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EU Tells Moldova To Pass Bill Protecting Gays, Other Minorities

Dirk Schuebel, head of the EU delegation to MoldovaDirk Schuebel, head of the EU delegation to Moldova
Dirk Schuebel, head of the EU delegation to Moldova
Dirk Schuebel, head of the EU delegation to Moldova
CHISINAU -- An EU envoy has urged Moldova to pass an antidiscrimination bill that would protect homosexuals and other minorities if it wants progress on talks for visa-free travel to the EU, RFE/RL's Moldovan Service reports.

Dirk Schuebel, head of the EU delegation to Moldova, told RFE/RL in an interview that Brussels is aware of the opposition to such a bill from Moldova's Orthodox Christians, but said he nevertheless expects the parliament to pass it as an important part in realizing the country's EU aspirations.

Moldova's pro-EU government withdrew the antidiscrimination bill from parliament earlier this year after it became clear it would not get enough votes from deputies in the predominantly Christian, former Soviet country.

Adopting the bill was one of the commitments made by Moldova in a so-called "Action Plan" with the EU, which listed the legislative changes Chisinau should make before the 27-member bloc considers allowing Moldovans to travel within its borders without visas.

Moldova decriminalized homosexuality in the 1990s under pressure from the Council of Europe, but remains one of the few European countries where homosexuals are not protected under the law from discrimination.

The gay community in Moldova has been repeatedly denied permission to hold parades in the capital, Chisinau, and its members complain of discrimination and abuse -- both from other segments of society and law-enforcement agencies.
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by: jim smith from: somewhere in america
October 07, 2011 23:29
dear sir the only time thier is discrimanation is when you tell a gay group their behavior is unbiblical and they use the hate card to get thier way you dont see people against gays have parades or protesting in the streets only the militant gay groups do that then they push thier lifestyle down your throats and if you are in oppostion to thier point of view then you are viewed as homophobic nobody calls gays hetro phobics or when they march down 5th ave in new york city mocking the christian belief that thier lifestyle is unbiblical
who are the eu to force any country to accept laws or agendas they believe are nessary for that country to pass the eu sounds more like a nazi organization like the german guy with the funny haircut and moustache who wanted to rule the world back in the 1930's and 1940's
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by: Tom in Lazybrook from: USA - Worldwide
October 12, 2011 18:25

I didn't realize that, like in Moldova, fundamentalists in the United States are banned from speaking anywhere in public, on the media, and violence against them is ignored or endorsed by the police.

You are aware that Gay Moldovans have no freedom of speech, press, petition, association, expression, assembly, or religion (there are Gay affirming religions).

I'm so glad you live in the USA, where you can use the freedoms that you have in order to cheerlead the banning of any freedom for Gay people and ignore direct police repression. Scott Lively/Fred Phelps much?

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