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Daghestani Insurgency Denies Any Role In Boston Bombings

Many analysts can see no plausible reason why the head of the North Caucasian resistance, Doku Umarov (center), would have been linked with the Boston bombings.
Many analysts can see no plausible reason why the head of the North Caucasian resistance, Doku Umarov (center), would have been linked with the Boston bombings.
The Daghestani wing of the North Caucasus insurgency has formally denied any role in the Boston Marathon bombings. In a brief statement posted on April 21 on the website, its leaders stress that their primary enemy is Russia and they “are not engaged in military hostilities with the United States.” 

The statement mentions U.S. media reports that one of the Tsarnaev brothers -- the two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings -- spent six months in Daghestan last year and may have tried to make contact with insurgency representatives but did not explicitly deny that he succeeded.

Even before the posting of that disavowal, there were several reasons why the possibility that the brothers acted at the behest of the North Caucasus insurgency was arguably the least plausible of the various hypotheses regarding their motivation and ideological affiliation.

INTERVIEW: North Caucasus Insurgency Was Possible Influence On Boston Suspects

The first is that the insurgency had no motive whatsoever to attack the United States, especially given that Washington has reportedly just added Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov’s name to the Magnitsky list of people sanctioned by the U.S. government and banned from entering the United States.

As the vDagestan statement noted, the insurgency considers Russia its primary enemy in light of its "occupation of the Caucasus and monstrous crimes against Muslims." But even so, the vDagestan statement pointed out, self-styled insurgency leader Doku Umarov issued a moratorium one year ago on attacking Russian civilians.

The second is that the modus operandi of the Boston terrorists diverged from that employed by the North Caucasus insurgency in the mass-scale attacks it perpetrated prior to Umarov’s ban on targeting Russian civilians.

In the case of the Moscow metro bombings in March 2010 and the Domodedovo Airport suicide bombing in January 2011, the blasts took place in a confined space, not in the open air, with the explicit intent of inflicting the maximum number of fatalities and at the cost of the perpetrators’ lives. By contrast, the Boston blasts were amateurish.

Third, if the North Caucasus insurgency had perpetrated the Boston attack to generate publicity, a video address by Umarov would most likely have been prepared beforehand and posted on the Internet within days of the blast, as was the case in the Moscow metro and Domodedovo attacks.

Fourth, even though Tamerlan Tsarnaev reportedly spent six months travelling in Daghestan and Chechnya last year, it is not easy for would-be recruits to establish contact with the insurgency in urban areas. True, the Daghestani insurgency websites offer any amount of advice to would-be recruits, from how to increase your physical fitness and stamina to how to prepare psychologically and even the best sort of boots, rucksack, and battle fatigues to buy.

BACKGROUND: Analyst Liz Fuller's 2010 overview of websites linked with the North Caucasus insurgency

But, out of elementary security considerations, in order to minimize the ever-present danger of infiltration by Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB), they do not offer any indication of how to make contact. Instead, they imply that if you are regarded as a potential asset, a recruiter at one of the Makhachkala mosques will vet your background and then, if you are deemed suitable, approach you.

Russian media have reported several instances of young men from elsewhere in the Russian Federation who travelled to Makhachkala with the intention of joining the jihad and landed directly in the clutches of the security services. 

As noted above, the leadership of the Daghestani insurgency wing does not explicitly deny that Tamerlan Tsarnaev sought to make contact. It is very possible that in light of his reported interest in the insurgency and monitoring of insurgency websites he may have tried to do so, but could have been rebuffed.
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by: james
April 22, 2013 13:34
Liz Fuller & RFE are:

Useful idiots supporting, idolizing, symphasizing with Chechen terrorists
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
April 23, 2013 10:19
Idiots, but for different reason, Fuller.
During WW2 the Russian "Vlasov Army"
Helped Germans destroy last Ukrainian units
And with Germans threatened kill all Chechens,
Equated to Jews, unless they'd fight against soviets.

Chechens were victims of Russia since Caucasian war.
Some fought already against Germans, rest joined them,
Mostly from middle and Northern parts - 40,000 fought.
Same happened to most of North Caucasians, then.
Than Russia's and Cossack's armies came again.

Just as Vlasov did, to kill them all if they resist trial.
Chechens abstracted justice, saving war criminals.
Stalin tried save them from genocide by Russians.
Finally Russian Generals agreed for Asia's exciles,
4,000 war criminals from Chechnya and Caucasus.

2,000 Chechens were joined by rest of 40,000 men,
So Russia wouldn't execute Chechen war criminals.
Also their wives accompanied them be returned later.
Khrushchev offered exiled a deal, pay for their fathers
With military service. Children of 2,000 join Spetcnaz.

Russians tried divide-conquer Chechens in the 90-th.
It didn't work, even when Chechens, like Kantemirov,
Became refugees, while children of exiles took over.
Most of Chechens defended a limited independence,
Tried negotiate with Russia - but all Presidents killed.

Real terrorists are some of the children of the 2,000,
Children of war criminals, slaves of Russian armies,
Shape-shifting "Third Force" of an expanding empire.
Sympathy isn't with them, but with right of Chechens.

by: Jack from: US
April 22, 2013 14:43
of course, Daghestani freedom fighters would deny any role in Boston attacks. After all, they and US government (as represented by its propaganda outlet RFE/RL) are true friends and allies. Hillary Clinton and John McCain are also big friends of Sunni Muslim activists, from Kosovo to Syria to Daghestan to Boston to NYC on 9//11

by: Ben
April 22, 2013 16:52
It was not enough for two terrorists to show themselves to the evident cameras,they have killed an officer and involved into the shooting with police instead of driving away.They for some reason decided to die.Why?

