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Captured Taliban Commander: 'I Received Iranian Training'

FARAH, Afghanistan -- A Taliban commander captured in southwestern Afghanistan claims to have received military training in Iran to target a major dam in the region.

The claim was made by Mullah Dadullah, who was captured recently in the Lash-e Zoveyn region of Farah Province, close to the Iranian border.

"I was trained in Iran for three months. Our trainers were a mix of Pakistanis, Iranians, and Arabs," Dadullah, the head of a group of some 150 Taliban fighters, told journalists under police supervision on August 23 in the provincial capital, Farah.

"Ali Talibi and Hussein Rezai were two of my Iranian instructors. They taught me to fire rockets and to plant mines," he added. "I was trained in setting up remote-controlled mines and planting antitank mines. Even developed countries would have been unable to discover the mines I planted."

Senior U.S. and Afghan officials have long accused Iran of supporting Afghan insurgents. But Tehran has consistently denied such accusations.

Dadullah claimed to have been involved in insurgent attacks in the southwestern provinces of Farah, Helmand, and Nimroz during the past three years.

He said that recently Iranian officials offered him $50,000 in return for destroying the Kamal Khan Dam in Nimroz Province, east of Farah.

Farah's provincial police chief, Gahussudin, said that Dadullah was tasked with sabotaging major infrastructure projects in the region.

"He was trained for blowing up the Kamal Khan Dam. He was also tasked to attack other major infrastructure projects in the provinces bordering Iran," Gahussudin said. "Fortunately, he was arrested by the police" before he could act on his plans.

The Kamal Khan Dam is located in the Char Borjak district of Nimroz Province. After completion it will significantly reduce water flow to the neighboring regions of southeastern Iran, which already face severe water shortages.

Afghans also accuse Tehran of attempting to slow down the construction of Salma Dam in western Herat province which borders northeastern Iran.
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by: maryam from: usa
August 23, 2011 19:07
BBC reported that Mullah Dadullah died back in 2007. Same guy or a new improved, lemon scent Taleban evil guy?

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by: Felipe Muñoz from: Santiago, Chile
August 23, 2011 23:27
A good one!.... this leads to 2 theories: this is just an invention to discredit Iran.. or they never killed the Mullah in 2007, and they hide it (maybe they killed a ''fake Mullah'' xD). After all. congrats for this info.
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by: John from: Canada
August 25, 2011 00:37
You're a wackjob, Felipe. Mullah Dadullah the original WAS killed in 2007, his death was confirmed by his clan, his tribe, the Taliban, NATO, the Afghan government, his family who was with him at the time of his death and the UN itself. They even took his body after they killed him, and the body had one leg, just like Mullah Dadullah the original that lost a leg fighting the Soviets.

The U.S. has had a penchant for blaming Iran in the past... that is probably the case here. But as for your erroneous and ridiculous assertions that they never killed Mullah Dadullah, well, I think you may need to get your head examined on that one.
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by: Paul Griffin from: USA
August 25, 2011 02:48
Might there not be another explanation? How rare of a name is Dadullah? Is it really far-fetched to think of another person having the same name? And, in a part of the world where family ties play a significant role in one's employment, might not there be the possibility that people in the same family with the same surname might have the same profession? Put another way, this story just might be factual.
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by: Andikhman Afghan from: Kabul
August 25, 2011 02:28
Dear Maryam;
As far i think, this is not that mullah dadullah, That dadullah was almost the chief of army staff of taliban, but this guy has only chaired 150 Taliban group. one thing more that there are many dadullahs, his brother mansoor dadullah and some others......

This is not that dadullah.

by: Obama bin CIA from: Langley
August 23, 2011 22:19
Dear rfe/rl brothers & sisters,can ya please,I`m begging ya down on me knees tell me, who gave Osama millions of $$$$ to fight the russkies ,who gave the talibans,pardon,the afghan resistance,more millions &stingers &all kinds of sofisticated weapons -the iranians or those who gave another millions to Saddam`s Iraq before he became the major enemy of the `free` world??? Thank you, yours truly ,a misguided listener of yours.
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by: Andrew from: Auckland
August 24, 2011 10:07
Get your facts right mate, it was his father who gave him money to fight the Russians who killed over 1,000,000 Afghans from 1979 to 1989.

