's violence, instead of for it.
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by: Robert Weingart from: Copenhagen
June 18, 2012 16:13
I like to know how people can write such comments. You may better not judge as long as you are not living in this region or never have being at the line of contact.
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by: Alana from: USA
June 18, 2012 21:26
Supporting violence over peace is wrong no matter where you live in this world. That is why not just anyone can be an activist.. So, at least try to sound rational will you.
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by: RAF from: London
June 19, 2012 04:38
Self-what??? "NKR"? Mountainous part of Karabakh is annexed by Armenia with the help of Russian troops in early 1990s. Several hundred thousands of Azerbaijanis were forced to leave their homes and live as refugees in their own country. And you suggest Azerbaijani human rights activists to support all these actions?! There are two possible explanations of such an idiotic suggestion: 1. you are an Armenian or 2. you just don't know what you are talking about.
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by: Alana from: USA
June 19, 2012 11:20
Oh yes, I must be Armenian because I am advocating for Azeri activists to support peaceful measures? Is that all you have to go on? Or is it anyone who does not support the offensive aggression of the Azerbaijan forces in NKR is either Armenian or does not know what they are talking about?

Do you really want to go there?

If so, since you try to justify support of the violent aggression by suggesting the people living in NKR deserve it, who should you be accused of being, Mr. Humanity?

And as far as the activists go, YES, I expect them to do exactly what they signed up for.. .
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by: Rashid from: Berlin
June 19, 2012 10:12
And you are advocating non-violence while living in USA?
USA is constantly in war with some country, that's how Americans learn their geography and recently Mitt Romney said that if he becomes president he will not hesitant to use violent acts against Iran.
In Azerbaijan however, we want our land back and it is natural for the nation to seek war when peace has nothing to offer.
If war breaks loose the whole region will go to war!
You know what, every single Azerbaijani who can hold weapon in the country or outside of the country will go to war to liberate Karabag.
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by: from: Free Artsakh
June 23, 2012 03:11
You can "want your land back" all you want. You can actually go and re-settle there because your land is in the Altai mountains of nowadays Russia. These lands left by your nomadic ancestors are still scarcely populated and would welcome some lost tribes that failed to form into a nation while destroying ancient civilizations on their haul to Europe.
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by: Anonymous
June 23, 2012 07:57
Can they settle in Karabakh instead, if they want?

by: RD
June 18, 2012 18:44
Azerbaijan's side is being dishonest again. Armenia has nothing to gain from violating ceasefire agreement. Any Azeri soldier who dies or is injured, has to do with the soldier trying to infiltrate the Armenian side. Stop the lies Azerbaijan.


by: Alex from: LA
June 18, 2012 21:51
where is the report of one Armenian NKR soldiers death on Monday 6/18/2012. RFE only reports on the news of those who have oil!!!! He should die cuz their leadership doesn't care about their own soldiers.
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by: Akbar from: Baku
June 19, 2012 10:16
Wrong, We the people and the government cares about every single solider!
If the soldiers die for their homeland we the people and the parents of those young hero's are PROUD.
We are ready to die
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by: Alex from: LA
June 20, 2012 01:13
Then go end all your lives now, if you ready to die you can have Karabagh in hell!

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