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The Daily Vertical: Ukraine Deserves Better

The Daily Vertical: Ukraine Deserves Betteri
February 22, 2016
The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. Viewers can suggest topics via Twitter @PowerVertical or on the Power Vertical Facebook page.
By Brian Whitmore

The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. Viewers can suggest topics via Twitter @PowerVertical or on the Power Vertical Facebook page. 

A transcript of today's Daily Vertical can be found here.

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by: Anonymous
February 22, 2016 13:43
Ukraine is doing just fine. With a low level war in the east and then corruption, poverty, crime, prostitution and violence in the rest of the country, every thing is just prima as long as their nuclear plants aren't melting.

The era of cheep oil is over. Who would have thought that the era of cheep oil would lead to the collapse of the oil producers ? The oil business is today extremely volatile and sensitive to price swings... especially to a fall in the oil price. While economies are extremely sensitive to the rise in the oil price.

We live in very interesting times today.

by: krimster from: Krim Kolony
February 22, 2016 14:33
It's time for the West to "throw in the towel" on Ukraine, no matter how much money you give to Ukraine it will just end up in the off-shore accounts of oligarchs, stop pumping out the water, let the ship sink, let Putin have this stinking pile of garbage if he wants it so much...
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by: Darcy from Canada
February 23, 2016 18:41
Let's do nothing! Sit on our ass while your air disappears, your water disappears and you die in a filthy pile of crap. Awesome thinking. Actually why don't you just jump off a bridge and get it over with!

by: Jack from: Starcross
February 22, 2016 15:07
Yes, Ukraine and the world deserves better and I can only hope that when it comes to dealing with that gang of unscrupulous criminals in Moscow, the world can maintain compartmentalisation and do what needs to be done to eradicate Daesh, with or without their help, but without compromising on the sanctions imposed upon the Kremlin kleptocracy for their heinous actions in Crimea and east Ukraine. I sense that amongst the western powers, a certain eroding of resolution, an attrition of volition, and Ukraine fatigue might be settling in; I hope not, but we should remind ourselves of Chamberlain's naive optimism / egregious appeasement: "I have in my hand, a piece of paper signed by Herr Hitler himself..." and we should never forget - Крим украл!

by: Hans from: Berlin
February 22, 2016 16:55
The current Ukrainian government mostly consists of the fascists, who carried out the coup and seized the power under the broad support of the US, two years ago. These fascists were supposed to bring into Ukraine 'Western democracy' and integrate the country to the 'Western world.' But two years later the country is on the verge of economic and political collapse.
Rating of the current Prime Minister (Arseniy Yatsenyuk) is between 1 and 3 percent!!! If a person is not schizophrenic, he leaves the office in such a rating. But this is not the case with the Ukrainian leaders.
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by: Lev Havryliv from: Sydney
February 23, 2016 04:32
What "fascists" are you talking about? Are you confusing the victim with the perpetrator? Who illegally annexed Crimea? Who invaded the Donbas? Who is conducting a military, economic, trade and propaganda war against Ukraine?

It is the chief fascist Putin that is largely to blame
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by: Patrick Verswevelt
February 23, 2016 14:03
Look up the word "fascism" on wikipedia and see what country fits the picture. Ukraine or Russia.

by: Rob from: UK
February 22, 2016 17:18
Last week Ukraine's Fatherland party left the ruling coalition of Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk only a day after his government 'survived' a no-confidence vote. There were allegations that he bribed deputies for a million dollars each. It seems the current pro-Western government of Ukraine is more corrupt than even the previous one...

I've listened the interview of the Fatherland party's leader Yulia Tymoshenko who said that leaving the ruling alliance was the only possible step for the Fatherland party, describing the Western-backed majority as a "facade."

"We are forced to acknowledge that there was never a pro-European, democratic coalition in this parliament, there existed only a shadowy, backroom coalition of political clans, which formed a government that ruled the country and led it to the final stage of destruction of our lives..." she said.

This is the "colorful fruits" of the color Revolution which was openly supported by the US...

by: Nick N from: USA
February 22, 2016 17:34
Throughout the whole Ukrainian crisis the US have been playing a destructive and instigative role. US and NATO are using the situation in Ukraine to push closer to Russia's border. All of this is being done to punish Russia for refusing to play along with rules set by the West.

US have been braking the fundamental rules of international laws, widely using double standards and not hesitating to intervene directly into other nations' sovereign affairs. The impact of this policy is fully felt by the peoples of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Ukraine...
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by: Lev Havryliv from: Sydney
February 23, 2016 04:36
Poor misunderstood Russia!

Russia has now occupied chunks of Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova.

Are you confusing the perpetrator with the victim?

by: James from: United States
February 22, 2016 17:43
I am think what if the people of Donbass got to truly express their opinion in a referendum under Western standards, like in the Scottish referendum? And what if they opted to leave the Ukraine? I don't think that Kiev and Washington would sit around and accept the outcome. That's not realistic at all.

by: Mark from: Germany
February 22, 2016 17:48
I personally feel Ukraine should de-annex all current rebel held territory and not a single nanometer more. Give the DPR / LPR total freedom. Ukraine as result is absolved of all financial responsibility.

by: Tommy J.K from: US
February 22, 2016 17:51
US sec. of state for foreign affairs Vicky Nulands' recorded statements to the Ukrainian ambassador about the boy Arseniy Yats are proof enough for me that the empire of chaos was guilty of fomenting the rebellion with money and cookies. Next step will be with weapons - mission accomplished as another country bites the dust. Ukraine is definitely a failed state!

by: Anonymous
February 22, 2016 20:10
"Two years ago today, a corrupt and incompetent tyrant was deposed."
if I am not wrong
the "tyrant" was Elected in elections unanimously Considered free and correct by international observer
if I am not wrong
After eight months there would be the next president elections
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by: Vladimir Putin from: Kremlin
February 23, 2016 09:20
1. Its called early elections, not uncommon in advanced democracies
2. This is the same guy who cheated like crazy in the 2004 election and that election had to be redone due to the blatant misconduct.
3. After gunning down 100 or so protestors, government legitimacy tends towards... meh about zero.
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