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Back To The Bad Old Days In Bosnia

Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik (left) has set himself against the central Bosnian state. Can Serbian President Boris Tadic (right) be convinced to put pressure on him?
Bosnian Serb leader Milorad Dodik (left) has set himself against the central Bosnian state. Can Serbian President Boris Tadic (right) be convinced to put pressure on him?
By Nenad Pejic
Milorad Dodik isn't exactly a household name outside of the Balkans. But that could soon change -- and it probably won't be good news for Bosnia-Herzegovina or the wider situation in Southeastern Europe.

Dodik is the president of Republika Srpska, the Serbian component of the Bosnian federal state. These days his reception room is crowded with international representatives trying to dissuade him from calling a referendum designed to scuttle a law originally issued 10 years ago by the Office of the High Representative, the country's UN-appointed administrator.

The law would have enabled the federal government in Sarajevo to function more smoothly -- which is just what Dodik wants to prevent. The international community is worried that Dodik's defiance could undermine the state's fragile existence.

Now the UN Security Council has been forced to take a stand on the issue. On May 9, High Representative Valentin Inzko received a solid expression of support from the UN Security Council -- welcome enough, but still a long away from any decisive action.

High Representative Valentin Inzko said Dodik was threatening Bosnia's integrity.
Dodik reacted immediately by downplaying the announcement, saying that only a few countries on the council had actually participated in the pro-Inzko vote: "For support like that it wasn't even worth the trip!"

Back To 1995

Perhaps predictably, though, the UN Security Council has failed to provide for a resolution of the crisis. As a result, the international community now faces the prospect that Bosnia could fall back into its pre-1995 condition as a territory at the center of endless -- and potentially bloody -- disputes by its neighbors. The problems it faces are long-established, and the only way to solve them will be by addressing the core issues that have bedeviled the Bosnian state's existence from the very start.

Like accused war criminal Radovan Karadzic, his predecessor as the leader of the Serbian mini-state inside Bosnia, Dodik has done everything he can to prevent Bosnia from becoming a functional state. Just like Karadzic in the early 1990s, Dodik has done his best to tie all politics in the country to ethnic identities, from the constitution to sports associations.

Dodik has the same advisers as Karadzic, employs political tactics taken straight from the Karadzic playbook, and mimics Karadzic's tight control over the Bosnian Serb media, including outright censorship of specific programs. The man who now runs Bosnian Serb TV for Dodik used to be minister of religion under Karadzic. Perhaps most importantly of all, Dodik enjoys support from the same hard-line Serbian nationalist groups who once gave Karadzic his power base. They love Dodik for his aggressive political style.

Dodik is not the only source of Bosnia's troubles, to be sure. Bosnian Croats recently violated the constitution by blocking the formation of the central government -- reminiscent of similar moves in the prewar period. They have also created their own Croatian Assembly -- another move that harkens back to unhappier times.

The creation of the federation authorities, the government of the other state entity, has been dogged by controversy. The Central Election Commission defined its formation as illegal, and the Office of the High Representative then suspended the commission ruling. There is no proper central government in place and there are no prospects this will happen soon.

Where Is Holbrooke Now?

The international community, meanwhile, seems to be afflicted by the same paralysis that crippled its efforts to prevent the war in Bosnia in the early 1990s. The EU has lost credibility with endless talk and toothless threats. The United States has once again taken a backseat position.

At the same time, there are two regional players who have become much more assertive than they were 15 years ago. Russia and Turkey are both now in a position to play a much more active role in Balkan politics -- and so far that is not always to the general good.

Bosnia, in short, seems to be sliding back to square one.

Back in the 1990s, when the United States decided to take a leading role, Richard Holbrooke realized that solving Bosnia's problems meant dealing with Belgrade above all. He was right. Karadzic's star began to fall when he lost the support of Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic.

When Karadzic at one point became more popular than Milosevic, and even started toying with the idea of establishing a new political party in Serbia, Milosevic responded by cutting him off. The hard-line nationalists in Serbia reacted furiously but could do nothing. Hard-liners in the other two ethnic groups were easier to deal with. Holbrooke stopped the war and found a solution for peace.

Today, almost two decades later, Holbrooke is gone and so far the United States has shown no interest in assuming a leading role.

