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Azerbaijan Denies Giving Israel Air-Base Access

Azerbaijan's government has denied a report saying that Baku has granted Israel access to Azerbaijani bases that could be used in potential air strikes by Israel against nuclear targets in Azerbaijan's neighbor Iran.

The article in "Foreign Policy" magazine, titled "Israel's Secret Staging Ground," quotes unnamed U.S. government sources as saying Azerbaijan is providing Israeli fighter planes with access to airfields near the Iranian border.

A spokesman for the Azerbaijani president's office, Ali Hasanov, rejected the report on March 29, saying outside forces were trying to foment trouble between Iran and Azerbaijan.

Iranian-Azerbaijani relations have been strained since reports last month said Azerbaijan had purchased some $1.6 billion of weapons from Israel.

Israel, which views a potential Iranian nuclear bomb as a threat to its existence, says military strikes on Iran remain an option.

Based on reporting by APA, Interfax, and AFP
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by: Camel Anazer from: Kurdistan
March 29, 2012 13:54
Translated fro m Eric Arthur Blair`s double-speak,azeri kgb`s Ali Babali Hasanov means simply we shall give our israeli bros and sis anything they want.There is nothing in this world we wont but we`re not doing it for money,no no no,dear friends,we have stolen enough money from our own azeri serfs,everything we do we do it from pure,unadulterated idealistic love of all things spiritual and not because the peace and freedom loving dimona boys and girls have promised to give us back Persia after they bomb,pardon install some friendly muslim moderate bros and sis into power.See ya at the belly dancing `Euro`blind vision song and dance contest in Baki.Yours,truly,Ali Babalyevich.

by: Sey from: World
March 29, 2012 15:58
Azerbaijan knows pretty damn well that Baku will burn to the ground if they help the Israelis or the Americans

I hope Mr. Saakashvili is smart enough to realize the same

by: Sanjay from: Canada
April 02, 2012 14:57
Azerbaijan's threat to the region is growing. It is time to bring up the issue of redrawing Azerbaijan's current borders, and return to Iran what was taken from them.

Azerbaijan was, and is an invention which needs to be corrected.

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