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Islamist Morsi Wins Presidency, Vows To Work For 'All Egyptians'

Supporters of Muhammad Morsi celebrate his victory on Tahrir Square in Cairo.
Supporters of Muhammad Morsi celebrate his victory on Tahrir Square in Cairo.

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Egypt Crisis Deepens, Vote Results Delayed

Egypt's election commission has delayed declaring a winner in the country's presidential election amid rising tensions over who will succeed ousted President Hosni Mubarak.
Muhammad Morsi of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood has pledged to "be a president for all Egyptians" after that country's election commission declared him the winner of a presidential runoff.

The commission said on June 24 that Morsi won the presidential runoff with 51.7 percent of the vote against 48.3 percent for Ahmed Shafiq, the last prime minister under ousted leader Hosni Mubarak.

"I approach all of you on this day we are witnessing on which I have become, thanks to God and to your will, the president to all Egyptians," Morsi said. "And I will treat all Egyptians the same and respect them equally."

He also said that "the revolution continues, until all its demands are met," and he vowed that Egypt would honor all its existing international treaties.

"We will respect agreements and international law as well as Egyptian commitments and treaties with the rest of the world," Morsi said. "We will work to establish the principles of Egyptians and its civil identity as well as human values, especially freedom and the respect of human rights, the respect of women and family rights as well as children and to do away with any discrimination."

Divisive Battle

The June 16-17 vote -- Egypt's first free presidential election -- was seen to have sharply divided Egyptians, with some fearing a return to Mubarak-style military rule while others say the Muslim Brotherhood will bring an Islamist agenda to the presidency.

The election commission said turnout was 51.8 percent.

Morsi succeeds Mubarak, who was overthrown 16 months ago after a popular uprising.

There was no immediate reaction from Shafiq. He has said he would accept the commission's ruling.

A combo photo of Muhammad Morsi (left) and Ahmed ShafiqA combo photo of Muhammad Morsi (left) and Ahmed Shafiq
A combo photo of Muhammad Morsi (left) and Ahmed Shafiq
A combo photo of Muhammad Morsi (left) and Ahmed Shafiq
International reaction was swift.

Israel said it "appreciates the democratic process in Egypt and respects its outcome." Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office also said that "Israel expects continued cooperation with the Egyptian administration on the basis of the peace accord between the two countries."

British Foreign Secretary William Hague congratulated Morsi on his win, calling it "an historic moment for Egypt" and called on the president-elect to "build bridges across Egyptian society and to uphold human rights."

Iran's Foreign Ministry congratulated Egyptians for the victory of the Islamist candidate and said the country was in the final stages of an "Islamic awakening."

Inclusive Government

Morsi, a 60-year-old engineer, has pledged to form an inclusive government.

The election result had been due on June 21 but the commission delayed the announcement in order to look into complaints by both candidates.

Tens of thousands of Muslim Brotherhood supporters had kept a vigil in Tahrir Square for days waiting for the results to be announced.

There was jubilation on Tahrir Square -- the focal point of the protests that brought down Mubarak last year -- when the election result was announced, with Morsi supporters waving flags, setting off fireworks, and beating drums.

Many Egyptians had rallied behind Morsi as a chance to finally rid the country of the old Mubarak regime. But secularist and liberals who support Morsi say he must rise above being just the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate to do so.

"He must create the feeling that he is the president for all Egyptians and not the president for a particular party or a specific group," said Dr. Mohamed Hassan, head of the Department of Material Engineering at Zagazig University, where Morsi teaches part-time. "And he has to prove this through the decisions that he takes, whether it is in the formation of the cabinet or in the appointment of the leadership figures in the country, whether that is the governors or any other positions."
Thousands of Morsi supporters celebrate his victory in Tahrir Square.
Thousands of Morsi supporters celebrate his victory in Tahrir Square.
Others supported Shafiq as the best bet to counter Islamists and restore order after a year of protests, economic hardship, and fear about crime and continued instability.

There is little hope that the decision will lead to an end to 16 months of political turmoil, however.

A Morsi victory will likely see the new civilian government fight for its authority against a military that has ensured its powers persist past the transition.

The military has pledged to hand over power to civilian rule by July 1.

Egyptian state television said the head of the country's ruling military council, Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, had congratulated Morsi.

In a series of recent moves, the military council greatly increased its legislative and executive powers, curtailing the powers of the president. The crowds in Tahrir Square have been chanting slogans against the moves.

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip erupted in celebrations, firing automatic weapons in the air on news that Morsi had won.

The Gaza Strip is ruled by the Islamic group Hamas, a local offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

With reporting by AFP, Reuters, and AP
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
June 24, 2012 09:00
And here we go: the criminal US-financed Egyptian military junta is deperately trying to falsify the electoral results in order to get its candidate Schafik "elected" as president. Just the same way as another "civilian junta" in México did the same in the elections of 1988 and 2006, when these US lackeys stole the victory from the democratically elected left-wing candidates and gave it to the "cachorros del imperio" Carlos Salinas de Gortari and Felipe Calderón.
But none of this will help: the people will prevail and the US-financed military and civilians dictators will fall, the same way as Mubarak did. I wish the people of Egypt courage and strength in their struggle against the criminal and genocidal empire and its stooges who have been ruining Egypt for the last 30 years!

