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Depardieu Savors Azeri Cuisine For Baku Tourism Commercial

Gerard Depardieu (left) raves about the food in the "Azerbaijani Cuisine" television commercial, saying it's "obviously a smart country."
Gerard Depardieu (left) raves about the food in the "Azerbaijani Cuisine" television commercial, saying it's "obviously a smart country."
Having recently acquired a Russian passport and an apartment in Grozny, French actor Gerard Depardieu is now the star of a new commercial promoting Azeri cuisine.

In the spot for Azerbaijan's tourism authorities now running on Euronews, the French actor sings the praises of Azeri cuisine.

The plotline revolves around Depardieu sampling a wide array of Azeri dishes presented to him as a scriptwriter reads him passages from a film script about Azerbaijan’s natural beauty. Enchanted by the food, Depardieu fails to notice that he is being presented with a script.

“The country who has that kind of food is obviously a smart country,” notes Depardieu, as he takes a break from tasting what he calls “a dream come true.”

Azerbaijani media first announced back in July 2011 that Depardieu would film the commercial.

It is not Depardieu’s first video promoting a country in the Caucasus. In 2011, he starred in a commercial for Armenia’s Armavia airlines.

And the actor was the butt of jests after a fire engulfed Grozny’s tallest skyscraper earlier this month. After Depardieu was gifted an apartment by Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov in the same complex of high-rise buildings, some social media users joked that the French bon vivant may have caused the fire by falling asleep with a lit cigarette.

Depardieu made headlines recently when he was awarded Russian citizenship by Russian President Vladimir Putin after complaining of high tax rates in France. Hundreds of ethnic Russians from former Soviet republics expressed outrage at the fact that Depardieu was apparently granted a Russian passport within days while regular procedures take years to be completed.

Depardieu has also spent time in the company of Gulnara Karimova, daughter of autocratic Uzbek President Islam Karimov. The two recorded a music video released in January:

-- Deana Kjuka
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 16, 2013 08:46
Depardieu is just a normal reasonable artist: his native France - a NATO- and EU-member states - is in a state of a deep crisis and can apparently NOT inspire a talented person like Depardieu for further artistic creation. So, he just makes a logical step - just like so many millions of people in the world: he migrates and goes places where his artistic talent can develop and result into new artistic creations. What else do you want the guy to do here in Europe - make movies about deindustrialization, unemployment, bank-robberies carried out by the Euro-Troika? No, no one wants to have that - so, he will just create something new somewhere else. And 100 years from now, people will still be watching movies with Depardieu and HE will be a symbol of our times for those who will live in a century. And the names of all those who write cheap propaganda articles on him will be forgotten tomorrow already.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
April 16, 2013 12:19
You are only right dear EU,if this post is written by you.Well,the francochone Dupe adieau has done weirder things in his movies-just look at what he did in Marco Ferreri`s The Last Woman and now its just a case of life imitating art.It also seems Eugenio did the same thing to himself,pardon,itself which explains the lunacy of his gibberish.And we are all sure the names of Eugenio from Vienna and Jack from the US will be remembered forever and a day!!!Looking forward the North Koreans push the button!!!

by: Anonymous
April 16, 2013 18:50
the commercial about the azeri cuisine is not bad, bearing in mind that this very cuisine highly likely copied/was influenced by abkhasian, georgian, persian, armenian and russian cuisines.

by the way, what exactly is "a smart country"? landscapes? cuisine? natural resources?
ah? maybe the inhabitants? or the oligarchy? the autocrat and his family? the artists?
who or what is smart in azerbaijan on a political level?

haven't heard that much about azerbaijan. the only guy awarded a nobel prize in azerbaijan was not an "aliyev- azeri", but a jewish scientist from baku...lev landau (way before the aliyev-autocracy).

at least, depardieu made also a commercial for armenians. so, no bias in this respect.

well, depardieu might buy a house in karabax, too. (why only chechnya?) (just a "smart" idea...)
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by: Rauf
April 17, 2013 07:17
You certainly "have not heard" a lot about Azerbaijan, but you can have the pictures to determine how and from where Azerbaijani cuisine was influenced?! And you are of course sue that there is an autoritarian regime?! Based on what? Come on, please stop to make nonsence comments ... there is no place for armenian propoganda, for that purposes you have
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by: Anonymous
April 17, 2013 12:39
dear mr. rauf!

