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'Putin's Kiss' And One Teenager's Disillusionment With The Kremlin

Masha Drokova (right) meets her idol, Vladimir Putin.
Masha Drokova (right) meets her idol, Vladimir Putin.
By Courtney Brooks
NEW YORK -- Masha Drokova, a compelling and articulate teenager, becomes disillusioned with the Russian youth organization Nashi after rapidly rising through the ranks to become one of its leading spokespeople in the documentary "Putin's Kiss," which premiered in New York on February 17.

The film, which was directed by Denmark native Lise Birk Pedersen, premiered at Cinema Village in Manhattan. It begins in 2007, with Drokova speaking worshipfully of President Vladimir Putin -- even proclaiming that he was someone she would use as a model for a life partner.

Pedersen said that when she met Drokova -- who joined Nashi at 15 -- she didn't realize that she would be creating a film critical of Nashi or the Kremlin.

"Of course I knew that a lot of people -- you know, journalists -- were very critical toward Nashi, so I suspected that I could also end up being critical," Pedersen says, "but I didn't actually know this from the beginning."

But as the film progresses, teenage Drokova becomes friendly with a group of liberal journalists -- including Russian journalist Oleg Kashin, who features prominently in the film -- and eventually becomes disenchanted with Nashi and abandons the organization.

'Putin Was Sent By God'

The film's turning point occurs when Kashin is brutally beaten outside his home in November 2010. Protesters demonstrated outside the hospital for eight days, and on the third day Drokova appeared with a sign demanding that those who beat Kashin be prosecuted. She left Nashi soon afterward.

Oleg Kashin spent months recovering from the attack.Oleg Kashin spent months recovering from the attack.
Oleg Kashin spent months recovering from the attack.
Oleg Kashin spent months recovering from the attack.
Kashin's attackers were never found. The last scene of the film takes place in the summer of 2011, where it becomes obvious that despite Drokova's defection from Nashi, a part of her still remains loyal to the organization. Kashin and Drokova meet at a cafe, and Kashin asks her if she regrets having been part of the movement. She answers "no."

He then asks her if she would regret joining if it was ever proven that Drokova's former mentor, Russian politician Vasily Yakemenko, was involved in the attack -- something he claimed to be 50 percent sure of. Drokova looks uncomfortable, and then says she would be "really shocked" if it were true.

Drokova then quotes the Kremlin's former top political adviser, Vladislav Surkov: "Putin was sent to Russia by God."

Pedersen said the documentary will be shown in Russia shortly before this year's presidential election, scheduled for March 4. In the months leading up to the election, there have been large-scale protests drawing tens of thousands of Russians demanding democratic rights.

Pedersen said she had expressed her fear that Drokova, who is now working in public relations, could be targeted by authorities as a result of the film.

"Of course I also thought about how it could, of course, also affect her career, but could she be attacked, things like that," Pedersen said.

"And she all the time was telling me that she couldn't imagine at all that this would happen, she even got angry at me for asking about this."
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by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
February 19, 2012 00:47
"Poor girl"....interesting to hear her opinion about the alcoholic Yeltsin, his family members involved in corruption and other crimes and as Putin gave assurances not to touch the criminals who are relatives of the alcoholic Yeltsin.

"Putin was sent to Russia by God."-Vladislav Surkov.

It would be good to have to figure out the name of this God..
I am sure that Berezovsky knows..
It is clear that Putin has been put primarily to protect people who were in power, and about ...
well and someone had to take responsibility for military operations in the Caucasus..

Denmark native Lise Birk Pedersen- too cautious to reveal the truth about the alcoholic president of Russia and gangsters who ruled the ball and how Putin came to power.
She certainly did not want to be banned entry person and prefers to make movies about stupid girls
We need to introduce her to Mr.Whitmore- possibly together they make something useful...

Masha Drokova is ordinary Russian girl, who wants to settle down somewhere, to make a career and earn a living
All this political views are camouflage of primitive desires of layman -who wants to eat and be warm..

by: Jan from: Praha
February 20, 2012 07:24
With Putin sent to prison the world will be better and safer. Greetings from Prague.
In Response

by: Alex from: St.Petersburg
February 23, 2012 19:27
I agree. With a personal preference for Guantanamo, if still in service.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 24, 2012 03:22
In pre-language of Heaven "Nashi" is a hoar.
Russin game "nashi-vashi" (hail-hoar) is cover-up
For race-war of expanding Russian bitchy-zone's "wors"
And their American partners "Ours-theirs" plagiarist "lily-pop".

Such groups serve same purpose, from "Nashi" and nazis to
Hulligans and genocidal Spetcnaz, "oboroten's" and the GRU.
It go back to times when Stalin put under house arrest in 1947
And Russians started resurect race war - influx - locals driven.

1954-56 - pact of Russia's Prussians, Bechtel and the British.
Russian crowds on streets of most of republics are burish,
Demanding repopulate republics by ethnic Russia.
Putin brought to Leningrad school as Prussian,
Be brainwashed by Khrutchev, burning books,
And Russia is lead by imperial bestial crookes.

It simce that Putin, as transition period security
man, outran his purpose, turning a Zcar-Fuhrer
of new nazi Russia:

"We are a victorious nation,"
(We are barbarians, Hitler)
Putin said.
"It is in our genes, in our genetic code,
it passes from generation to generation.
(we were barbarinas, Hitler)
And we will be victorious now too."
(and it is good to be barbarians, Hitler)

Is Russia really wants to be another conquering,
but this time victorious, nazi Germany?
Agains those that created Superpower,
unarmed non-Russian nations, elderly,
women and children?

Should we send few Albert Einshteins and Alexander Kartvelis
to Free World, if there is still such thing, not yet corrupted
by Russia?

Or maybe it is time for Russians let out the labour and intelligencia, virtually silenced to oblivian by Putin's secret
armies to join with some other parties and movements
(no LDPR, LeaDerPe..Rast, please)
and rethink its future?
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 24, 2012 15:47

Ommit the last bracket - "(no... ...please)" - the rude remark is hypnosis in my apartment building, staffed by Russian and USA
agencies with their "Lemurs" and "NLW",
telepaths-mindreaders, plagfiarists and provocateurs...

By the way, it is quite common political and frame-up weapon
our days...

The "third force" did it to Eltcin - pushing him away from just
agreements with non-Russian nations and nationalities...

They might use it on Putin too, lately, thought it wouldn't
change much his position on wars against non-Russians.
Or is it just the Generals, Chauvinists and the "Third Force" doing it to him too?

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