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North Caucasus

One Family's Story Of Death, Terror In Daghestan

In two years, Khadizhat Nasibova has seen her son and husband gunned down, as well as four other male relatives.
In two years, Khadizhat Nasibova has seen her son and husband gunned down, as well as four other male relatives.
By Ramazan Razhabov and Uma Isakova
KIROVAUL, Russia -- An epidemic of bullets and death is gripping the volatile North Caucasus region of Daghestan. And it's an epidemic Khadizhat Nasibova knows better than most.

In late August, the 54-year-old Nasibova set out from her home in the village of Kirovaul with her husband, sister, and a daughter. The family was on its way to Daghestan's capital, Makhachkala, to give their condolences to a relative whose son had recently been shot dead.

Just as they left the village, their car was stopped by a group of masked men. Nasibova's husband, 58-year-old Saidakhmed, was ushered out of the car and shot without warning.

"His blood was everywhere. When I got to him he couldn't speak. His mouth moved a little. A puddle of blood was forming under his body. After my husband fell following the first two shots, they fired an entire clip into him," Nasibova recalls.

"I put his head on my knee and began to pray. The man who shot him stood by and watched me through the holes in his mask."

Without a word, the killers got into a car and drove off.

It was just one in a series of killings that has recently plagued Khadizhat Nasibova's family. In just two years, six of her male relatives met violent deaths. In July 2010, her 21-year-old son and a nephew were gunned down. And within months after her husband's death, two more of her nephews and a male cousin were shot dead as well.

Independent human rights organizations estimate that about 800 men between the ages of 18 and 40 have been killed in Daghestan so far this year in the insurgency, official reprisals, and sectarian and other violence.

Spirals Of Violence And Death

Local Sunni historian Magomed Nugayev sees the roots of the unending spirals of death in the conflict between Sufi Islam, which is traditional in Daghestan, and Salafism, which was imported from the Arab world after the collapse of the Soviet Union and which advocates the establishment of Shari'a-based states. Salafism has been declared extremist by the Russian authorities and its followers subjected to crackdowns that are often brutal.

He says the state's reaction to Salafism is "unnecessarily violent" and that each new act of violence creates sympathy for extremists and insurgents.

The Nasibov family is Salafite. Nasibova's brother-in-law, Abdulazim, agrees that the actions of the authorities are the root cause of the violence engulfing Daghestan.

"In our village there are no disagreements based on religion. Sufis go to their mosque and we go to ours. My uncle and cousins go to a different mosque than I do. If we had disagreements there would be a war. Then the Russians would have grounds to step in. But we are not killing one another."

Nasibova's husband, Saidakhmed, was not involved in politics or sectarian conflicts. He'd worked as a driver on a farm until he retired after being diagnosed with cancer. But he had attracted the attention of the authorities by petitioning the police to investigate the July 2010 killing of his son, Magomed.

Magomed was a promising athlete, a champion in the Russian martial art of sambo. His mother recalls the night he died.

"I was waiting for my son, who had moved to Makhachkala. The next day he was supposed to leave for a sambo tournament. While he was studying in Makhachkala, he'd won at tournaments in Moscow, Kyiv, and other places. He had a big future in the sport," she says.

"But that night, gunfire suddenly broke out outside my house. By the time I ran outside it had stopped. I found my son and my nephew in their car, their heads slumped down on their chests."

Witnesses say the gunfire came from masked gunmen in a military truck that pulled up alongside the car. Magomed had 153 bullet wounds; his cousin had 76.

Local media later quoted officials as saying the men had been killed "by mistake." No one has been arrested or charged.

After Saidakhmed Nasibov filed a complaint urging the authorities to investigate, he was repeatedly summoned by the police, his widow says. He was ordered to withdraw his petition and was threatened. Police searched their house repeatedly. The family is convinced Saidakhmed's killing was connected to these incidents.

'All The Men Are Dead'

There are rows of bare, fresh graves in the cemetery in Kirovaul. Abdulazim, Nasibova's brother-in-law, showed Saidakhmed's grave to RFE/RL's North Caucasus Service.

The cemetery where Khadizhat Nasibova's relatives are buried in Kirovaul.
The cemetery where Khadizhat Nasibova's relatives are buried in Kirovaul.

Nearby were the graves of Magomed and Abdulazim's three sons -- two of whom were shot to death along with two other relatives while en route to a wedding less than a month after Saidakhmed was slain.

Their burned-out car and corpses were found along the highway. Abdulazim says he believes his sons were killed by the security forces as a "preemptive measure" to keep them from taking revenge for the deaths of other family members.