you should read a comment (all sentences and their structure included) more carefully before you respond.
sometimes, people miss certain notions (be it of irony, etc.) if they are too biased.

besides, a azeri writer just thinking of an approach of reconciliation treated and outcast, stigmatized as a traitor, and a family that owns roughly all power, natural resources included in this very land are just two examples which hint at some shortcomings in azerbaijan.
the management of the aliyev family and the reactions by some radical citizens towards a writer (burning of books like fascists) are not really the best role models to inspire openness, perceptions based on reason and tolerance.

of course, the responsibility lies not exclusively with the family in power but their influence is without any doubt huge.

still, in terms of the conflict between azarbaijan and armenia, don't you think that years of conflict, border disputes, etc. are somewhat absurd.
and mr. rauf, have you once thought of corruption and nepotism in azarbaijan? well, according to the implicit message of the nature of your statements everything in azerbaijan is perfect.
why then the need to break up demonstrations with families demanding answers about abuse of soldiers (tortured and killed), why break up demonstrations about living conditions and expulsions from certain areas?
basically, there are not few articles on this very site (radio liberty/azadliq) that give some ideas about azerbaijan and illustrate at least some misdemeanor...

finally, just think why you react with the idea of a conspiracy theory towards a comment that is slightly critical of the political conditions in azerbaijan?
the comment didn't denigrate the cuisine in azerbaijan but mentioned influence (and to a certain extent copies) which is true and adequate if you analyze dimensions like languages (azad-liq is of persian origin, other words are from arabic, etc.), dances (lezginka, be it georgian, chechen,...), music, clothes, architecture in the region...

eventually, if you consider the conflict between armenia and azerbaijan worth of continuing perpetually, well, some may think that the armed conflict, the killings by snipers, etc. is a waste of time, and a senseless loss of life on both sides (!).

no offense!

(please, do not confuse criticism and ratiocinations with "armenian propaganda".) armenia has a lot of trouble with the political elite, as well and the armenian diaspora is far from being a homogenous bloc as azeris of course are not all the same...having different preferences, ideas, desires, backgrounds and perspectives

have a great day
hosca kalin
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by: Rasto from: Paris
April 18, 2013 19:34
I do not think you actually know much about Azeri cuisine, and I think also very little about Abkhasian cuisine that is so much simpler and different..Tell me please what is a Georgian will not find meals of mengrelians in Chevsureti or Kakcheti and herbs that are needed for best original khinkali grow in Mtianeti and Tusheti..only.learn first than write
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by: Anonymous
April 18, 2013 21:55
don't know where such arrogant (!) people are from!

no wonder that in some places is only war, corruption, narcissism and hatred.
yes, there are different regions in sakartwelo, no doubt. still it's one nation.
and some "chefs de cuisine" call it georgian cuisine. (then, of course to all the connoisseurs/connaisseurs this very cuisine might be differentiated even further, more profoundly.
by the way the word is კახეთი mr. "I know it all".
the statement "learn first than write" (by the way "then" in English would be correct...) reflects your arrogance. are you one of those who thinks they know everything.
would not be bad if you read some philosophers like confucius, plato, etc. some words like
"I know that I know nothing" or "I know one thing: that I know nothing". do maybe not appeal to you...
(sorry, for being straight forward: a little modesty would not be bad, in some cultures it's a virtue.)

by: Mamuka
April 16, 2013 22:10
I hope he had some hashi. I hope he enjoyed it in the customary manner, washed down with three liters of vodka.

