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RFE/RLive -- Unrest in the Balkans: Is Dayton Dead?

An antigovernment protester sits on the ground in front of police during a demonstration in Sarajevo.
An antigovernment protester sits on the ground in front of police during a demonstration in Sarajevo.
The Balkan region is facing its worst social unrest since the end of the war in 1995, as thousands of people in Bosnia-Herzegovina have taken to the streets over the past two weeks to protest against unemployment, poverty and corruption. The protests began in the northern industrial city of Tuzla on February 5 and quickly spread to Sarajevo and at least five other cities, reportedly leaving over 140 police and 20 civilians injured.
The public anger fueling the unrest has defied the country's rigid divisions, drawing participants from across ethnic and religious lines. It has focused attention on the dysfunction of post-war Bosnia and the viability of the Dayton accords that ended the war.

Join Daniel Serwer of Johns Hopkins University's School for Advanced International Studies and our RFE/RL experts in a discussion on the next steps for the Balkans:


Daniel Serwer -- Professor of conflict management and senior fellow at the JHU SAIS's Center for Transatlantic Relations and a senior fellow at the Middle East Institute, Serwer has led peacebuilding activities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and the Balkans for the U.S. Institute of Peace and, while serving at the U.S. Department of State, mediated between the Croats and Muslims and negotiated the first agreement reached at the Dayton peace talks. Serwer blogs at

Gordana Knezevic -- Director of RFE/RL’s Balkan Service since 2008, and previously an online editor with Reuters news agency in Canada, regularly contributing to the "Toronto Star" and CBC Radio while there. Before relocating to Canada, Knezevic lived in Bosnia, where she was the deputy editor of "Oslobođenje," the internationally recognized Sarajevo-based daily paper that never stopped publishing during the Bosnian War. For her work there, she was honored in 1992 with the Courage in Journalism award from the Washington-based International Women’s Media Foundation.
Dzenana Halimovic -- Sarajevo bureau correspondent who joined RFE/RL 2004 after previously writing for "Oslobođenje," "Vecernje novine," and "Start" magazine, and reporting for the political magazine show "Posteno govoreci" on the state-run BHT television channel. Halimovic was part of the team that produced a series on war crimes issues for XY Films, which won the Erasmus Euromedia Award. She has received an Amnesty International Global Human Rights Award and the 2003 BiH Journalism Union Award for investigative journalism, 2003.
Brian Whitmore, Moderator -- Europe desk editor for RFE/RL's Central Newsroom and the writer of "The Power Vertical" blog.
We invite you to post questions in advance and follow updates for live links to the Google+ Hangout on Twitter and Facebook.
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by: Jack from: US
February 19, 2014 20:46
how come, didn't US government make every Balkan Muslim happy by bombing and killing Christians and supplying jihadists with weapons? Look, Muslims are unhappy again, maybe US and Saudis governments should give them more weapons and money, and import more of them into this country
In Response

by: Moose from: Chicago, IL
February 20, 2014 18:16
You meant that HUNGER and corruption in Bosnia is only Muslim problem? Jack, you are wrongly informed sir. Ask any citizen IN Bosnia no mater where they and WHO are, how they feel about unemployment (running more than 55%), curuption (highest in Europe), lack of infrastructure, etc. You are reading WRONG news or you are so ignorant and brainwashed by W and his comrades (including Saudy King and other oily kings and Queens). You HAVE to spend at least a week in Bosnia to see how people SURVIVE. Shame on you to speak and not have all facts. "Be afraid my friend, Be AFRAID of HUNGER"
In Response

by: Abdul Majid
February 22, 2014 14:42
Thoser anti-Bosniak islamophobes are completely crazy. You see, he believes that Serb ultranationalists have a God-given mandate to commit genocide against Muslims. And for them all Balkan Muslims are jihadists and it is therefore right to kill them all. That Jack character has shown once again not his ignorance but his malice.
In Response

by: Idiotphobia from: US
February 22, 2014 08:59
How stupid you are jack - do you acctually know what is the capital of US? Donk...what jihadists are you talking about in Bosnia?? Those drinking their souls out, eating pork - you are such an ignorant donk! Bosnians were part of comunist country where there were no religions...thus those that you refer as Muslims, majority did not even know that donks like you would put them in Muslim "flock"...

The world is acctually in danger from people like you, ignorant, uneducated, fundametalist in their own religion quick to judge everybody.

Serbs have also killed lots of catholics in Croatia - so what would you call catolics, crusedares?

Unrest in bosnia is civil unrest not religious..take a dictionary and check what civil means you ignorant donk

by: American Tolerast
February 20, 2014 02:54
Every Islamist abomination we were warned about by Karadzic and Mladic back in 1991 has come to sinister, unholy fruition:

1995 - Under the Dayton Fatwa, shariah becomes the law of the land in Bosnia. All women are veiled, and beards become mandatory for all males over the age of 18 months.
1997 - every third building is a madrassah, the last Catholics and Orthodox are forced to either convert, leave, or listen to Ceca all day.
2001 - in commemoration of the attacks on New York and Washington, all dialects of Serbo-Croatian are officially declared to be dialects of Arabic.
2004 - the gay/jihadi alliance is broken, but LGBTs are compensated by getting Russia as their new homeland, free to have all the orphans they can eat.
Today - hordes of cyborg jihadi suicide-bombers are closing in on the radioactive ruins of Zagreb, Belgrade, Rome, Moscow, and Salt Lake City.
2018 (projected) - tobacco banned; European civilization officially ends.

If only we had known. If only we had LISTENED. Woe unto us. Woe, woe, woe.
In Response

by: Anonymous
February 21, 2014 06:28
Why are you write wrong things about İslam? E=MC2 is a formula, but your "Liberator" Americans used it for killing thousands of Japan boys and girls. İslam is a formula, and is the only and best. Crusaders, Jewish Sionism and Pagans are united against İslam. Look every Muslim country, they are killing our boys and girls. Because Europe understand from only "fire and sword"... Woa to people, who dont think why they are living on this earth ?
In Response

by: Abdul Majid
February 22, 2014 14:37
Are you completely nuts or was that just irony?

by: Nicolas Giannakopoulos from: Geneva
February 23, 2014 15:40
Everybody that has travelled into Bosnia sees that what holds the country is economic welfare. But this is very fragile because of dubious and mafia investors, high ranking corruption and UN, US and EU total inability to put
An end to their own imported corruption (I forgot the Saudis and others from the region). This country is a wonderful place and should be developed with infrastructures but instead every bit of money is going into corruption. And only the expat are effectively supporting the economic growth.
In Response

by: Abdul Majid
February 24, 2014 21:56
Right. As long as you are not advocating teh suüremacy of one group over eth others, up to and including oif genocide...
The war in Bosnia was about Reconquista. About expelling one group of people who have as much right to live there as all others who live there. Who chose to go it alone because Milosevic's "Serbo-Slavia" threatened them with genocide.
But to teh serbofasscists teh Bosnian Muslims aren't people. They are human vermin. They are what the Jews were for the Nazis. I foen can compare the Bosniaks to someone from WWII it would be the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto. SO are the Kosovo Albanians. And that's the plain truth. Anyone come to obfuscate witgh "jihadists" "organ trafficking" or some such is hereby courteously invited to kindly SHOVE IT!

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