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North Caucasus

Chechen Leader Names New Premier

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov (right) with newly appointed Chechen Prime Minister Magomed Daudov in Grozny.
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov (right) with newly appointed Chechen Prime Minister Magomed Daudov in Grozny.
Ramzan Kadyrov, head of the Russian North Caucasus region of Chechnya, has appointed a new prime minister.

The republic's parliament approved Magomed Daudov as prime minister and chief of the presidential administration on May 21.

Kadyrov sacked the republic's government last week.

At a meeting with deputy prime ministers in Grozny on May 17, Kadyrov said he was dismissing the cabinet "due to new challenges in the republic."

Kadyrov also said the government would undergo structural and further personnel changes.

Kadyrov, a former Chechen rebel fighter who has close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin, has headed the Chechen Republic since February 2007.

With reporting by Interfax
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by: M from: Ingushetia
May 21, 2012 18:32
Please correct the article: Kadyrov, a Chechen rebel fighter who has close ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin until Putin pays his bills, has headed the Chechen Republic since February 2007.
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by: Gushing gush from: Gushingetia
May 26, 2012 12:32
Your Kadirov and his new minister look like Mongols, but blonde Mongols. Are Chechens Tatars ? İf you are Tatars why are you living Caucasus ? You must return Tataristan. Caucasians must revolt to this Mongol-mixed Tatar-Chechen regime. America must support this uprising. Obama ! come on !
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by: M from: Ingushetia
May 26, 2012 13:38
No, Chechens are not Tatars, and judging by how they wipe out Russian and German Nazi scum they are superior to Europeans and Mongols.
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by: Qaddafi's commando from: Libertia cafe
May 26, 2012 19:12
"KhanPasha" was a Soviet hero. He fought with Russian made guns, he took orders from Russian officers, he put medals of Soviet Russians, if he died in war he was die under Soviet flag, he was eating Russian army bread, and wear Russian soldier clothes. İs he Chechen ? Really ? What makes him a Chechen ? Taking orders from Russians, and betraying your nation = makes him Chechen - as your leader Kadirov.

Yes many Chechens fought under Soviet flag, against Nazis. Licking boots of Stalin, did not save them, Stalin ordered to deport those people in 1945 = who called "Chechens" by Russian Tsar army. Chechen name is a common name, given by Russian Tsar commanders. İnclude many nations, as Tatars, Nogais, Kumyks. And lets make it clear, some real hero people were fight under Nazi flag, those Caucasians were calling by the name = "Sonderverband Bergmann", to get a free Caucasus state.

And i look to the map and see that Khasavi-yurd the Khan-Pasha's born place, is in Dagestan. And Khasavi-yurd is a Turkic-Mongol name, this place was a traditional territory of Kumyk Turkic people. But after 1960s, tyrant Avars expansed to here from highlands of Dagestan, and they removed many native Turkic people by force, but Khasavyurd was a traditional original Kumyk Turk-Mongul land. İ think Chechens are really Tartars. Yes it must be, because your supreme leader Kadirov's village name is Hosi-Yurd, is a Mongul name too. Stop Mongoloid and Soviet lover propogand here. İf you love Stalin, change your name with Boris.
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by: M from: Ingushetia
May 27, 2012 12:37
Blah blah blah. 920 best Euro troops killed by one Chechen man. 54,000 Mongol horde troops killed in Chechnya 1994-1996 by their own Mongolian weapons, that is 3 times more than in Afghanistan. The siege of Grozny in 1994-1995 lasted longer for Mongol horde than the siege of Berlin in 1945. Mongol horde dropped more TNT equivalent on one Chechen city in 1994-1995 than during the WWII and accomplished nothing. For two hours of battle in the Chechen city 4,000 Chechen, Ingush, and _Russian_ civilians were killed by drunk Mongol horde soldiers. Every Chechen speaks at least 2 languages. Most of them also know Arabic. Most Mongols from the north speak only one. The superiority of Chechens is obvious.
P.S. I am sorry I am not offending you by calling you a Mongol. These are not my words. These words didn't come from your enemies. These are the words of your American allies general George Patton: "I have never seen in any army at any time, including the German Imperial Army of 1912, as severe discipline as exists in the Russian army. The officers, with few exceptions, give the appearance of recently civilized Mongolian bandits.", "Everything they (the Russians) did impressed one with the idea of virility and cruelty.", "The difficulty in understanding the Russians is that we do not take cognizance of the fact that he is not a European, but an Asiatic, and therefore thinks deviously. We can no more understand a Russian than a Chinaman or a Japanese, and from what I have seen of them, I have no particular desire to understand them, except to ascertain how much lead or iron it takes to kill them. In addition to his other Asiatic characteristics, the Russian have no regard for human life and is an all out son of bitch, barbarian, and chronic drunk."
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by: That curly haired Arab from: 100 star hotel Abudabi
May 27, 2012 17:58

You know very well, 1994-1996 Russian-Chechen war is not with Chechens. İts against all North Caucasian Muslims, every 2 of 1 Caucasian Muslim man came to fight with Russians to Chechenia. Caucasian Muslims got victory with their bloods, war was not under control president Dudayew. Chechen government had no real statistics, because free Muslim people fought, without orders of Chechen republic. But liar Chechen Nationalists said "we Chechens, we won". They were hide their muslim neighbours help.

With that lie, with that damned nationalistic propogand, you desired a "nationalist leader" = Kadirov. İnhabitants of holy sky, gave you a real "Chechen" man. İs not he killing like your red-soviet-hero ? "9000 and more woman raped, children and young men killed..." by one Chechen man !

by: M from: Ingushetia
May 26, 2012 16:34
one Russian soldier killed in Ingushetia

by: M from: Ingushetia
May 26, 2012 16:36
Ingush human rights defender Magomed Khazbiev: "Kremlin needs slaves in the Caucasus":

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