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Search For Survivors After Devastating Iran Earthquakes

Mobile hospitals have been set up to treat the injured.
Mobile hospitals have been set up to treat the injured.

Rescue teams in northwestern Iran are searching for survivors in the rubble of two strong earthquakes and several aftershocks that have killed 227 people and injured more than 1,300.

Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar told journalists that search-and-rescue operations have ended and efforts have now shifted to providing food and shelter to survivors. He said more than half of the 600 villages in the affected area had been damaged. Some 16,000 people reportedly need emergency shelter. 

Najjar praised the work of rescue crews. "The reality is that they have responded really well with their resources to this sudden disaster. They worked exceptionally well, they worked really hard. I personally thank them, as the representative of the president in this time of crisis. I thank the people," he said.

RFE/RL's Radio Farda spoke by telephone to a resident of the town of Ahar.
"Relief efforts are good and the distribution of food is better when compared with distribution of tents and blankets and other materials that people need right now," the resident said.

"Difficulties on the Ahar-Tabriz road and other roads to other cities delayed rescuers and relief supplies. People are sleeping on blankets laid out on the ground in parks and they have tents outside cities."

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle wrote immediately to his Iranian counterpart to offer Germany's condolences and assistance in coping with the earthquakes. Russian President Vladimir Putin also telegrammed Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad and offered Russian assistance.

The quakes, measured at magnitude 6.4 and 6.3 by the U.S. Geological Service, struck near the city of Tabriz.
The towns of Haris and Varzaqan were among those that suffered casualties, but most of the casualties are thought to be in villages.
Communications Down

Telephone and communications lines to many villages were reportedly badly damaged, making rescue efforts harder. Reports said phone communication in Tabriz had also been disrupted.
Officials urged people in the region to stay outdoors overnight in anticipation of more aftershocks.
(Iran's Earthquake In Pictures)

In a statement, President Ahmadinejad called on authorities to "mobilize all efforts to help the affected populations."
AFP news agency quoted an emergency services official as saying dozens of rescue teams were at work, using dog squads to detect buried survivors, but the onset of darkness has hampered relief efforts. 
The Red Crescent said it would establish mobile hospitals in the affected areas to give emergency aid to the injured.
Iran is located on several major fault lines and is prone to frequent earthquakes, some of which have been devastating. 
In 2003, an earthquake in the southeastern city of Bam left 25,000 people dead.
Across the border in Armenia the temblors shook buildings in the capital Yerevan and sent people fleeing out of their homes into the streets but officials there report there was no major damage. 
Azerbaijan also report feeling the earthquake but did not report any serious damage or casualties. 
With reporting by AFP, AP, dpa, and ITAR-TASS
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by: Jack from: US
August 11, 2012 16:38
Earthquake was caused by HAARP. US programmed HAARP to cause earthquakes in Iran, floods in China, tsunamis in Japan and various disasters in any place that disagrees with US' Zionist destruction policy. US is bigget sponsor of terrorism.
In Response

by: wake up from: FR
August 12, 2012 13:23
The U.S. is not the biggest sponsor of terrorism, Israel is. Unfortunately, U.S. has simply become the puppet of Zionists and has damaged the reputations of good old Americans.
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by: ilya
August 12, 2012 16:25
Is the commentary on rfe getting crazier? I mean this site has always drawn in certain paranoid bigots but this is starting to reach new levels.
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by: Jack from: US
August 13, 2012 03:50
US government is controlled by Jews and follows their agenda of murder and persecution of Christians (as in Bosnia, Kosovo, Syria), and of Shia Muslims (as in Iraq and Syria)
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
August 13, 2012 04:40
To ILYA: Aha, Ilya, there are quite a few crazy comments here, I even remember someone trying to present the US torture camp in Guantanamo as an attractive resort in the Carribean that all the citizens of the Russian Federation were just happy to spent some time in. Who was this genious who published this insightful comment here?? Ah, yes, Ilya, the genious was you :-)).

by: ARash from: UK
August 12, 2012 22:54
The foremost expert in Iran itself has said that not a single person should have been killed by such a magnitude of an earthquake. The main reason each earthquake kills and wounds thousands in Iran is that the terrorist regime has plundered 100s of billions of dollars by pocketting the most, giving some to terroriste bought by or set up by the terrorist regime and wasting billions more on a mad programme to get the atomic bomb, rather than helping people with safe housing and neighbourhoods. The war-torn Khorramshahr and earthquake area Bam are still not reconstructed while the terrorist regime is builing houses for its terrorists Hezbollah and even in Venezuela.

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