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The Daily Vertical: Ukraine's Moment Of Truth

The Daily Vertical: Ukraine's Moment Of Truthi
March 08, 2016
The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. Viewers can suggest topics via Twitter @PowerVertical or on the Power Vertical Facebook page.
By Brian Whitmore

The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. Viewers can suggest topics via Twitter @PowerVertical or on the Power Vertical Facebook page. 

A transcript of today's Daily Vertical can be found here.

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by: Paul Niland
March 08, 2016 13:56
Corruption has not ended, but it has certainly been curbed. The oligarchs are still here, but they weird nowhere near the power they once did. The economy has reformed, the brilliant Natalia Jaresko has been doing a fabulous job of precisely that. There are not enough reforms, more needs to be done, and more needs to be done to educate people about the reforms that have taken place, but your cast iron statements aren't - this time - grounded in reality of what Ukraine has actually accomplished in the last two years. More needed, but the report card is certainly not marked F.

by: Banana Republic
March 08, 2016 14:55
America, the center of Liberal Democracy, has under Obama's presidency added 5 million households where no one works. America has also added $8 trillion to the government debt. The U.S government controls today 35% of the economy.

In 2008 Wall Street had to be bailed out. This was done by thrashing the Feds balance sheet through the QE program. The Fed is today insolvent if corporates with massive amounts of debt start to default on that debt... and today there is a corporate junk bond problem that is getting worse by the day.

Who is going to bail out the Fed and the dollar if the corporates start to implode ? Who is going bail out the corporates that employ workers and pay taxes to the American government ? Who is going to bail out the government ?

The American economy is today a house of cards.
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by: Mykola Shevchenko from: Sudbury On
March 10, 2016 00:03
russia is a twinkie wrapped in another twinkie

by: Mark from: Germany
March 08, 2016 15:54
Ukraine - is a failed US project. Exactly the same happened with the 'American project' of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. Wherever the US is meddling with its dirty geopolitical projects - destruction and failures are guaranteed! This just became some sort of law. Therefore, it would be better if the United States would not meddle in the affairs of other countries, and would clean its own backyard.

by: Kerry from: USA
March 08, 2016 16:13
Washington has a long history of destroying countries and massacring people... And it has progressed from periodic massacres to fulltime massacring. From the Clinton regime forward, massacre of civilians has become a defining characteristic of the United States of America.

Washington is responsible for the destruction of Yugoslavia and Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and part of Syria. Washington has enabled Saudi Arabia’s attack on Yemen, Ukraine’s attack on its eastern provinces, and Israel’s destruction of Palestine and the Palestinian people.

The American state’s murderous rampage through the Middle East and North Africa was enabled by the Europeans who provided diplomatic and military cover for Washington’s crimes. Today the Europeans are suffering the consequences as they are over-run by millions of refugees from Washington’s wars. The German women who are raped by the refugees can blame their chancellor, a Washington puppet, for enabling the carnage from which refugees flee to Europe.

Washington has added to its crimes the mass murder of civilians with drones and missile strikes on weddings, funerals, children’s soccer games, medical centers and people’s homes. Nothing can better illustrate the absence of moral integrity and moral conscience of the American state and the population that tolerates it than the cavalier disregard of the thousands of murdered innocents as “collateral damage.”

by: Michael from: Washington, US
March 08, 2016 16:26
Unfortunately the real job of our presidents is to help the ultra wealthy class steal our money without the public understanding what is happening. Obama has done a masterful job of this & has been one of the best presidents for the ultra wealthy class.

Almost all of his finance related appointees have come from the the too big to fail banks & immense amounts of taxpayer money have been shifted to the too big to fail banks. His apparent ineptness in foreign policy has greased the skids for military action in the Middle East, including Syria, & the Ukraine. The planning for these military actions goes back to the 1990s.