Pressuring Dodik Through Serbia

The key problem is the same: the aggressive behavior of Serbian nationalists. The solution, accordingly, must be sought in the same place: in Belgrade. Yet the experience of the 1990s also offers a path toward a potential solution.

Dodik's popularity and his usefulness as a tool of the ultranationalists make him a potential threat to the current Serbian president, Boris Tadic. A Serbia that embraces Dodik, however, is likely to find its path to membership in the European Union blocked. So Tadic could soon find himself facing a choice between EU values and support for the Bosnian Serb leader.

As before, the hard-liners in the other two ethnic groups are a secondary problem that can be easily solved once the core issue is dealt with.

All indications are that Tadic will opt for the EU. But he may need plenty of prodding from Europe and the rest of the international community -- including the UN Security Council. So far, sadly, they have not shown themselves up to the task.

Nenad Pejic is an associate director of broadcasting at RFE/RL. The views expressed in this commentary are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect those of RFE/RL
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by: Anonymous
May 10, 2011 13:51
You seriously think that these kind of articles, by the saddest of excuses for a journalist, are helpful?

There is no one out there who is stoking the fire more than the idiotic media.

Not only are you not telling the whole truth, but you also turn to blatant lies and fairy tales.

1. Making the government function "more smoothly": why don't you say it means destroying Serbian autonomy, Croatian semi-autonomy, and violating the same Dayton Accord you claim Dodik wants to violate. "more smoothly" means having one president, a Muslim Bosnian one, in Sarajevo.

2. There is NO evidence Dodik is nationalist, there is NO evidence he is "supported by the same nationalist base", buddy, they are ALL in Hague. Nazi Germany had only 27 or so people at Nirenberg trials, while there is 150 Serbs in Hague on account of 1990's. It is ridiculous. WHO are you kidding? You call this journalism?

3. And then you go on to comparing Tadic to Milosevic....of course, your little mental trip down the column wouldn't be complete without that. It is laughable and sad at the same time. I'd understand if Seselj came from the Hague and you were talking about him, but Tadic? The U.S. - E.U. pawn????

You are a joke. Putting your name behind this kind of article is a disgrace.
And God forbid, if something happens in Bosnia, something that no one wants, I hope you suffer from insomnia over the fact that you were partially responsible you sad excuse for a man.
In Response

by: Friend of Bosnia
May 10, 2011 19:08
Thank you, dear fellow, for that newest piece of anti-Bosniak diatribe. It shows your true feelings towards us balije only too well enough. But there was no need to tell me. I know that you Serbs have since 1804 made up your minds about Bosniaks. You have passed the verdict on us (none but the third degree) and soon you will try again to carry out the sentence - once again. Bosniaks are just your prey, your fair game, the face that's there to be stamped by the jackboot. You are thirsty for Bosniak blood. There is no need to tell us this again as you and your friends have been doing on this and many other sites all the way since 1992. We know that the only thing we can expect from you is violence, destruction and death (exile for those who are lucky, but I wouldn't call that "luck.") It was postulated by all Serb authors from Njegos to Ivo Andric to Dobrica Cosic and, of course Radovan Karadzic. Destruction of Bosniaks is part of the Serb national and family tradition and folklore, it is glorified in epics and songs and every Serb generation has to contribute something to it because Serb soil has to be watered with Muslim blood (be it Bosniak or Albanian).
Serbs may have ideals and maybe a culture. But History will not remember them, for their ideals and culture (which were btw imported from German romanticism.) History will remmeber them for the way they impose their ideals: With warfare, violence and destruction worthy of Gengis Khan!
They always say "History will prove who's right" because they expect to someday erase once and for all the Muslims from the Balkans and then tehy can rewrite history and pretend they alone heroically held off the "Muslim hordes" from invading Europe! And the whole Western Balkans will be one realm, one faith and one people: Serb Christian Orthodox!
Of course I expect those who reply to me (if our dear mod lets this pass instead of preferring teh anti-Bosniak diatribe that is) to come with the usual self-righteous and larmoyant anti-Bosniak justifications like "they are guilty of the war, they are Turks, Ustase, Nazis, Jihadists; Jasenovac, they turned our church into a stable for horses, blah blah blah) but dodge actually responding to my statement (Gengis Khan, the everlasting thirst for Bosniak blood). Well no answer is an anwser too.
My Bosniak brethren should be attentive and watch out. Last time they let the war go on in Croatia for almost one full year without reacting as if it didn't concern them. It cost them dearly. If they had prepared better then the Serb victory would never have been so complete.
One serbofascist fellow said yesterday "We will go on like this until Bosnia falls apart" because then they can commit genocide against us balije again and then pretend it never happened.
I do my best not to be a violent person and not to hate somebody just because he happens to be a Serb. But with the daily dose of insult and slander against my brethren, my faith and everything I hold dear which I have to read on this and many other pages, I do have to admit that it becomes more difficult from day to day and I will better refrain from the notion I have what should be done with such people. I will say only this: The only thing that prevents me from (if I had the chance) doing things to the serbofascists (the Serbofascists, mind, NOT the Serbs as such; I haven't yet lost hope in the younger generations who hopefully have seen that ultranationalism, chauvinism and Islamophobia aren't getting them anywhere; didja read that dear mod?) which would make anything good ol' Ratko Mladic did pale in comparison, is that Bosniaks don't do such things and I do not wish to tarnish the reputation of my brethren, and that I can't stand the notion of getting innocent blood on my hands (there may be such; I know there are Serbs who are not anti-Bosniaks; but they are few and far in between.)
In Response