But even that was not the end of the Nasibov family's grief. A short while later, an unknown gunman killed Khadizhat Nasibova's cousin, 30-year-old Magomed Khaidarov, shooting him through the window of his father's house as he sat with his wife and five children. The authorities have no leads in that killing.

Just a couple of weeks ago, dozens of police vehicles surrounded Nasibova's home and searched it again. "They turned everything inside out and didn't find a thing," she says. "What do they want from us? What can some defenseless women do?"

During that incident, Abdulazim says he was taken to the police station. "They said that they'd seen me pick up an insurgent in my car and take him there. Then they brought some sort of pipe, some wires, a bottle. They put some bones or something on the table, trying to frighten me with the threat of torture," he says. "I told them that I am old and am not afraid of being tortured. I said: 'You put me in handcuffs. Take them off and I'll show you that I am not afraid.'"

Nasibova says she is worn down by grief and suffering. She is left with only her five daughters. There are no men in her family left to demand investigations and justice. She asks for no more than to finally be left alone. She doesn't even talk to human rights workers.

She says that everything is now in Allah's hands.

Robert Coalson contributed to this story from Prague
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by: Ray F. from: Lawrence, KS
December 10, 2012 21:18
Nice report, though tragic. The author gives the impression that the situation is getting worse. Is it and is corruption at the core of the problem? Has the Sufi traditional leadership been compromised by their close association with corrupt authorities? Is there another Sufi sect that it not tainted? What are the local Imams preaching? Can one tell the difference between a Sufi and Salafi believer by their appearance?
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by: peter from: ottawa
December 12, 2012 00:41
the russian gvt is not fighting a war its creating one and its a losing one. As soon as the shiite mongrel Assad dies with his Cava wife, the North Caucasus brigade will move to southern Russia to ply their trade , then the fight becomes an even one. Stay tuned.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
December 12, 2012 06:51
Playing alone Ray wirh missguiding article of Rashkas?
Russia cleansing nations - kiling first those they envy
And hate for being better than Russian bukashkas.
"Religion" is cover of Russia-GRU nazi killings.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
December 12, 2012 08:59
Ah, "terror in Daghestan", stories from private life of the former IMF director and even "the use of condoms in Georgia" - and the only thing one can not really comment on on this wonderful forum is the fact that the DPRK has successfully tested an INTER-CONTINENTAL BALLISTIC MISSILE :-).
It's a pity, guys, that you have no desire to write "analytical articles" on this one - after all, successive US govts have done all they could since 1994 (when Bill Clinton was JUST AS CLOSE to bombing the DPRK as Hillary Clinton is close to bombing Syria today :-).in order NOT TO ALLOW the DPRK to develop its ballistic (and nuclear) technology.
And what do we have in 2012? Correct, the DPRK (a) has successfully tested a NUCLEAR BOMB and (b) has successfully tested an ICBM. In other words, from now on, North-Korean inter-continental missiles - equipped with North-Korean nuclear war-heads - can reach such US cities as Los Angeles (Konstatin, start packing up :-) or San Francisco.
And this is, of course, as usual, a huge success for the foreign policy of the United States :-). Congratulations, guys :-)))!!!
In Response

by: peter from: ottawa
December 12, 2012 12:59
eugenio, aka evgenie what has the DPRK has to do with this article .North Korea is a brutal dictatorship bent on mind control just like in your beloved russia. Seems ironic that most of the anti-west scum suckers live in the west or the basement of the russian embassy in vienna. Planning a move to the DPRK ?
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by: Camel Anatuk from: Kurdistan
December 12, 2012 13:06
Aaaah,its a big bad world out there,no light at the end of the tunnel,but wait !!!-Eugenia saw the light-it is the North Korean A-bomb-Now the Coreans can bomb America and Vienna as well-and lets hope Eugenia and jack will find their way into the Soviet embassy nuclear shelters.And after the nuclear fall out we can start building our new civilization based on North Corean moral values-and we are all sure it will be a perennal one-so lets hope the light at the end of the tunnel is not from a coming train!!!
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
December 12, 2012 14:23
Where lions with human heart see threat to Civilization,
Gyenas, snakes of Chaldeyka's dream - Varaga-Prashka,
Victoriously gloating for Great Russia, inflicting abomination.
That makes Eugenio's over-magnified truthful observation
An evil missguide - depress World morality for Rashkas.

Sure USA foreign (as domestic) policy is damaging
To USA and the World - but only in part of influxing,
By Russia and their co-conspirators of 1954 pact,
As Brits and Germans "imperio-resurrect react",
While I tried help USA with God's help, do right.

like in old Check's comedy, God created man -
Devil put in him apendics - behind God's back.
UN helped CIS - Russia's Husik annex Kuveit,
Precident to Invade CIS, US helped to liberate
- Russia made it kill 200,000 in Iraq and wreck.

