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Protest In Azerbaijani Capital Against Prostitution

A cafe in Baku's Badamar districtA cafe in Baku's Badamar district
A cafe in Baku's Badamar district
A cafe in Baku's Badamar district
BAKU -- More than 300 residents of a Baku district have staged a protest against the use of local cafes for soliciting by prostitutes, RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service reports.

The protesters forced some cafes to close and removed signs from others in Baku's eastern Badamar district late on September 21. Police persuaded the protesters to disperse, promising them that any establishments that disturb the peace will be closed.

One protester told RFE/RL that the demonstrators will stage bigger protests if no action is taken against "noise and immoral activity at night."

An RFE/RL correspondent who went to Badamdar on September 22 found that only one out of the three cafes the protesters had complained about -- Cafe Turan -- had been closed. Staff at one of the other cafes rejected allegations that they are frequented by prostitutes.

"Someone is intentionally denigrating the name of our cafe," a worker said.

RFE/RL was refused entry to the third cafe.

Badamdar resident Bahadur Salimov told RFE/RL the protesters have been appealing to local police for the past year to crack down on loud music and immoral activity at the cafes and decided to take matters into their own hands when police failed to take any action.

"Why are the police doing nothing to stop them? Because they are taking bribes from those cafes," he said.

Interior Ministry spokesman Orkhan Mansurzadeh told RFE/RL on September 22 that Cafe Turan proprietor Tarana Aliyeva was detained and given a four-day sentence for resisting police.

Alimammad Nuriyev, head of the Baku-based nongovernmental organization Fund for Constitutional Research, said sometimes brothels are protected by high-ranking officials, so police cannot immediately take action to close them.

But Mansurzadeh denied any brothels in Baku enjoy police protection.

Prostitution is illegal in Azerbaijan, but local media have reported extensively on the existence of at least one exclusive bordello in the Azerbaijani capital.
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by: Hugh Hefner from: House of the rising sun
September 23, 2011 22:15
Well,we all know Turan the name of the future islamist empire,uniting all muslims in the world its western border in Algeria and its eastern bordering on China.Now we also know its capital-the azeri cofee-house of Turan-the most proper place for the future great sultanate.Our azeri brothers and sisters have shown us the way ahead for modernizing islam and we all should follow their way.Shukran
In Response

by: an Azerbaijani from: Babekland
September 27, 2011 00:04
Well, Mr. Hugh
What I see in your written is ignorance about Azeri people and it looks you have no idea about Azerbaijan.
1: Turan was mythical name of the land of Turkic people ( don't mix it with Turkish Erdogan) and Iran was the mythical name of Aryan people both in middle Asia in Book of Shahnameh (like Iliad but in persian and written by Ferdowsi).
So there was No real Turan and Iran till Reza Shah the first chaned name of Persia to Iran based on Myths.
Also Turan is a person name, What you are talking about Islamic empire from Algeria?? to somewhere is not related to Azerbaijani people.
I could not find any logic point on your excited provocative sentences.
By the way Azerbaijan is not a Islamic country there Muslims, Christians and Jews and absolutely better than its neighbor with just One Nation One Religion.
finally, Prostitutes are Human and deserve to be respected. It could be a social problem or a job , depends to which country its happening.
Please Respect People.
In Response

by: from: web
September 27, 2011 22:54

Here is a good example of Azeri Turks robing native populations included by force into the artificial state of Azerbaijan Sultanate. "an Azerbaijani" states that he is from "Babekland" referring to the Tolish people hero Babek who is no being Turkified by the official Azeri Turk propaganda.

Tolish people like all other ethnic and religious minorities of Azerbaijan are denied their basic rights like being able to use their language, educate their children in Tolish, have TV, radio and books in Tolish, and elect Tolish people to run local affairs.

Azeri Turks (who are actually a minority) discriminate all the native peoples of the lands they occupy and follow a policy of total Turkification of the diverse population they control.

by: Jalan from: Azerbaijan
September 28, 2011 20:57
If Babek is an Iranian hero then why is he banned in Iran among Western Culture? Because he was real Azerbaijani, thats why there are more than 45 statues of Babek in Azerbaijan but 0 in Iran.
In Response

by: from: web
September 30, 2011 03:47

Typical Azeri Turk thinking - importance of a historical figure is measured by the number of statues the dictatorial regime of Sultan Ilham Heidar-ogly Alieyev managed to erect in memory of that person.

Hello!! The ultimate winner now is his dad - KGB General Heidar-baba Ali Rza-ogly Aliyev whose statues are everywhere in Bazaarbaijan and beyond.

Does it make him an Azeri Turk? No!! He was born in Armenia to a Kurdish nomadic family and made his career organizing Kurds in their fight against Turks. His hands are covered with Turkish blood. His son now continues pushing Azeri Turks out of the picture by bringing tens of thousands of Kurdish tribesmen from Turkey in Iran to settle in Azerbaijan. Azeri Turks all over the country do not feel it's their place anymore. Every town council, police force, large business, mafia activity is run by Kurds who discriminate against Azeri Turks.

Another example against your silly "monument" argument - there used to be a monument to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in the center of Baku. What happened to it now? Sultan Ilham got scared that he is next, ordered to change it into "a monument to an Egyptian" OVERNIGHT!

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