by: Slava
May 10, 2011 22:15
Vintage anti-Serb/pro-Bosnian Muslim nationalist crap that many Western neolibs and neocons have coddled.
In Response

by: Anonymous
May 10, 2011 22:56
Mr. Anti-Serbian "Diatribe"

This doesn't look like a reply.

You sound like a babbling brook my friend. I made NO racist statements. I didn't call for destruction of poor "Muslims" who are always victims.
No, I stated facts about a terrible, irresponsible, inflammatory, and plain stupid article.

Comparing Serbs to Gengis Khan? Calling us "serbofascists" (we all know who the real fascists were 1940-1945)? "Destruction of Bosniaks is in Serbian national and family tradition" ...this makes me laugh.

Yes our authors were fiercely anti-Ottoman, and yes Serbs did LIBERATE half the Balkans from their savage rule. But if you identify yourself as Bosnian Muslim with Ottomans then don't call yourself "Bosniak" but Turk.

Anyway, anyone reading these racist ramblings will know what to make of it.
In Response

by: Friend of Bosnia
May 11, 2011 08:51
I meant: Soil you claim as Serb
In Response

by: Slava
May 11, 2011 10:42
A more spot on article, in contrast To Pejic's poop propaganda:


by: Vuk Mujovic from: Belgrade
May 10, 2011 14:48
Who wrote this , R. Holbrook's son??? This is everything but independent journalism.

First , the reason, why is Dodik trying the referendum?

What will happen if the referendum passes?

What will happen if it doesn't ?

Why are Croatians blocking the federation government?

Why Serbia?

You have given semi of no answers to these questions. I thought that we have put behind us the Goebbels times where there is always the guilty party and the only solution is the final solution.

In Response

by: Abdulmajid
May 10, 2011 18:29
"the only solution is the final solution."
Well that's just what the Serbs want for us balije,jihadists, terrorists, traitors, Turks, poturi and what not.
And I know I should not generalize but teh Serb voices against genocide are few and far in between. One gets thre impressions they are what they always were: a bunch of bloodthirsty genocidal maniacs thisrts for Bosniak blood, and if they are allowed to crush us balije and then enter Europe I don't want them around.
So far however, despite all the appalling damage they have done to us balije they have not succeeded in exterminating the Bosniaks! And they never will! ANd I do not grieve for those who die trying!
In Response

by: beli from: usa
May 14, 2011 03:42
If the Serbs wanted to eliminate "you all",( dont know what to call you anymore, you may have changed again since my last comment) they would have done so when they expelled the Ottomans from their lands. Clearly they know who you are and thats why you're still there.
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
May 17, 2011 18:13
beli, the Serbs DID eliminate all Muslims from Serbia proper! Even Ivo Andric said so in "Na Drini cuprija", if there are still some around in Bosnia and in the Sandzak then only because the Austrohungarians would not let the Bosnian Serbs massacre them! Don't take me for stupid, I know the history of the region better than most serbofascists who post here and who actually believe their delusionasabouteh Serbs being the elite of the Earth!

