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‘Graveyard For Animals’: Bardot Threatens Russian Exile Over Elephants

Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot
French former actress and animal-rights activist Brigitte Bardot has threatened to join actor Gerard Depardieu in Russian exile unless France halts the scheduled euthanasia of two sick circus elephants.

In a statement on January 4, Bardot says authorities have ignored her "numerous proposals" to save Baby and Nepal, a pair of elephants suffering from tuberculosis.

The animals were ordered to be put down by a court in the southern city of Lyon as a precautionary measure.

The owners of the circus said they would appeal to save them.

Bardot says that if the elephants are killed she will request Russian citizenship "to flee this country that is now just a graveyard for animals."

Bardot's threat comes after fellow actor Depardieu became a Russian citizen in protest at tax hikes.

-- Based on reporting by AP and Reuters
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by: Joe Floss from: Palau
January 04, 2013 17:27
an ordinary Joe or Jane would not get the citizenship as requested. Once again not favoring the needy.

by: Jorjo from: Florida
January 04, 2013 19:31
Bardot and Depardieu will make a perfect Russian couple, they can even make a movie together there, a blockbuster. Putin can be hired as an executive producer. Or why not director?

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
January 05, 2013 02:37
That's interesting. that the French, who are unhappy with the French government, understands, that immigrating from France- just is not enough.
They want a scandal.
But, unfortunately for them, Hitler and Pol Pot already died.But fortunately for them, there is Putin, whose purpose to surpass achievement of Hitler and Pol Pot.
That's why they choose the country where human life is equated with life of cockroach.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 05, 2013 11:10
Why criticize Bardot and the drunkard for choosing mother Russia-Great georgian Vakhtang did the same,Chenghiz khan KGB Jack chose the USA and Eugenia went to Vienna!!! And if Bardot thinks France is a graveyard for elephants the best thing to do is to go to Russia which is a graveyard to its citizens-more than a thousand russians die of hypothermia on the streets every year.And dear Vahtangian djan-Hitler and PolPot may be dead but Stalin is alive and well in our hearts thanks to your example!Keep up the good work!!!
In Response

by: Jack from: US
January 05, 2013 16:16
Vakhtang proclaims: "That's why they choose the country where human life is equated with life of cockroach."
Since you have chosen the same country, should we assume your life is that of a cockroach?
Perhaps all cockroaches in Russia are to be called vakhtangs. hmm.. it does sound like that, doesn't it?
In Response

by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
January 05, 2013 17:55
You are only right.dear Jack Kadyrov,and can you enlighten us `bout the country which adopted you as a spiritual cripple-bloody imperialist CIA US??? Or you just wrote US instead of SU-soviet union.And say hello to all your mates from the BW BS team.
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by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
January 06, 2013 00:34
Once again, a reminder that I was born in Moscow many years ago.
The main cockroach here Mr Putin, who arrived from Leningrad region and destroys Moscow.
Now to us in Moscow is going come his new friends:
old grandmother to help shoot dogs and cats
(possibly camels also are at risk ...)
alcoholic who will be drink with others, tincture from pharmacy
(infusion to rinse teeth with min-ttincture which Jack uses before entering on the waves of Radio Liberty)
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by: Jack from: US
January 06, 2013 14:57
Vakhtang weeps and whines: "Once again, a reminder that I was born in Moscow many years ago."
Accept my condolences, dear Vakhtang. But again, a reminder for you is that the center of civilized world, called Tiflis (also known under bastardized name Tbilisi) is a short ride away, and I'm sure Mr.Srakashvilli will be glad to embrace you as his top leutenant (once his other top leutenants either fled or in jail). So consider changing your cockroach existence in Moscow for a flourishing urban life of Tiflis

by: Dalma from: Australia
January 05, 2013 06:12
Without being too catty - sex kitten Bardot should revamp her hairstyle and eye shadow. Why worry about dying elephants when the vets have already consigned them to the proverbial grave yard ? Poor Vadim would be aghast at his sex goddess creation now.. sshh she might take offence ! My haven't we aged !

by: Robert from: Prague
January 05, 2013 08:12
Ms. Bardot will have a lot of work to do if she moves to Russia. Here's something for her to read on the plane:

by: Jojo from: Americas
January 06, 2013 14:01
This lady wanted to take the matter to the extreme. She could have asked to have the elephants for free. After that she can do whatever she thinks right for the elephants on her own time and expense.

The other actor Gerard Depardieu is not bold enough to renounce his French citizenship. Make that move, then he will be a real hero.

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