by: Jim Mueller from: No. Carolina
June 24, 2012 10:52
Hey Eugenio, whatever you're smoking I want some.
In Response

by: Global citizen from: NZ
June 25, 2012 06:16
Why is Eugenio "smoking" Jim?! He is telling you how 90% of people from the rest of the world view USA. And this hate and mistrust is not targeted at American people but very much at the American policy makers. Their crimes against the south American countries is beautifully documented and brought to light by Steven Kinzer's book "Overthrow". The overthrow of Mossadeg in Iran by CIA is well recognised, all because the Iranian had the "audacity" to ask for 50% return on their Oil revenue. US backed Shah of Iran and his brutal regimen literally crushed any political descent and tortured/imprisoned and beheaded people for over 30years. I concede that shah turned a feudal society into a modern country, however the moral of the story remians that if you keep overthrowing freely elected popular leaders and install your own psychopathic stooges, the people of those countries will never trust or accept the puppet goverment and will sooner or later over throw them. And unfortunately to do so, they will often turn to extremist methods and ideology. America has openly and knowingly backed Mubarak (brutal dictator who was the recepient of the second biggest American aid after Israel), Musharaf (another bloodthirsty psychopath bank rolled by USA), the ideologic patrons and financiers of Al Queda, House of Saud, and the list goes on.
Democarcy/liberty and justice is the end stage of all cultures, however its an evolutionary path and all nations need to get there at their own pace, it is not something that can be forced on people. Painting all muslims as "dangerous" is ignorant, arrogant and insulting. There are many progressive and intelectual individual in muslim brotherhood who just want a free and independent Egypt away from the agendas of global US hegermony, but just becs their name is "Muslim brotherhood" they are immediatley insulted and marginilized by the western elite.
Years of foreign interference and injustice by the western powers has pushed the people of that region into the arms of the extremists becs people there know that there is no reasoning with arrogant colonialist powers. For every action there is a reaction, and if there are extremists elements in ME goverments that people turn to its becs they know that in the past, time adn time again their attempts at rebuilding their nations have been derailed by foreign powers.
The election of Muslim brotherhood is slap in the face of arrogant US hegermony in the region. Hoepfully one of many to come.
In Response

by: William from: Aragon
June 26, 2012 00:00
I concur, my Kiwi friend. I am pleased that you have carefully underscored that the issue is with the US government administration and not with the US in general. Americans have to realise that the US government is NOT working in the interests of the American people and it has its own agenda to follow. Voting for the "Republicrat" duopoly at each election does not help - please stop doing it.
In Response

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
June 26, 2012 05:06
Very well said, Global Citizen: "The election of Muslim brotherhood is slap in the face of arrogant US hegermony in the region. Hoepfully one of many to come"!!!

by: Jack from: US
June 24, 2012 13:34
either way, like Lybia, Egypt will become another Somalia - failed state run by Wahhabi gangs installed by US government and its NATO minions. US is the major sponsor of terrorism
In Response

by: Mamuka
June 24, 2012 15:17
No Jack, you're wrong. Somalia disintegrated into a few rump states (a term you love) capable of little more than floating some pirates out to sea. Egypt is a nation of some 80 million capable of bringing chaos to the entire region.

Not sure about the Wahhabis, check with your pals in the FSB.

by: Sergey from: Suburban Chicago, USA
June 24, 2012 18:24
"The Gaza Strip is ruled by the Islamic group Hamas, a local offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood"

It tells you everything you need to know where the Egypt and the rest of the Islamic Middle East is heading--toward Islamic terror regimes. Very bad news for the Egypt's Christian Copt minority and non-Muslims in general. It's a very bad news for the West, especially for Israel that is in the middle of this unfolding nightmare. Right now the Egypt's military for all its corruption is looking like the only a reasonable counterweight to Muslim Brotherhood power, but who knows what's going on behind the scenes and whether Muslim Brotherhood and Military made some sort of a deal to introduce a creeping Islamization in a country. In a meantime, expect more refugees out of Egypt and escalating tensions between Israel and Egypt.
In Response

by: William from: Aragon
June 25, 2012 23:50
Hi Sergey, it is always best to check the sources, and the correspondent who wrote this article should have known better.

The source that Hamas is an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood comes from a book authored by Andrew Higgins titled "How Israel helped spawn Hamas". If you accept that Hamas is an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, then you must first accept that Israel helped to create it. I question both of these two propositions.
In Response

by: ahmed
June 26, 2012 09:33
No, this is nonsense. It is well-known that Hamas is an off-shoot of Muslim Brotherhood. No secret.
In Response

by: William from: Aragon
June 27, 2012 00:20
Hello Ahmed, if you check the citation from Wikipedia you will come back to the source being Higgins's book. The palestinechronicle is a better reference, but includes an unreferenced quote attributed by the correspondent to the Hamas leader but without any context. However, the Moslem Brotherhood claims that it has no links with Hamas - you will have to form your own opinion about who you believe:

by: Ahmad Fanani from: Indonesia
June 25, 2012 03:14
Congratulatian Mosri....
In Response

by: William from: Aragon
June 26, 2012 00:03
May he bring peace and stability to the nation, and an end to the un-elected military influence.

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
June 25, 2012 06:14
We can congratulate and wish the new president of Egypt's success in running the country and advise dо not take the path of an аbkhaz bandits-who live in another houses, eliminate private property, revived racism and apartheid,committed crimes against humanitу and continue under the cover of Putin to commit robbery and theft...

by: Jack from: US
June 25, 2012 12:49
the good side is, US and its NATO minions and Israel would get what they deserved. For decades US has been sponsoring Wahhabi Sunni terrorism. Now it comes back to haunt US and its proxies and minions. The whole north Africa is turning into giant Somalia. Soon the rockets will start flying not just into Israel, but across the pond into Europe. NATO deserves it.
In Response

by: Jim Mueller from: No. Carolina
June 25, 2012 19:20
Hey Eugenio. I see that you shared what you're smoking with Jack. It appears whatever it is even got stronger in transit. He's probably now calling us the "Great Satan". Interestingly he only calls himself Jack from:US while both Sergey and I list our states which is the norm here in the USA. Rant on Jack, but at least fly your true colors.

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