Tuesday, August 30, 2016

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The Briefing: Kadyrov's Power Play

Kadyroputin (Cartoon by Oleksiy Kustovskiy, RFE/RL)
Kadyroputin (Cartoon by Oleksiy Kustovskiy, RFE/RL)
By Brian Whitmore

Almost no one believes that the offer Ramzan Kadyrov made this weekend to step down is on the level.

So what is the wily Chechen leader up to?

On this week's Power Vertical Briefing, we unpack Kadyrov's announcement. Joining me are RFE/RL Senior Editor Steve Gutterman and Pavel Butorin, managing editor of RFE/RL's Russian-language television program Current Time.

Also on The Briefing, Steve, Pavel, and I look at the cease-fire in Syria and all the allusions to an alleged "Plan B."


The Briefing: Kadyrov's Power Play
The Briefing: Kadyrov's Power Playi
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NOTE: The Power Vertical Briefing is a short look ahead to the stories expected to make news in Russia in the coming week. It is hosted by Brian Whitmore, author of The Power Vertical blog, and appears every Monday.

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by: Mamuka
February 29, 2016 13:12
Chechnya is not so very far from Turkmenia... perhaps the Chechen parliament will take a page from Ashkabad and tearfully plead for Ramzan to stay. I like Mark Galeotti's suggestion (on his blog) that Ramzan of Grozny will emulate Ivan Grozny and withdraw to some aul, waiting for the boyars to plead with him to come back. Of course that event marked the transition to the truly horrible Ivan... could we expect the same from Ramzanbek?

by: Maiu
February 29, 2016 23:22
Last legal elections in Chechnya were in 1997. Kadyrov is appointed by Putin and FSB. There is no point to speak about elections, elections could be only IN KREMLIN.
Please listen interviews of Akhmed Zakayev, true they are in Russian language. Zakayev told Kadyrov and Putin are one. Kadyrov does nothing without Putin.
Zakayev also says that Ramzan kadyrov's father was killed by Russia because Ahmad Kadyrov was not satisfied with Kremlin during meeting in Moscow and he asked him officers to take all his belongings saying he will never come back.
In Response

by: So war i'm
March 01, 2016 22:38
They know it very well. It would be better to ask: Why you call Kadyrov " Chechen leader "? For what?
In Response

by: So war i'm
March 01, 2016 22:47
* Zakayev is not our leader too by the way.

by: Anonymous
February 29, 2016 23:28
He is not Chechen leader, but Russian leader in Chechnya. Or puppet leader. Akhmed Zakayev, Prime Minister of the Chechen Government in exile, has told that without support from Putin Kadyrov woudn't be able to keep his position for 3 days even.

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