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The Daily Vertical: Where The Streets Have Nemtsov's Name

The Daily Vertical: Where The Streets Have Nemtsov's Namei
February 25, 2016
The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday.
By Brian Whitmore

The Daily Vertical is a video primer for Russia-watchers that appears Monday through Friday. Viewers can suggest topics via Twitter @PowerVertical or on the Power Vertical Facebook page. 

A transcript of today's Daily Vertical can be found here.

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by: Raffi from: Armenia
February 25, 2016 11:19
Sorry, gonna have to play the devil's advocate here. Though I agree with you that many of those who oppose Putinism in Russia are not anti-Russian (despite Kremlin propagandists trying to paint the reality as such) - The fact that Lithuania and Ukraine would name streets after Nemtsov could really just be interpreted in Russia as a confirmation of their Anti-Russian bias. Nemtsov, after all, despite being extremely popular in Western circles, was not really taken seriously by most Russians, including many opponents of Putin, Russians might see this man's veneration in the West as the equivalent of Putin erecting a statue to Alex Jones in Red Square to prove that he's not anti-american

by: Marco
February 25, 2016 14:19
We want Russia to adopt our values of Liberal Democracy, but Russia is answering... No. Perhaps we should just leave Russia alone ? But, no... we just have to have a regime change in Russia.

by: Anonymous
February 25, 2016 17:06
Liberalism was dead born in Russia and is now slowly dying in Europe as well.

“Norway is ready to abandon the Geneva Convention if Sweden collapses. The border will be closed by force, and Swedish refugees will be rejected without the possibility to seek asylum. “We are prepared for the worst,” says Prime Minister Erna Solberg.”

by: Jay Houle from: Manchester
February 25, 2016 21:59
How about an annual "Nemtsov Award for Outstanding Service to the People"? Perhaps even a medal as the Russians love wearing all kinds of medals everywhere they can. (I thought everyone was supposed to be equal in Russia?) Would this bring his life's work to the forefront annualy as a continuous reminder for posterity. Then perhaps a monument might be considered as the people begin to appreciate the award or medal.

by: Jv from: Berlin
February 25, 2016 23:50
It would be better to devote that street or square to Politkovskaya. If they exist it is a good idea, but if a new initiative comes up, then Politkovskaya should come first.

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