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North Caucasus

Former Chechen Rebel Commander's Son Reported Killed In Syria

Reports say the late Chechen rebel field commander Ruslan Gelayev's son has been killed while fighting for the opposition in the Syrian conflict.

The Chechen Islamist website KavkazCenter said Rustam Gelayev, born in 1988, was killed sometime between August 11 and 13 in a battle against Syrian government forces.

Ruslan Gelayev was killed by Russian troops in Daghestan as he was attempting to cross the Russian-Georgian border in February 2004.

The Interfax news agency quoted a spokesman for the pro-Moscow Chechen government, Alvi Karimov, as saying that “there are no Chechens among the armed opposition in Syria.”

Based on reporting by AFP, Interfax, and
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by: Alex from: LA
August 22, 2012 19:17
Another mujahadeen terrorist called a man, and not his rightful name TERRORIST. RFE you seem to amaze people everyday. Imagine this terrorist in Israel, rewrite it from that point of view.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
August 22, 2012 20:31
I mean, Alex, what did you expect: the King of Saudi Arabia is paying these guys well for glorifying Saudi-financed and US-backed terrorists spoiling the life of the Syrian people.

by: Spec
August 22, 2012 22:49
Brave people.

by: Anonymous
August 22, 2012 23:01
Still Alvi Karimov is right there are no Chechens among the armed opposition in Syria. Rustam Gelaev is half Chechen and half Russian.

by: Jack from: US
August 22, 2012 23:11
that is a heart-breaking story for Hillary Clinton who loves Wahhabi Sunni Muslims. I can see Hillary from my hotel window crying her eyes out for the killed Muslim freedom fighters. Evil Syrian people and evil Russians killed thousands of US-sponsored freedom fighters like this brave Chechen
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by: Anonymous
August 24, 2012 00:42
Joke from Russia tell me why did you let Imam Shamil the wahabbi go and yet murdered Sufi Chechen Kishiev? Chechens remember that. Its not wahabbis you should be afraid of. Its Chechen Sufis who will destroy your country in matters of years.

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