by: Dan Monte from: Chicago
May 10, 2011 16:48
Yugoslavija was formed thanks to Serb victories in two world wars.Muslims or Bosniaks were on loosing side both times.In second world war they actively participated on Nazi side Handzar division was biggest division in German army.
When Yugoslavija was about to be divided,should people (Serbs) payed biggest price in blood and treasure be asked,have a say in process .Serbs have a taste of living in Muslim dominated country being part of Othoman empire,for very good reason they don't want to go back.Yugoslavia gave Bosnian Muslims most rights and privileges than any other country in history.But they want country based on Muslim religion read (Islamic Declaration) by their wartime leader Alija Izetbegovic
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
May 10, 2011 18:13
Straight from Karadzic's mouth.
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
May 10, 2011 18:25
Yeah yeah, the poor, poor antgelical saintly Serbs they suffered sooo much under the Ottomans, and the Bosniaks are all jihadists and nazis and only want to enslave the Serbs so of cooourse it is the Serbs' God-given right to murder, rape, rob and expel the bosniaks and bring teh rest to their knees. Because only a dead Muslim is a good Muslim. No wonder most Serbs are friends of Kaddafi, after all he is killing Muslims by the thousands!
And I bet the guy who wrote this littlepiece of anti-Bosniak diatribe has never suffered anything from Bosniaks nor from Ottomans who were history long before he was born. If we apply the same logic to the Serbs then they can expect revenge for Srebrenica thousand years hence. All those comments here should be collected and readf to the Bosniak general public so they can see what they can expect from the Serbs: Destruction and death.
But of course that 's notteh same thing, Serb acts of violence don't count, but Muslim oned always do. ANd when say 7 Serb soldiers were killed then it is of course right for the Serbs to murder 8.347 Bosniaks.
People with that attitude should not walk this Earth.
And since for you dear fellow all Muslims are jihadists and Nazis then I will allow myself to see you all Serbs as genocidal maniacs bloodthirsty for Bosniak blood! Also the babies in the crib for their parents will teach them nothing but hate and contempt for Muslims! And I say this even at the risk that our dear admin will squelch this and continue to let the anti-Bosniak venom pass!
In Response

by: Joseph Goldsmith from: America
May 11, 2011 15:04
NATO and the Western mass media told the public that the Bosnian Serbs had a racist and genocidal ideology, and committed atrocities.
Did they?
But it was Alija Izetbegovic, the leader of a minority Bosnian Muslim faction, the one that NATO supported, who wrote a book calling for the slaughter of infidels so that a Muslim takeover could install an Islamist theocracy in Bosnia (documented in Part 1, below).
This Alija Izetbegovic may have participated in the extermination of Serbs and Jews during WWII. After all, he founded at this time the Young Muslims in Bosnia, in imitation of the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that was closely allied with the German Nazis. HIR does not have materials to positively document Izetbegovic's participation in the WWII Nazi massacres in Bosnia. What is well documented, however, is that in the 1990s Alija Izetbegovic proudly recreated the SS Handzar Division that the Mufti of Jerusalem Hajj Amin al Husseini had earlier created, for the German Nazis, out of tens of thousands of Bosnian Muslim volunteers (documented in Part 2). This SS Handzar Division eagerly participated in the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Serbian, Jewish, and Roma (Gypsy) civilians. It is not unreasonable to propose that if Alija Izetbegovic was proud enough of the WWII SS Handzar Division to recreate it in the 1990s, then perhaps he was a Handzar soldier during the World War.
Once you get to know Izetbegovic, you are forced to ask this question: Isn't it more likely that the one killing innocent people in the 1990s was Izetbegovic, and not the Serbs? Yes. Consistent with this expectation, every allegation against the Serbs evaporates into nothing the minute one investigates. The overwhelming, crushing bulk of the evidence supports the view that in the Yugoslavian civil wars of the 1990s the Serbs behaved much like did in WWII, when they were the staunchest defenders of the persecuted Jews in all of Europe. The portrait that was painted of the Serbs in the 1990s as "the new Nazis" is not only false, it is absurd. For this reason, the lies we were told about the Bosnian Serbs (repeated to this day) have required spectacular hoaxes, knowingly perpetrated by the Western mass media. These are easily shown to be false with a minimum of research, as for example the accusation that the Bosnian Serbs were running death camps (refuted in Part 3).
The documentation you will encounter here raises the sharpest possible questions about the integrity of the mass media, and concerning the intentions of the Western powers that destroyed Yugoslavia.
Yes a referenced essay for a change..
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
May 10, 2011 19:11
"Handzar division was biggest division in German army."
What a pathetic and clumsy LIE! But anything is good to smear Bosniaks and by so doing you have shown yourself to be just as thirsty for Bosniak blood as your chetnik friends. ANd to tarnish what is left of Serbs' reputation a bit more.
In Response

