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Fire Destroys Refugee Camp In Montenegro

Reports from Montenegro say more than 800 Roma from Kosovo have been left homeless after a fire burned down their refugee camp on the outskirts of the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica.

No one was reported hurt in the blaze early on July 25.

Officials said the cause of the fire was not immediately clear.

Montenegrin emergency official Radomir Scepanovic said high winds had helped spread the fire quickly through the camp.

There are some 12,000 Romany refugees living in Montenegro after they fled conflicts in the former Yugoslavia during the wars of the 1990s.

Based on reporting by AP and AFP
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by: Jack from: US
July 25, 2012 14:08
either NATO minions or peaceful Wahhabi activists. Or maybe even both.

by: Soldat Amir from: GB(England)
July 26, 2012 14:10
.... or maybe the Illuminati or even Staff workers for Radio Liberty did this.

Im an Afghan Convert to Orthodox Christianity and nothing hurts my heart so much when I hear serbs and Russians suffering.

Serbs and Russians are the Cradle of humanity.

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