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Commentary: Russia, Take Your Terrorists Back Home

Pro-Russian gunmen from the "Vostok Battalion" participate in a military exercise near Donetsk on June 1.
Pro-Russian gunmen from the "Vostok Battalion" participate in a military exercise near Donetsk on June 1.
By Andrii Deshchytsia
Contrary to expectation, the Kremlin has not recognized the result of presidential elections in Ukraine. As of today, no greeting and no official bilateral meeting has been planned for Normandy on June 6. Once again, Russian President Vladimir Putin is out of tune with world leaders including U.S. President Barack Obama, who have not only acknowledged Ukraine’s new president-elect but have also met him face-to-face this week.
So far, Moscow has merely “respected” the elections' result -- just as it did after fabricated referendums in Ukraine’s eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk on May 11. In doing so, the Kremlin has demonstrated the same reaction to two events that are absolutely different in terms of their legitimacy and magnitude.
Russian leaders have made clear that the antiterrorist operation in Ukraine’s east is the stumbling block to recognition of the elections by the Kremlin, in fact delivering an ultimatum to Ukraine. Obviously, Russia’s boycott has no effect on electoral legitimacy or world recognition. But it does affect prospects for a diplomatic, negotiated settlement of the crisis between the two states.
Sadly, there is another side-effect of the Kremlin’s diplomatic and information war against Ukraine’s attempts to restore order and law in the east of the country. By demonizing Ukrainian law enforcement, the Kremlin made some foreign observers forget who is playing what role in this story. The world is simply tired of this avalanche of bad news about Ukraine and Russia, and it wants a happy end to this drama sooner rather than later. No doubt, we in Ukraine want it even more; but let’s not be misled by the Kremlin’s calls to stop the operation against terrorists. Rhetoric against violence is always successful, unless it comes from the aggressor who is himself nurturing the violence.
It is Kyiv which is calling for an end to the aggression because Russian and Russian-backed militants are terrorizing and killing Ukrainians in Ukraine. If Russia wants to end the violence, it is welcome to do so --by taking its terrorists back home and not sending any new ones. But it is blatantly hypocritical of Russia to encourage and foster terror on the ground and at the same time blame Ukraine for it.
The Ukrainian state is dragged into two wars at the same time -- we have to defend civilians in the east, as well as tirelessly prove the legitimacy of these defense operations, thus repelling Russia’s attacks on both the military and information front lines. While Chechen gunmen are giving interviews to CNN in Donetsk, Ukrainian border guards are heavily attacked daily from Russia’s territory, tons of ammunition and weapons are crossing over the border from Russia, and Kyiv is being asked again and again to provide evidence of a “Russian hand” in Ukraine.
Every day, the Ukrainian government keeps explaining that calling Russian militants in Ukraine “separatists” is illogical because separatists are people who fight for their own country, in their own country. The militants are not rebels or insurgents either, because you don’t bring arms to a foreign state to rebel. If you do, you are a terrorist or a foreign soldier.
Terrorists in the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) claim to have publicly executed two police chiefs in the town of Horlivka after they refused to swear an oath to the terrorists. Militants use civilians as human shields and harass them if they suspect them of pro-Ukrainian sentiments. The same people deprived many Ukrainians of their right to vote in the May 25 election by blocking polling places, and they at one point seized Donetsk’s international airport.
At the same time, the Ukrainian government keeps hearing calls to “be nice” to the militants and to talk to them. Who would negotiate on their behalf? Igor Girkin, also known as Strelkov, an officer in Russia’s foreign intelligence agency who gave orders to kill Ukrainians and is now calling for Russia to invade Ukraine? Or other similar Russia-backed terrorist leaders?
The Ukrainian government is the party most interested in putting an end to the violence in eastern Ukraine. Sadly, the Russian government is the only party that can do so without the use of force.
Andrii Deshchytsia is the acting minister for foreign affairs of Ukraine. The views are the author's own and do not represent those of RFE/RL. If you would like to respond to this commentary, leave a comment below or contact
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by: john from: canada
June 04, 2014 21:01
Acting FM Deshchytsia comments are important!

Russia - take back your Chechen-Cossack-Communist miltants and other military tourists coming to wreak havoc in Eastern Ukraine all in the name of the New Russophone Empire.

Russia has recent laws to criminalize their returning miitants from Syria - so definitely need to criminalize same returning from killing Ukrainians in Donetsk and Luhansk.

"An amendment to Russia's anti-terrorism law, submitted by Putin and rushed through parliament after a deadly bus bombing killed six people in southern Russia on October 21, makes those who fight abroad criminally accountable at home.":
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by: Tango from: USA
June 05, 2014 01:11
1 million Chechens put tougher fight against Russia than 40+ million Ukrainians. This world is all about racket. Chechens work for a higher bidder. Do not complain about them being there, you had your chances in 1994 and 1999 to protest and help Chechen resistance. You called them terrorists and killed their leader. Revenge is a bitch ain't it?
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by: Peter from: USA
June 05, 2014 05:52
"we have to defend civilians in the east"

So bombing civilians in Lughansk is an act of defending them?

