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The Daily Vertical: Russia Targets Turkey -- And NATO

The Daily Vertical: Russia Targets Turkey -- And NATOi
February 16, 2016
The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. Viewers can suggest topics via Twitter @PowerVertical or on the Power Vertical Facebook page.
By Brian Whitmore

The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. Viewers can suggest topics via Twitter @PowerVertical or on the Power Vertical Facebook page.

A transcript of today's edition of The Daily Vertical can be found here.

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by: Ht from: Berlin
February 16, 2016 14:12
Tought decission? yes. Dilemma? none. Does anyone think Russia will actually go to war with NATO? Do they want to be totally crushed? Since once started it will be difficult to stop. Not to mention that then, by hook or by crook it will be to the bitter end. And that means sanctions would be massively upscaled and stay on until totally crushing that already severely weakened economy, currency and state. Not to mention that one easy thing is to play war on TV, another totally different is to actually go to war with NATO, no matter what the costs or losses the EU would also incur. No, Russia wants it cheap, but destabilize a whole continent to again submit it as between 45-89 is anything but cheap.

So yeah, they keep provoking as they did in 2008 with Georgia. But when you don't have a concept to offer, everything you build is wobbly at best, and eventually crumbles, in Russia's case...again.
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by: Anonymous
February 17, 2016 05:15
"they keep provoking as they did in 2008 with Georgia"
Mr , international commissions demonstrate that the war in Georgia was initiated by Tbilisi
so , about which provocation are you talking ?
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by: Steve from: Ukraine
February 21, 2016 16:01
Mr.Anonymous you sound like a Russian Troll. Do you even understand the Russia went to great efforts to PROVOKE Tbilisi so they could claim Georgia started it? Yes Georgia was wrong to take the bait but it doesn't change the history that Russia provoked it.
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by: Darrell
February 17, 2016 16:36
Russia will lose so he better back off.turkey a nato member had enough balls to do something about a corrupt communist coward who continues to play games and lie. Im glad a nato member finally showed Russia they are not afraid to stand up for there country

by: Dale from: UK
February 16, 2016 15:31
US military jets bomb city of Aleppo, and shifting blame onto Moscow. Two US Air Force A-10 warplanes carried out airstrikes on Aleppo last Wednesday, destroying nine facilities, Russia’s Defense Ministry reported. The same day, the Pentagon accused Moscow of bombing two hospitals, despite no Russian flights over the city.

Syria's ambassador to Moscow, Riad Haddad, said the hospitals had been the target of a US raid. "American warplanes destroyed them. Russian warplanes had nothing to do with any of it - the information that has been gathered will completely back that up," he told Russia's state television channel Rossiya 24.

Western warmongers definitely want to unleash a big war against Syria and Russia...
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by: Me Stuie from: UK
February 16, 2016 17:44
A humorous exercise in disinformation here.
Considering the people living in Aleppo didn't report any attacks being carried out against the city it's people or it's hospitals on Wednesday 10th either by Russia, Assadistan, America, ISIS or anybody else. And I'd trust them to know a little bit more about what is going on considering the fact that they are literally living inside Aleppo.

A more thorough explanation, one you seem to need, can be read here:
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by: Sergey from: Kiev
February 17, 2016 11:22
Ha-ha-ha! The group "Stop Fake", to which you gave a link, is another pro-US group of Ukrainian nationalists, funded by the American funds. I know very well the organizers of this group. To refer to this group as the source of the information - is to refer to Ukrainian fascists.
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by: Lee from: Nowy Targ, Poland
February 17, 2016 14:10
Why do all of the "Americans" and "Britons" who post here speak such grammatically incorrect English? Curious. Must be a real decline in the quality of Western education I guess.
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by: Lasse from: Norway
February 17, 2016 16:19
Yes Me Stuie, the trolls are here again - and as I have said elsewhere, the best thing to do is just ignoring them - let them get their steam out, as long as they can get their salary (in inflation-hit roubles) - and then we other can have our debates on a more serious foundation. There is no reason to discuss with them. It is just waste of time. By the way - when Putler's regime finally crumbles, the same trolls have to go out finding new work - and depending upon what kind of system is replacing this ugly regime, they might or might not find some new propaganda machine - maybe with a completely new view - which will pay them for their (new) 'opinions' then.

by: Ben K from: US
February 16, 2016 15:34
What do NATO wants, they want WW3? Can't believe any of this, outrageous lies and blame game, it's not our American citizens who are doing this, it's our govt who is destroying lives and pushing for WW3, and the people have lost control to these evil bs.
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by: Anonymous
February 17, 2016 05:18
think before to vote , chose Trump !
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by: Maria from: US
February 18, 2016 15:29
Yes! Another brilliant English speaking American. Thank you for your valuable opinion. I am sure however, that you do understand sarcasm when you see it.