Do a search on YouTube: 'General Wesley Clark 7 countries in 5 years" and search: "Zbigniew Brzezinski Ukraine the Grand Chessboard" The news we get today is mostly propaganda. We are told there is gridlock in Washington with nothing getting done, but it isn't true. Democrats & Republicans are getting big money from the same ultra wealthy donors have been voting together for years for, i.e., various bank deregulation bills & bailouts for banks, so called free trade agreements that have moved much of our manufacturing & the tax base & jobs that went along with it offshore, & multi-trillion dollar wars that are bankrupting us.

by: Jim Davis from: Kyiv, Ukraine
March 08, 2016 19:39
Brilliant and absolutely on target.

by: Mike from: USA
March 09, 2016 13:17
Brian, your excellent video piece about Ukraine's imperative need to tackle the corruption still held over from its Soviet days apparently has engendered six comments. Four (i.e., two-thirds) of these comments (i.e., vilification of the United States) are so completely off topic as to have no bearing at all on the subject of your telecast. Yours is supposed to be a moderated discussion. Therefore, why why do you allow vituperative, off-topic rants space here, as if they were useful parts of a discussion?
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by: peter from: ottawa
March 09, 2016 16:42
Mike, I agree with you about comments that have nothing to do with the topic. As for censorship, I get censured all the time. RFE picks and chooses what it want's to post, it's slant is based on CIA budget cuts and where the crow flies.

As for the article, what Russia wants, Russia gets. Russia wants a frozen conflict on it's borders. Russia gets a frozen conflict on it's borders just like in Sakartvelo ( Georgia). Until Vlad the Usurper, Vlad the Annexer, Vlad the Schrimp leaves, nothing will change.
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by: Mike from: USA
March 10, 2016 13:16
And if war is what Russia wants? There is now overwhelming evidence that "Vlad the Annexer" cares nothing for world order, sovereign boundaries, history or, most importantly, for human life. He wants power above all else. However, indifference to human life and suffering did not begin with Putin and that indifference will not end with his demise. The Soviet leadership (and especially Stalin) were responsible for the deaths of more people than even Mr. Hitler was able to manage. Before them, the Bolsheviks were a bloody bunch as were the czars they deposed, killed and replaced. Mr. Putin told then US President George W. Bush that Ukraine was not a real country. Years later, at the Sochi Olympics, he contradicted himself with his multi-million dollar, yet painfully pathetic, attempt to steal the early history of the very country he earlier said was not real. Mr. Whitmore has shown a better understanding of the situation in Donbas than Mr. Barack Obama or, for that matter, most (or all) of the leaders of Western Europe. Ukraine has, years ago, picked the direction it wants to go (West). The tragedy of Donbas will be with us a long time especially since Russia has been reported to have gutted all the industrial equipment and material from the heavy industries there and moved them across those parts of the border OSCE is not allowed to see, into Russia. Perhaps the larger tragedy is that yet to come for the Russian people, already suffering from a poor economy additionally beset by sanctions well-earned by a rogue state. They will either watch their poverty increase until it becomes unrecoverable in their lifetimes and/or they can see their children become cannon fodder in one or more of the wars Putin will eventually get them into. Elections will no doubt be rigged. Given the new spate of laws prohibiting criticism, civil actions will only land Russian citizens in the same kind of corrupt legal system that has been holding Nadiya Savchenko all this time.
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by: Banana Republic
March 09, 2016 21:04
Because Brian is a Liberal who believes in freedom of speech... no matter how stupid ?
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by: peter from: ottawa
March 10, 2016 13:04
Banana peel, what's your comment on the above article. Try and get it right this time.
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by: Lydia Singura from: Carteret
April 05, 2016 16:23
Brian, I agree with you on the governance and the long struggle for peace and democracy in Ukraine. This has been going on for over some 100 years or close to it !!! Stalin was not stupid when he destroyed the intelligencia in Ukraine and it has taken this long for Ukraine to just begin to rebound. But, I think people in Ukraine know this is probably the last chance they have to attain their goals and I don't believe they will stop until they do against all odds !! It may take another Maidan or many several more, but I believe it will happen !!! Keep up the good work you do !!! It is always good to hear the truth !!!

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