He was never on the CIA payroll, and the Taliban did not come into existence until 1991, and they were created by the ISI of Pakistan.
The Pakistani's did not allow the US to provide any funds directly to the Mujaheddin, all funds and weapons were channeled through the ISI, no US operatives were allowed to enter Afghanistan from Pakistan.

Furthermore, the Arab fighters were insignificant, there were around 250,000 Afghans fighting the Russian invaders, while only 2000 Arabs took part.
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by: Osama bin CIA from: Langley
August 24, 2011 21:40
Dear Andrew,I dont know how the facts look from down under,here`s how it looks from up here:Yes,it was O`s father who gave him millions-they also gave millions for schools,hospitals &help for people nobody cared about,hence their popular support.Obama senior is a saudi arabian citizen,and his country ,famous for its decades of centuries old democracy is USA`s biggest ally in the middle east.Many Osamas & other democratic minded saudis are doing very vry good business in and with the us of a,thus insuring themselves against future arab `springs` and facebook `revolutions`.Yes the communist killed millions of afghans Can you,my dear intelligencer,tell me how many the british and the americans killed before and after that ??? Thank you very much !!! `He was never on the CIA payroll`,`the pakis didnt allow us operatives to channel funds directly`thats right-they had their ISI middle men stooges do the dirty work,stealing millions of $$$ in the process & even killing their own president,another former CIA puppet.`No US operatives were allowed to enter Afghanistan from Pakistan`-Andrew, buddy, US operatives cannot find their way in a NY public lavatory -if you send them to the pakistani-afghan border the only place they can find is the nearest whorehouse in Turkey.The taliban wahabit sect dates from early 18 century,and the taliban was not created by the ISI,but by the bloody egoistical self-serving interests of the super-duper powers,who will never hesitate to bring the whole world to its destruction if that serves their interests.The CIA,mate is the biggest waste of taxpayers` money and you being on their direct or indirect payroll proves that.Osama was a much, much better muslim than uncle Tom Obama.
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by: Paul Griffin from: USA
August 25, 2011 02:44
Thank you, sir. Good information
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by: Marine from: USA
August 25, 2011 14:17
China, Saudi Arabia, Jordan all were involved in helping Mujaheddin movement in Afghanistan. The USA just took the credit for the operation. Money-wise Saudi Arabia matched the USA dollar-for-dollar. Weapons-wise China supplied all the cheap 7.62 mm AK's and explosives. Jordanians and Saudis recruited thousands of volunteers to fight the Soviet invasion.

by: William from: Aragon
August 24, 2011 00:02
Is he a Taliban commander or an insurgent commander? It is important to know the difference. Iran has always supported ethnic Iranians in the border regions but it has no time for the Taliban. The US military have claimed many things during this war, few of which have turned out to be true.
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by: Marine from: USA
August 25, 2011 14:13
Most likely he is a Shia militant who gathered information for Iran. When he was captured he posed as a "Taliban commander". One thing I know about Taliban, these guys never give themselves up.
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by: Obama bin Osama from: Uazeristan
August 25, 2011 21:44
Dear Andrew,Paul & Marine, money-wise,weapons wise many people helped the mujahedins fight the soviet invader.And now its nice to see the soviets helping NATO bomb the bloody talibans.Maybe now the americans will learn to distinguish between taliban terrorists and the wedding processions they bomb-also they may learn a thing or two & cut down on the friendly fire.Common-sense wise-how many more billions will be spent ,how many millions of lives will be lost & haw many rivers of blood will have to run,before the CIA & KGB pundits realize that whats good for their arms industries is not good for the common people.Sadly history teaches us people never learn their history lessons.

by: Obama bin Osama from: The white yellow house
August 25, 2011 10:50
Not at all,dear Paul,not at all.My `info` is free you must thank your taxpayer for all you have,didnt they teach you that in Langley, my good sir ???