by: K. Teddy from: United States
February 16, 2016 15:39
If we talk about Syria, at the first place US was not invited by Syrian govt. Americans are there illegally, and they will do everything to do dirty works and shift blames to Russia to gain support from UN and international community. All wars have been created by US - in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan... Russia never has taken part, but was watching closely. Unfortunately they failed with coalitions to defeat terrorism...

by: Sharik from: Helsinki
February 16, 2016 15:40
Finnish YLE news is reporting on an interesting story that might interest you. It's a little bit off the NATO topic but is spot on the refugee topic. Apparently, during a recent period of time, there have been over 800 refugee applicants who have come to Finland from Russia. Not one of them has come across any of the border crossings in Southern Finland; they have all arrived at our northern crossings. That's correct. All. This is being reported as a "phenomenon" but I think the word "asymmetrical" is altogether more appropriate.

It is, however, entirely perplexing how such a thing is even possible.

by: BernardL from: USA
February 16, 2016 15:42
If you really want to help Syrian people, then just join Russia in bombing ISIS and respect the wishes of 70% of the people who support the Assad government, and send the Syrian people humanitarian aid and help rebuild the nation that the US neocons destroyed but were stopped by the Russians.

by: Kerry from: US
February 16, 2016 16:18
What is the Truth -- when the lie becomes the truth there is no turning backwards.

When war is upheld as a humanitarian endeavor, Justice and the entire international legal system are turned upside down: pacifism and the antiwar movement are criminalized. Opposing the war becomes a criminal act. Meanwhile, the war criminals in high offices of USA, Israel, UK, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Turkey, Germany, etc have ordered a witch hunt against those who challenge their authority.

The Big Lie must be exposed for what it is and what it does. It sanctions the indiscriminate killing of men, women and children. It destroys families and people. It destroys the commitment of people towards their fellow human beings.

It prevents people from expressing their solidarity for those who suffer. It upholds war and the police state as the sole avenue.

Break the American inquisition. Members of the armed forces should disobey orders and refuse to participate in a criminal war.

It doesn't require any conspiracy theorizing to see what's happening here. Indeed, it takes extreme naiveté, or willful blindness, not to see it.

That willful ignorance is a phenomenon that has been growing year by year and has reached a level where it is a serious threat to our national well being and that of the world at large. These beliefs and attitudes revolve around an apparent inability to deal with reality so people make up stories in order to make themselves feel better.

by: Yoshua
February 16, 2016 19:26
According to the Russian diplomat in London the West more or less invited Russia to intervene in Syria before Damascus would have fallen to ISIS. The Russian president has stated that the West has asked Russia to build a permanent base in Syria to control the situation in Syria. The West has not denied these statements.

The West is now bitching that Russia is bombing the "wrong targets" or "wrong rebels". What else can they do ?

This might not have gone down well with Turkey. The U.S has moved out its fighter jets from Turkey and has asked Turkey to restrain it self.

The question is: Why did Russia go into Syria and what dark agenda do they have ? I don't know. I give up.

by: Democracy from: Earth
February 16, 2016 21:03
Every time, the Putin trolls are posting from "USA".

Now, come on, Russians!

Don't you see how childish and downright cowardly that makes you?

Why are you so afraid to admit you are Russians posting from Russia? Who are you kidding in 2016?

See, that is why you always lose in the end. You are too weak inside, too insecure and therefore too agressive and blind to reality.
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by: Lasse from: Norway
February 17, 2016 16:29
Well said; the very fact that they have to behave so cowardly, confirms perfectly that they have no plausible arguments; if they had, they would have no reason to hide behind fake names and locations.

by: Mike Hunt from: Murica
February 16, 2016 22:36
Kudos Mr. Whitmore. You certainly have gotten the raSShan vatniks excited with your recent posts. I propose a grading scale for your posts based on the number, competence, inanity, etc. of the kremlinoids you attract. Since you are in Prague, I would call it the Budvar scale and it would go from 0 Budvars to 5 Budvars in your honor. Or if you prefer we could name it after the trolls and it could range from 0 to 5 jackasses. Anyway, I wish I could find me some Budvar in the States.
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by: Bill
February 17, 2016 00:08
He's a propagandist with a title like this as one of many examples:

"Russia Targets Turkey -- And NATO"

Turkey bombs the Kurds to go along with its downing a of Russian plane. Since the end of the Cold War, NATO has expanded while showing a bias for anti-Russian leaning elements.

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