by: Samanta from: Amerika
April 18, 2013 05:22
“The last time I travelled to Azerbaijan, I said I wanted to see so much more. The spring celebrations were in full swing and the capital, I had explored Baku and its vicinity, so rich in culture and history. The friendliness of the place was quite staggering to be honest. As you wander you can feel that Azerbaijan is growing into a major attraction. There are huge plans coming to fruition around every corner. Baku is, after all, preparing to host the very first European Games in 2015.I was here to see that "more" I`d wanted so I headed north to the mountains. Before heading up there I was lucky enough to get some direct interviews with Government officials to gain their thoughts on the future of Azerbaijan, the great events it has hosted and the future with more events and tourism.
At this time, Azerbaijan is still on its path to become one of the primary tourist destinations in Europe, and these major events and many other important events helped a lot to show travel opportunities for international travelers. We want to open up more to international tourists. Eurovision 2012 showed that Azerbaijan is very hospitable and tourist friendly country. We want travelers to explore not only the capital Baku, but also many beautiful regions of Azerbaijan. Regions of Azerbaijan have a lot to see and explore. Azerbaijan is a nice place to visit not only in summer or spring, but also in autumn and winter. For this we are developing the Shah-Dag skiing resort to cover the winter tourism side, with opening of first two hotels planned in the nearest future.”
I have seen for myself some amazing history and stories in Azerbaijan. Religious tolerance is a striking thing to see as you travel; religions lost in time in other parts of the world still live together here.
Azerbaijan has always been the meeting point civilizations -- it is the country where East meets West, Christianity meets Islam, it is a middle of historical Silk Way, and still part of Europe. Azerbaijan is one of few countries in the world where Christianity, Islam and Judaism live in peace; we are proud for being tolerant and hospitable people. Until recently, the world didn`t know where Azerbaijan was. But now everybody knows Azerbaijan and its capital Baku. This became obvious after Eurovision 2012 - Europe`s major song contest. People in the West are now thinking if Azerbaijan is Europe or East. We welcome all those who have an interest in Azerbaijan to visit our country and to experience the country where ancient history coexists with modernity. We are proud for being the first country in the East to grant election rights to women, in 1918, established schools for women, opened opera theatres and we are the first democracy in entire East.
Azerbaijan`s rich history and culture, nature and cuisine, love for arts and music are unique touristic features that many don`t know yet.
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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
April 18, 2013 11:15
You are bloody right,dearest Shamanta,however due to the quantity of pot consumed you have missed some vital points about azeri Ilhamistan-the greatest demockracy the world has ever known!!! Ilhamistan is the oldest and greatest Demockracy in the whole wide world!!! It is also the hub of European culture and its got nothing to do with Mongrel Mongol Primevals ,as some armenian terrorists suggest!!!Azeris were living in Demockracy even before the ascent of man-they were-and still are the missing links,they also invented the Turkish bath-so if it wasnt for them azeris,we would still be running around naked and dirty.Well we are still running around naked,cause someone stole our clothes while we were hanky pankying in this great Cultural Institution.And yes,azeri Ilhamistan is the most liberal land in da world-Its LGBT prezident proves that!!!And now lets eat drink and make merry and Patlamish to you all!!! In human language patlamish means so yummy your belly bursts with joy while eating and drinking it!!! Adolf Ilham Akbar!!!
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by: Anon from: US
April 19, 2013 21:18
Camel, Samanta is just your average online fake-identity Azeri troll (as evidenced by lack of knowledge of how to spell Samantha) copy-pasting from elsewhere, as showcased by the opening quote that never closes -- probably won't even check the reply.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 19, 2013 12:18
Guys, why are you abstaining from reporting more extensively on the recent Boston bombing? The Russia Today network is actually reporting that the guys who bombed Boston MIGHT actually be from the CAUCASUS, from Chechnya more specifically. SHOULD this turn out to be the case, this will be one more example of how the US policy of supporting al-Qaeda and affiliated groups around the world then turns against the US itself. Here you may find the RT report in question:

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
April 19, 2013 15:53
Aha, it looks like the two Chechen guys who bombed Boston a few days ago have been living in the United States for more than 10 years by now, have received a US citizenship, were studying at university - and yet apparently hated this country enough in order to do what they did. How about the RFE/RL would write a few articles on why it is that recent migrants to the US love this wonderful country so much???

by: parvenu from: US
April 21, 2013 02:54
Well, he is not exactly what you call a refined Frenchman... Looks like a redneck.

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