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Femen Takes Topless Act To The Vatican

A member of the Ukrainian women's rights group Femen was detained in the Vatican on November 6 after holding a topless protest against the Roman Catholic Church's "misogynist policies" under the balcony of Pope Benedict XVI.

Wearing tight black jeans and a see-through black top, Oleksandra Shevchenko managed to slip into St. Peter's Square in the heart of the Vatican.

She held up a placard demanding "Freedom For Women," struck provocative poses, chanted "Freedom! Freedom! We Are Free!" in Italian, and removed her shirt before being surrounded and detained by police.

Two other Femen members were detained before they could reach the square, Interfax reported.

Shevchenko's protest took place just moments after the pontiff had delivered his traditional Sunday blessing to pilgrims in the square.

WATCH: A protester from the Ukrainian women's rights group Femen is arrested in the Vatican following a provocative protest against "papal patriarchal propaganda."

A statement on the group's website said the stunt was a "protest against papal patriarchal propaganda," which "imposes medieval ideas about women on the world."

Femen has long scandalized Ukraine with its topless protests, most recently with a demonstration against the jailing of former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko.

Recently they have taken their show on the road, with a series of protests in Europe. In Paris, they protested in front of the home of former IMF Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn and in Rome they painted their topless bodies in the color of the Italian flag while calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

-- Brian Whitmore
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by: Flypaper from: NY
November 09, 2011 13:46
These people, if they are Catholic, have the right to denounce their believe and go prance and show themselves off at any strip joint they want. No one is forcing them to be Catholic and to follow the teachings of the Church, and for me the faster they leave the better.

Being Catholic is like being a member of any club, to be a good Catholic you follow the rules, if you dont like the rules you leave the club and find one that suits you, but dont expect the Club to change its rules because 'You' dont like them.

If they are NOT Catholic and are just in Rome to make fools of themselves and shock some people they should go back to the Ukaine and parade infront of the head of the Ortodox Church, and leave Roman Ctholics to follow their faith in peace.
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by: Good idea from: MI
November 09, 2011 17:12
Of course the catholic church is patriarchal, misogynistic, and sometimes appears to be an international child sex ring. But demonstrating topless will not change the catholic church.

by: kylo from: indianapolis
November 10, 2011 16:20
Catholic religion has been terrorizing people around the globe for hundreds(thousands maybe) of years, don't get all high n mighty cuz one woman showed you her the name of the catholic church, thousands of Indian children and babies have raped, beaten and murdered!!!

by: Frank Newcomb from: Canada
November 17, 2011 20:46
The Catholic church is the furthest thing from Christ there is ,here in Canada the kidnaped native children forced them to speak english beating them if they didnt , rape and molestation were rampant ,the same in Autralia where they took fair coloured children away form there families to educate them the same way, again rape and molestation. How many millions are they killing in Africa telling them its a mortal sin to wear comdoms to spread Aids .
All the money those Psyco,s hulled in and how many poor did they ever help ?
The criusades ,murder,rape ,molestation,domination,control,is what they are all about ,this women has more balls than any of the cross dresser,s preaching in the name of a homeless man.

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