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Photographing The First Chechen War

Fifteen years ago, photographer Aleksei Sazonov travelled to Chechnya to document the outbreak of war in the separatist republic.  Looking back at those turbulent days, Sazonov recalls braving sniper fire and making tough ethical decisions to capture the conflict on film.

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by: Ray from: Lawrence, KS
January 05, 2010 02:49
Great photos. Agree that war is absurd. Not sure that the Nevsky Express photos truly belong in this collection. Are you sure Chechens were involved? More and more, I'm thinking that there was either a more nefarious reason or this was an accident made to look like a terrorist act.

by: Rafael Azerbaijan from: Azerbaijan baku
January 05, 2010 11:24
Freedom to Chechnia!

by: RFE/RL Editors
January 13, 2010 14:03
Thanks for your comments, Ray. The photos from the Nevsky Express train bombing were included only because Sazonov comments on the incident from the perspective of a photojournalist. A North Caucasus militant group did <a href="">claim responsibility</a> for the bombing, but their claim has not been verified.