While Kiev is dennying responsibility even CNN journalists confirmed that it was an airstrike by Ukrainian Air Force.

And national guards battalions formed from people who yesterday were throwing molotov cocktails at police and now sent to Eastern Ukraine.

Yes Russia is backing rebels in Donbas. But Ukraine's interim government with it's actions is only escalating conflict and pushing country into civil war.
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by: Dave
June 05, 2014 10:14
Yeah, maybe it was really an airstrike, but what about russian terrorists occupying public buildings in Luhansk using civilians as human shields?
In order to stop this civil war it would be enough that Putler says: "Hey, Ukraine has got a legitimate president now. No fascists in Kiev! Come back home and set up a proper dialogue with him"
Where are the fascists? The right sector leader, Yarosh, got less than 1%. Why Putler does not worry about fascism revamping in other European States like France, Denmark and Hungary?
Because, he just wants to keep destabilizing the situation as much as possible in order to destroy Ukraine as a unite State and get it back into his sphere of influence.
All these dead people are on Putler's conscience. He is a criminal who sponsors terrorism. And Russia is a rogue State. That's the truth.
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by: Lud from: USA
June 05, 2014 17:07
Pls. note that this is not a civil war as DNR PM Borodai leader is Russian citizen, Volkov battalion are comprised of Russian citizens, 33 who died at Donetsk airport all Russian citizens, and what about the terrorists who died/injured shooting up the border bases (why is their citizenship not being reported?)? This is a war between Ukraine and Russia, a war inside Europe engineered to expand Russia's borders. Why are Russians being sanctioned because no matter what Putin says, the truth is still clear - Russia has invaded Ukraine. Yep in the grips of a war where terrorists shoot from civilian residential housing areas ON PURPOSE to stir up local sentiment against the Ukrainian government forces. And of course it plays so well on CNN and Russia Today to the advantage of the terrorists.

Of course the Ukrainian govt has to try to protect Ukrainians and Ukraine. What was better - fire not a single shot as in Crimea and allow 2 million people to be illegally annexed?

by: JLNancy
June 05, 2014 08:17
Brilliant, straight-forward piece w/ an all-too-oft-overlooked here POV.

e.g. author writes - "...By demonizing Ukrainian law enforcement, the Kremlin made some foreign observers forget who is playing what role in this story..."

(does bring to mind pundit DarthPutinKGB >
"The Ukrainian Army is making another crude attempt to interfere in their own internal affairs,,,"
--Vladmir Putin)

The *above* op-ed article is a must-read for RFE/RL journos, RFE/RL journo-contributors, *journo*-observers and other discriminatory, seemingly bigoted, Ukrainian-spirit-intelligence-language-history-demeaning, finger-pointing, demoralizing, RT-propagating, Russia-sympathizers and terrorist-apologistic knuckleheads.

And, yes, I did note that the above author's "views do not represent those of RFE/RL." It is glaringly and annoyingly often very obvious.

From > >
"...As soon as ATO forces resumed active operations, information appeared about the formation of new insurgency units in border areas of Russia tasked with transfers to Donbas. Today (6/3/14), a formation of convoys with terrorists and weapons was discovered in Russia's Rostov oblast...."

Elsewhere @taraskuzio explains > *Donbas quid pro quo - Russia pretends not to invade and West pretends not to see the Russian proxy intervention. Both sides happy...*

Thus, a succinctly appropriate default outcry -
Russia, Take Your Terrorists Back Home!!!!

by: peter from: ottawa
June 05, 2014 16:01
The more body bags that return to Russia, the better the planet will be. Cheers
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by: Anonymous
June 06, 2014 15:58
leave canada! disgrace!
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by: peter from: ottawa
June 07, 2014 13:13
What s an anonymouse ?
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by: Bill
June 07, 2014 21:38
Someone making more sense than a bigoted hypocrite going under a first name.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
June 08, 2014 06:50
The same thing - "body bags" - pro-US losers have been promising Russia during the wars in Chechnya 15 years ago. And, what happened there? Correct: losers remained losers. Russia exterminated most of them and today Chechnya is an integral part of Russia and its President is promising to send up to 74.000 soldiers to Donetsk and Lugansk to help the people of these regions to liberate themselves.
And the same thing will happen in Ukraine: the pro-US losers will be defeated and exterminated and Ukraine will become the only thing it can possibly be - a peaceful and prosperous region of the Russian Federation.
Cheers from Vienna and enjoy the heat of the summer, as long as the coming winter might be rather chilly :-)).
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by: peter from: ottawa
June 08, 2014 13:53
Who asked you, Bill, with one name only ? I'm waiting for a reply from Ms anonymouse .

by: JLNancy
June 08, 2014 04:19
What's *anonymouse*?


maybe when hearing Putin boastfully claim that he knows for sure that the moon is made of cheese, it's anyone who wholeheartedly believes him.



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