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 23, 2013 09:07
:-)) Daghestani "insurgents" appear to be a rather influencial terrorist group: in order to continue their "resistance" against Russia, they are now organizing terrorist attacks in Boston. Hopefully, the US public will finally wake up and realize that the US policy of supporting al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya, Syria, Chechnya or elsewhere will ALWAYS end up hitting the US itself.
But on the other hand, does the US govt really care if US citizens get killed by al-Qaeda on the streets of Boston? As long as Saudi Arabia and Qatar pay George W. Obama well, he will continue his policy of supporting terrorism, no matter what consequences for the ordinary Beavuses this policy might have.
In Response

by: Jack from: US
April 23, 2013 16:54
right on, Eugenio! in fact US government wants terrorism in US because that's how it hopes to keep average Joe the Beavus in fear and take away last few liberties beavuses have, all under the pretext of "war on terror"
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 23, 2013 18:10
Good point, Jack! By the way, here is an interesting video on this topic: 'US backed Chechen 'freedom fighters' -
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
April 24, 2013 10:29
Eugenio and Jack keep expected line - make West,
Especially USA, believe that victimized and occupied,
Northern Caucasus nationalities, are horrible beasts,
So West would let larger Russian armies invade,
Dagestan - Georgia and Azerbaijan third gate,
Beside Abkhazia and South Osetia base.

Being a "plausible deny-ability" master,
Eugenio offering a "tet for tet" flamaster,
Saying US control Al Kaeda, so Russia
Controls Umarov-like Spetcnaz "lazha",
Pins bombs on Obama's grandmother.

Is Obama's role rather cover-up Russia
That forge empire with the new Prussia?
Another Eugenio-type Russian, Sukhov,
Pin bombing on "Dagestan" insurgents,
That are Russian "SS" - what a "Suka"!

In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 24, 2013 13:30
Dear Konsti, it's not about who is a "beast" and who is not. It is about the US policy of (a) granting US citizenship to those who are likely to kill US citizens on the streets of US cities, (b) and it is about the fact that the US govt PREFERRED to disreguard the warnings of the Russian govt that one of the two guys in question was apparently involved in terrorist activities TWO YEARS AGO already.
Why does the US govt help potential terrorists to get installed on the US soil? Why did the US govt ignore the warnings of the Russian govt?
At any rate, the fact that they did ignore those warning demonstrates that (a) either the US govt is staffed with incompetent .....-ups; or (b) that the US govt is getting paid by someone to promote those terrorist actitives.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
April 30, 2013 21:20
Where are my comments about you and your posts?
You are given rights to bash me, even setup me for my mother
to be murdered, but most essential replies to you are not posted!

It appears that RFE, while paid by USA, help conquer European nations and divide their territories between Russia
and Austria-Germany, according to 1954-56 pact.

There is no truth in your statements at all!
Your Russian "shtaby" and generals, with their
"zaplesnevelye mozgi", still see the world as grabbing territorial possessions, now it is Dagestan, next Azerbaijan and Georgia again...
Is next-after Constantinople, for canning "Varaga-Greka-Bratushka"?
Is next-after Mecca and Medina, for canning "Varaga-Adyga-Pechenega"?

Not withstanding your speculations on some over-magnified details - it isn't true!
Beslan, brothers of Georgians from old Media, ran small Georgian vine-bottling shop, they made some money and renovated their town school - your Russia sent Spetcnaz
and GRU murderous scum drugged Russians and half-breeds, to kill children. Only few of them, including Umarov, where
of Chechen extraction - children of WW2 men, which committed crimes against humanity, that agreed be slaves of Russian SS to save their fathers from Russians, saying they would kill them.
Even so, three of Chechens protested and were killed by
Umarov right away.
Who was terrorist there, Eugenio?
Russia lied "terrorists" to invade North Osetia, build bases for attack, than invaded Georgia!
Ingushetia announced they would build two electric plants to improve their economy - the same scum of Russian SS, dressed as Muslims, invaded Ingushetia.
Russia screamed "terrorists" and invaded Ingushetia with cleansing...
Should I continue?

Your arguments to invade Dagestan are more canning than before previous invasions of treasonous Russia, obsessed by
dream of “haldeyka” tribe of Neanderthals to breed in lands of other nations and stink with nerve gas on few survivors.

Still, you couldn't escape typical mistakes of Russian liars:
You brought together all possible garbage that your "shtaby" of Russian breeders ever lied about to make of it a "borsh" -
but your "borsh" is more apparently sour than one that killed in Russia old Bechtel, your partner in crime!
Sure Dagestan "Freedom Fighters" (they are not fighters, just reasonable men that your Russia didn't yet made snitches, for that Russia kills people) would deny it - it was Russian "Shtaby" and their "amirs", like baby-killers of Beslan, that are behind it.
Sure Russia would drag into it Canadian boxer, murdered by Russia with his students (Russia lied they were terrorists).
Russia always kills, or maims, non-Russians that trying to train
to be men.
They did it to me, every time I tried for a week Acrobatics, or Boxing, or Sambo - so your race of Russian macaques would enslave me, playing "Alfa" - no way Eugenio, even you murdered my mother to get it done!
Should I go on?

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 24, 2013 09:03
VIDEO: NATO Collapse Looms? Cuts & 'military irrelevance' hang over Alliance -

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