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U.S. 'Concerned' By Azerbaijani-Armenian Tensions

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary ClintonU.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

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U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned that tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh could escalate into a much broader conflict. 

Clinton was speaking in the Armenian capital, Yerevan, at the start of a tour of the South Caucasus region. She then flew on to her next stop, Georgia.

In Yerevan, Clinton met with President Serzh Sarkisian and other Armenian officials. The talks were expected to include discussions on pushing forward peace efforts on Nagorno-Karabakh, the ethnic Armenian separatist territory inside Azerbaijan.

Tensions remain high over the dispute, with both sides accusing the other of occasional truce violations.

Earlier on June 4, Armenia said three Armenian soldiers died in a shoot-out with "infiltrators" from Azerbaijan who tried to break into Armenia's northeastern Tavush region.

Azerbaijan denied its soldiers were involved.

The Armenian Defense Ministry said that "several" more Armenian soldiers had been wounded in the exchange of fire.

Clinton said she was "very concerned" about the danger of escalation of tensions and the "senseless deaths."

She warned Armenia and Azerbaijan not to try to settle their dispute by force.

Speaking at a news conference with Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian, Clinton said, "the use of force will not resolve the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and therefore force must not be used."

An estimated 30,000 people were killed in the war in the early 1990s over Nagorno-Karabakh, when ethnic Armenian forces backed by Yerevan seized control over the region and surrounding territories in Azerbaijan.

The was ended with a 1994 cease-fire but the two sides have failed to negotiate a settlement.

Clinton also urged Turkey to normalize relations with Armenia, severed since 1993 at the height of the war over Nagorno-Karabakh.

Clinton flew late on June 4 to Batumi, Georgia, where she is scheduled to meet with President Mikhail Saakashvili on June 5, and then travel to Azerbaijan on June 6, and Turkey on June 7.

With reporting by AFP, Interfax, and dpa
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by: RD
June 04, 2012 19:12
Aliev may have dreams of re-capturing NKR. He may or may not succeed, but that will not resolve the conflict. It will only escalate it further. War is what started the conflict and I hope he does not think another war can resolve it. What does he expect will happen if he re-captures NKR? Its citizens will live happily ever after under Azeri rule? Maybe his plans are to eradicate the Armenian population in NKR. I am certain that will go well with the international community. Best thing Aliev can do is remember Winston Churchill's wise quote; "It is better to jaw, jaw, jaw than to war, war, war". I hope he is not as inept as he looks.
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by: Anonymous
June 04, 2012 21:07
I am sorry kid but if USSF were deployed in AZ your things will go from bad to worth in no time.
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by: Anonymous
June 05, 2012 03:29
Region's population, both Armenians and Azerbijanis would be much better off with autonomy under Azerbaijan, rather than continued state of war for more than 20 years of war, with no end in sight.
In Response