by: J from: US
May 11, 2011 00:42
I was not aware Serbs won in WWI and II. They fought and bravely, but did they win?
You mention Ottoman empire, it is true. But Bosniaks are only Muslim because of that empire. Look at the issue more broadly, if you possibly can. Don't they speak the same exact language as Serbs and Croats?
In Response

by: gil
May 11, 2011 15:23
@Joseph Goldsmith: Hard to know where to refute that blatant propaganda. Speculating on the basis of half-truths and lies is nothing to base an argument on. Basically, you accept Serbian propaganda and discount any evidence that came out of The Hague. Fine. But that's about the extent of your argument. Just because you can link to some site that posts such nonsense means exactly nothing. And the article just cites a sister site for its suppositions. Just the usual collection of Serb-as-victims propaganda and head-in-the-sand denialism.
In Response

by: Slava
May 11, 2011 17:25
"Just the usual collection of Serb-as-victims propaganda and head-in-the-sand denialism."


More like above quoted is motivated by the Serbs-as-aggressors propaganda, as in the actual head-in-the-sand denialism of nationalist anti-Serb wrongdoing.

by: new days in Balkans from: the Balkans
May 10, 2011 16:55
Mr. Pejic like always thinks that things will be same like in 90s when US sponsored lobbyists were pushing their "truth" about the wars in the Balkans, blaming Serbs for almost everything that happened there. Those days are over, USA is no longer with any leverage with Serbs in the Balkans (NATO is way too busy and disorganized, 3 ongoing wars, economy that needs lots of work). EU has become a gathering of political bureaucrats. The time has come for Serbs in the Balkans to resolve this ongoing propaganda war. Mr. Pejic is just one of many paid propagandists who will eventually fail to get "his message across". Serbia and Serbs will always support legit attempts from Republic of Srpska to have their own freedom and peace. And yes, we'll be lobbying too Mr Pejic. Not just in DC or Brussels but world wide. And Holbrook is dead too.
In Response

by: Slava
May 11, 2011 07:34
Pejic carries on like he's in a 1990s Sorosian time warp.

Then again, there're influential outlets paying relatively well for a certain kind of journalism, that has led to the conjured up term presstitute.

by: Nik from: UK
May 10, 2011 17:01
A shocking lack of objectivity.Everything you expect from RFE.! Who really reads your anti Serb diatribes.Yesterday was victory in Europe day.Lets hope for a victory against RFE day when this monstrosity is history.A shocking article.You can fool the uneducated but this is truly appalling.

by: Evgeny from: Vienna
May 10, 2011 17:36
So, now it's Bosnia on the top of Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, the pending bankruptcy of Greece, the enormous US foreign debt - all this is just going to explode this year, I am tellin' you, guys :-)

by: ed from: Slovenia
May 10, 2011 19:12
US sponsored lobbyists? Jackass, do you realize how much the RS spends on propaganda, image consultants, and public relations people and they have been doing so since 1992.
In Response

by: John from: California
May 11, 2011 06:00
Your comment is a complete sham. The Serbs had sanctions against them throughout the 1990's. Everyone knows they were not allowed to hire a PR firm. And it is quite well known that the Croats and Bosniaks did. If you had actually done any serious investigation into the matter you would have heard of a little group called "Ruder Finn".

by: vladimir gagic from: phoenix
May 10, 2011 19:33
I think the "failed neoliberal state of Bosnia" would be an appropriate enough title to this article. The US only supported Bosnian independence because the US worried about German influence in the Balkans. And the only reason Western Europe wants a "united Bosnia" is because Western European countries hope that all their own Muslim citizens will leave Western Europe for Bosnia. Meanwhile, it will be up to Bosnian Serbs to pay the price for America's and Western Europe's selfish motives, which is typically the case.

