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'Brainless Badly Veiled Women'

This cartoon by the hard-line Fars news agency, which is a clear insult to those Iranian women who don't respect the Islamic hijab fully and are often described by authorities as "badly veiled," is making the rounds on social media.

The cartoon suggests that women who cover their hair and body fully are perhaps as smart as Albert Einstein, while those who don't completely observe the obligatory Islamic dress code are brainless.

The cartoon is a new low in propaganda efforts to force Iranian women to respect the hijab, which became compulsory after the 1979 revolution and the creation of an Islamic republic. 

Most government-supported posters and campaigns usually suggest that the hijab protects women, and women should wear it for their own good. Fars has gone a step further by suggesting that the hijab makes women brainy. 

Despite these efforts and the use of force, harassments, arrests, threats and other measures over the past 32 years, the Iranian authorities have failed in their attempt to force women to appear in public the way they want them to. 

-- Golnaz Esfandiari
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by: Parham
July 18, 2011 14:42
The hejab didn't become compulsory after the revolution of 1979, it only became compulsory in 1981.
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by: Sarah from: The Hague
July 20, 2011 13:33
1981 came after 1979. Which means that the hijab became mandatory after the revolution.

by: Anonymous
July 18, 2011 15:17

by: Anonymous
July 18, 2011 15:49
By this logic, women who wear the burqa must do so just to cover their bulging frontal lobes.

by: Joe from: US
July 18, 2011 18:59
Seems to prevent the need for nose jobs too.
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by: qlv from: US
July 20, 2011 19:11
their faces are left uncovered either way. the demand for nose jobs in iran will never diminish. at least it produces very experienced plastic surgeons

by: Uzbechka from: Sweden
July 19, 2011 08:01
Wow! Shouldn't all Muslim women who cover themselves get Nobel prize every frigging year, if we follow this ridiculous logic?!

by: John from: CA
July 19, 2011 16:34
Not only are woman who don't wear the hijab properly "badly veiled", they also are the cause of earthquakes.

by: American from: USA
July 19, 2011 19:31
The Burqa is NOT "Islamic". Nowhere in the Quran is the full covering ordained. The full Burqa is a false application of Modesty urgings and is NEVER specifically ordained.

by: secret slave from: North America
July 20, 2011 06:02
Flowering stage and a non flowering stage ,,,only faith knows the differences

by: Mark from: USA
July 21, 2011 17:17
Only if the men of islam actually had brains(any size). Because I said it once-- I’ll say it again islam-- is for dummies.
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by: ignorance?!? from: cnd
July 25, 2011 21:22
Mark: what do you know about ISLAM?!

by: tom bragen from: bayonne, new jersey
August 04, 2011 13:02
Recently a world renowned archaeologist and historian from Turkey said
that the practice of wearing this type of headress has nothing to do with religion and in fact was worn by women of the night to attract men and to distinguish themselves from other women. For this she was criticized but never proven wrong.
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