by: RD
June 08, 2012 19:53
Anonymous, Armenian population did live under Azeri rule. If they were treated well or were safe, I could assure you they would have stayed under Azeri rule. Instead, they saw what happened to their countrymen in Ganja, Sumgait, Baku, just to name a few cities where Armenians were thrown out of buses, balconies, beaten, burned to death. Yes, they should forget al lthat and live under Azeri rule again happily ever after. I don't think so. I wish you were right Anonymous, but you are wrong, because if you were right, even as an Armenian, I would have voted to have NKR Armenians live under Azeri rule. Right now, you are not trusted. Best thing is to let everyone in NKR (i.e. Azeri, Armenian, Lezgin, Kurd etc.) go back to their homes in NKR until the population can vote what they would like to do in the future. It would be cheaper and safer for everyone if Azerbaijan's leadership had enough sense and brains to invest in NKR's population, since it claims they are their own citizens, instead of enriching Israel by buying weapons to war with NKR's citizens. If they spent the money building infrastructure, creating an economy, healthcare etc. I could assure you the citizens of NKR would vote to live under Azeri rule. All they see now is a megalomaniac despot in Baku who wants to wipe them out.
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by: Anonymous
June 08, 2012 21:18
Armenians in NK has always been happy to live within Azerbaijan. and their land, like other parts of Azerbaijan has been invaded by a foreign power. I know many Armenians from NK and all of them agree that life has always been better within Azerbaijan and none of them doubts that NK will eventually be liberated of foreign rulers.
as far as the human rights issue goes, right now no regime in this region, neither Azerbaijan nor the foreign invaders in Karabakh are anything close to satisfactory. These things will hopefully get better, but the region's future lies with azerbaijan, otherwise we are op for endless war and bloodshed.
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by: Suren
June 08, 2012 21:54
I think the fairest way to resolve the question should be through a vote. Both the Armenian and Azerbaijani communities should vote on all options and should be unanimous, like it was done in Cyprus. That way the vote can be legitimate and no objection can be raised from any side.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
June 05, 2012 08:56
"U.S. 'Concerned' By Azerbaijani-Armenian Tensions" :-)))). It's just that the US has too few concerns of its own:
- the fact that US servicemen and servicewomen get killed in Afghanistan on a weekly basis for the last 10,5 years is not a US concern;
- the fact that the US sovereign debt exceeds 100 per cent of the US GDP is not a US concern;
- the fact that the US cities (Detroit) start going bankrupt already is not a US concern;
- the fact that US NATO allies (Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy) are about to go bankrupt - provoking the desintegration of the EU and NATO - is not a US concern;
- the fact that Iran and the DPRK are continuing to work on their nuclear and ballistic programs is not a US concern;
- the fact that the friends of the US (and Saudi Arabia) are kind of having a rough time in Syria is not a US concern;
- the fact that the US has been kicked out of most of Latin America in the last 13 years is not a US concern.
The only concern that the US has is that there is some tention in the relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan (by the way, what happened to the smart RFE/RL-promoted idea of Israel bombing Iran "using military installations on the territory of Azerbaijan" :-)))))?").

by: Sinav from: South Azerbaijan
June 05, 2012 10:38
Hillary Clinton is just giving lip services to fight for influence over Armenia in order to loosen the Russian grip. If she is really concerned about the situation and stability in the region, then why she is not drafting sanctions against Armenia because Armenia has been in violation of 4 United Nations’ Security Council resolutions condemning Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan.
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by: Armen from: US
June 05, 2012 23:33
because she knows Armenians are fighting for their own land. you think she will listen to your propaganda. she knows history better than you people. she knows the land is Armenians.
In Response

by: Suren from: Montreal
June 06, 2012 09:51
Armenians are fighting for their land? Then Azerbaijanis are fighting for what, peanuts? Everybody considers it their land, it's just that Azerbaijan has law and international community on their side, that's why their position is stronger.
In Response

by: from: Free Utik
June 06, 2012 03:23

Sultan Aliyev's primitive propagandists think that the readers of this site would believe their words and not actually go to the UN site and check the language of these four resolutions. They make it harder by not telling you the exact years so it will be harder to find the texts. Surprise!

The only four UN resolutions on the subject do not have anything close to "condemning Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan" because the agressor was Azerbaijan ruled by KGB General Dictator Heydar Rza ogly Alieyv, the late father of the current "democratically elected president" Sultan Ilham Heydar ogly Alieyv and father of the future dictator Heydar Ilham ogly Aliyev, Jr. The granpa lost the war big time and begged Armenian Army to stop from liberation of Tolysh and Lezgi lands signing a ceasefire agreement with Free Artsakh. Check it for yourself!

This fake state of "Northern Azerbaijan" is full of lies and built on lies ever since it was artificially created by the invading Turkish Army in 1918 on the lands of Armenian, Tolysh, Lezgi and other indigenous people. The Turks named it Azerbaijan (stolen name of the neighboring province of Iran) in order to later claim Iranian lands too. This is what they are doing now to create their Nazi State of Great Turan from Europe to China. And Armenia just happened to be there right in the middle of their nomadic dreams.

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