by: Vesna Spiric from: Canada
May 10, 2011 19:54
So all the sudden referendums are not democratic? What a joke. Anyone is allowed to express their dissatisfaction with how the state functions, recently Tunis, Egypt, Libya, but not Bosnia, why is that?
This Journalist, that calls himself Nenad, is dishonest person paid to publish these lies.
In Response

by: Alija from: Canada
May 10, 2011 22:15
But why didn't you wanted referendums peacefully in 90s?No..the Serbs(i am not saying all Serbs,there are also the good ones..but not many) have chosen the war first...so some of them committed genocide..and the killings of innocent peoples who had nothing to do with the war and made people leave their lands in order to make a so called Great Serbia...what is written in this article are just simply the facts of that try..now that you don't want to accept the reality and what happened in Yugoslavia..you are blaming the US&EU for trying to protect innocent people..
In Response

by: Alija from: Canada
May 10, 2011 22:17
But why didn't you wanted referendums peacefully in 90s?No..the Serbs(i am not saying all Serbs,there are also the good ones..but not many) have chosen the war first...so some of them committed genocide..and the killings of innocent peoples who had nothing to do with the war and made people leave their lands in order to make a so called Great Serbia...what is written in this article are just simply the facts of that try..now that you don't want to accept the reality and what happened in Yugoslavia..you are blaming the US&EU for trying to protect innocent people. I just hope that this was a good lesson for Bosniaks.
In Response

by: Abdulmajid
May 11, 2011 09:36
All anti-Bosniak diatribe, Bosniak-baiting and Muslim-bashing by serbofascists here and on other web forums should be collected, translated into Bosnian and then - without adding any comment or opinion because they speak for themselves - be displayed on huge billboards and projection screens and on TV and radio all over (the still free parts of) Bosnia so the Bosniaks will see withtheir own eyes and have no doubt about what their good Serb neighbors think of them and wish t do to them, and accordingly be better prepared than last time when they just let the war in Croatia go on as if it didn't cocern them and naively believed "it can't happen here, we have lived at peace for so long (so much for "We can't live with Muslims") " and then it came over them like a tsunami. But the Bosniaks are still there and you will not exterminate nor subdue them. You have failed at it the last four times you tried.
And that is not anti-Serb propaganda nor hate, because I'd just be giving them your unfiltered own statements to see so there can't be any doubts about your intentions.
And when somebody of you says he regrets what happened at Srebrenica I just know he is insincere because in the same sentence he justifies it with the propaganda lie that "Bosniaks killed thousands of Serbs around Srebrenica" which is just a LIE!

by: Michael Djordjeich from: San Francisco, Ca USA
May 10, 2011 20:09
This report full of holes and half truths. It deals not with subtance but wishful thinking in support of flawed policies. Obviously, Serbs and Croats do not wish to live with Bosnian Moslems. Why are forcing them? The tragic war in Bosni was all about this very reason. Holbrooke resolved nothing, but stopped the war, and promissed Moslems that they would eventually rule from Sarajevo as the Dauyton agreement is watered down to nothing by the international vice-roy.
In Response

by: H from: USA
May 10, 2011 20:54
The war was about Serbs from outside of Bosnia trying to grab Bosnia for Serbia. You're ignoring the peaceful coexistance of Catholics, Orthodox, and Muslim Bosnians for centuries. It's only recently that nationalists have tried to convince Orthodox Bosnians that they are in fact Serbs and that Catholic Bosnians are in fact Croats. Serbia and Croatia are both richer now than Bosnia. Neither claims any part of Bosnia. If there are Serbs and Croats in Bosnia who are so against Bosnia, then they can move to Serbia and Croatia respectively. They only reason people like Dodik stay in Bosnia is for personal political power and glory, not their high-minded lies about protecting their "nation."
In Response

by: Slava
May 13, 2011 10:26
Not quite.

Read Ivo Andric's novel which touches on the tensions there.

Izetbegovics' 1970 Islamic Declaration contradicts the call for multiethnic harmony.
In Response

by: Slava
May 10, 2011 22:19
Pejic carries on as an anti-Serb dupe for Sorosian advocacy.

His executive RFE/RL position and overall selection of RFE/RL articles reflects one-sided and inaccurate journalism.

He has the gall to then write of a one-sided Republika Srpska media situation.
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