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Rights Watchdog Calls On Celebrities To Refuse Pay From Chechnya's Kadyrov

Hollywood Stars Attend Kadyrov's Lavish Birthday Partyi
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October 06, 2011
Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov hosted an extragavant party for his 35th birthday on October 5, rebranded as Grozny's "City Day" to celebrate the opening of a new downtown real estate development. Hollywood actors Jean-Claude Van Damme and Hilary Swank were among the celebrity guests. Reuters video
WATCH: Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov hosted an extragavant party on October 5, attended by entertainers Jean-Claude Van Damme, Hilary Swank, and Vanessa-Mae. (Reuters video)

A leading human rights group has called on several celebrities who attended a gala in Grozny last week to return money and gifts they received from Chechnya's Moscow-backed leader Ramzan Kadyrov.

Hollywood stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and Hilary Swank, as well as British violinist Vanessa-Mae, all participated in the festivities, which were officially decreed to be held for the restoration of Grozny.

However, it was widely believed that the gala was a pretext to celebrate Kadyrov's 35th birthday, also on October 5.

Local media said that celebrities were handsomely paid for attending the celebrations.

New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW) said in a statement today that Kadyrov "is linked to a grim record of abuse," adding that stars who get paid to attend his party "trivialize the suffering of countless victims of human rights abuses."

Human rights activists accuse Kadyrov of running a personal militia that carries out rampant rights abuses, torture, and even murder.
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by: Michael from: Seattle, WA
October 12, 2011 16:37
Wow! Hollywood whores visit mafia goons!
In Response

by: Field op
October 13, 2011 05:07
1. Kadyrov killed 1000 people, Putin killed 250,000 Chechen civilians
2. Chechnya is part of Russia therefore HRW should’ve blamed Medvedev and Putin
3. HRW is one of the corrupt organization among other shadow organizations such as Red Cross or Amnesty International with ties to the government.

by: Shay from: USA
October 14, 2011 11:45
Field Op - much as I despise Putin, you do the cause of human rights no service by pulling an inacurate number (250,000) out of thin air. The impartial estimate on civilian victims in Chechnya since Putin came to power is closer to 30,000. Not that such a number reduces the calamity of Putinism in Chechnya, but your amatuer analysis does more harm than good to the cause of human rights.
In Response

by: Waffen SS
October 15, 2011 22:53
"closer to 30,000" Is that what your official propaganda says _rusnyak_?
"The war, which began on Dec. 11, 1994, lasted nearly two years, cost at least 80,000 Chechens and about 4,000 Russian soldiers their lives, and ended in military defeat for Russia. In 1996, Russia pulled its troops out of a virtually demolished Chechnya, leaving it to fester—again. "
"Also, these figures do not include civilian deaths of either Russians or Chechens, which a team led by human-rights activist Sergei Kovalev has estimated as exceeding 50,000 in the first war alone."

Russians are liars and fathers of lies.

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