Forever USA going to improve peace and living
Even more lifes are taken, by USA bombasting.
USA is controlled by instigators of percived evil
Of American history - Russia's influx is cultural,
Aparatchics mentality and evil politic-plagiarizm.

Using last two - Russian fifth collumn killing me and my mother since 1947 in USSR and since 1980 in USA - advising USA-CIA blackmail-plagiarize me. Last time they threatened and killed my mother, to panish me for freedom of speech and preventing conquest of whole Georgia in 2008, to silence me and to plagiarize - the game both USA and Russia compete and cooperate to steal - stealing my papers and using telepaths...

As for North Korea - it is failing of USA and North Korea:
USA, since Korean war cannot forgive them and vindictivly insulate them from improving;
North Korea, probably tought by Russian "podletc i negodyay",
do not explain it strait, but rather use wrong language of demanding help from USA in exchange for non-proliteration,
instead of demanding not to be descriminated against as old USA vandeta.
Russia of coarse is main provocateur and Devil.
As Japan after WW2 became peacefull country, Russia stack with 3 small Japanese islands and expanding poisoning their fishing waters., loking with greed of hulligans-pogromers at the wealth created by Japanese people, specially after last tragedy in Japan.
Sedenly Russia, China and North Korea clame from Japan islands and fishing waters, lunching ballistic rockets...
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by: Jack from: US
December 12, 2012 15:02
Eugenia, you have to give US government a break. They cannot just do everything at once: support Al Qaeda in Syria, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, newly installed Wahhabi regime in Libya, Mischa Saakashvilli and his thugs, spy in American citizens, keep their NATO minions on tight leash. And what, you now want Hillary to fight democratic republic of North Korea, when she could hardly keep her own ambassadors safe from her own Wahhabi friends?
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by: janez from: subotica
December 13, 2012 00:17
What kinds of terror is in this lands ????,?
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
December 15, 2012 13:51
Janez just asked Jack "what terror in this land"
And "Jack's" supplied a proof - 20 children dead!
Not as much as in Beslan by Russian occupants
Forged "Wahaba", but just enough for Jack to rant,
As US Ambassy in Iran - Russian instigators grant.
In Response

by: Jack from: US
December 15, 2012 17:07
Konstantin says: " a proof - 20 children dead!"
There are two nut cases here: one is a dude in Connecticut who gunned down 26 people and another is Konstantin in LA.

American people are shocked at the senseless violence and it is a true tragedy for American people. The same American people rejoice when US-sponsored thugs from "Free Syrian Army" kill scores of Christian and Alawite children in Syria. You do not hear a word of condemnation from US government for killing of Christian children in Syria and Kosovo by US-supported Muslim thugs. And majority of American people approve that.
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
December 15, 2012 17:37
To Konstantin and Jack: I apologize, guys, for having to jump into your discussion on this most recent massacre that took place in the US. One thing that this - and so many other mass killings that happen in this extremely violent and decadent country on a REGULAR basis - shows is that the US society itself is SICK and that all sorts of heavily armed criminals just run around the streets over there.
And this latter fact, obviously, helps one understand the criminal roots of the foreign policy of the US: as long as mass killings have become a part of day-to-day life in this wild, bankrupt and higly dangerous country, they just find it normal to export this feature of their own "lives" to other places.
And the latter explains why it is that there is no outcry in the US on the genocidal crimes committed by the US troops in places like Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. I mean, if some kind of US citizen can unrestrained go to a school and kill 20 children IN HIS OWN COUNTRY, why would these very same guys have problems killing children in Afghanistan?
In Response

by: Jack from: US
December 15, 2012 18:53
yes, Eugenio, you are right. US government fosters the ideology of hate and violence against assorted enemies of US government. The enemies of US government are invariably Christians, and the friends of US government are invariably Muslim Sunni "freedom fighters".

That's because most of US ruling mafia are on Saudi payroll.

If US government considers it is perfectly OK for "peaceful Sunni activists" from Free Syrian Army to kill and mutilate hundreds of Christian and Alawite children in Syria, this ideology inevitably spreads in US mainland where it finds fertile ground. According to US government it is OK to kill enemy children, because they are the enemies of democracy.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
December 17, 2012 09:53
Where is my last comment to Jack and Eugenio?
I never had a contract with RFE or anybody for that matter - to hold my comments and saling as "informatciya" to Russians, Gelena, CIA and alike, every time I put some reasoning they didn't thought of...

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