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'Muslim Rage' Becomes 'Muslim Irony'

A young protester during the antigovernment demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square in February 2011: "Enough already, my arms hurt!"
A young protester during the antigovernment demonstrations in Cairo's Tahrir Square in February 2011: "Enough already, my arms hurt!"
After the U.S. magazine "Newsweek" issued a cover featuring the blaring banner "Muslim Rage" to headline an article by well-known anti-Islam activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, it asked readers to use the Twitter hashtag #MuslimRage to give their opinions.

#MuslimRage was soon inundated with responses by Muslims. But the hijacking was probably not exactly what the originators had in mind.

So far, the most popular retweet seems to be along the lines of: "Lost kid at the airport but can't call his name, Jihad." Or: "The waiter didn't tell me the meat I was eating was pork; I was so angry I dropped my glass of wine."

For its part, the tabloid website Gawker has lampooned the "Newsweek" story by presenting images of Muslim "rage" from across the Middle East.  

Indeed, as everyone knows, Muslims, and especially Arab Muslims, have no lives, feelings or thoughts external to constant, violent rage, directed at old white people living in the Midwest (due to their freedoms). Sure, only a few thousand people out of populations of millions turned out to protest this goofy anti-Muhammad movie from YouTube, and sure, there was loud outcry against the violence across the Muslim world. But have you seen this photo? Those guys are mad.

As the "Los Angeles Times" observes, the irony of the privately made U.S. film ridiculing the Prophet Muhammad has now come full circle:

Many Muslims in the Middle East were unaware that hardly any Americans had seen the video and that the U.S. government doesn’t preapprove movie releases. In the United States, few Americans know about the hard-line Islamic power players who, in an effort to whip up the base, helped stoke protests that were relatively small by Middle Eastern standards.
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by: Victor from: Victor
September 18, 2012 15:43
The real issue is the differing Muslim vs Western approach to freedom of speech and religion.

This can´t be brushed off with comical references to either Western or Muslim contradictions.

Western legal systems barely allow the mingling of state and religion any more, while many of the "democratizing" Muslim countries are moving in the opposite direction.

The fact that so many people don´t grasp how blasphemy laws are completely incompatible with true tolerance for religious diversity or actual freedom of speech is remarkable. This is not only about those protesting, but also about those who "condemn" violence, but support its purposes.

Once religion becomes the source of law, democracy is dead. You can either have clerics or deputies making laws.
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by: Anonymous
September 23, 2012 10:03
In response to: "Once religion becomes the source of law, democracy is dead."

The anti-democratic aspect is not Religion itself. These religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) are patterned after human monarchies. I don't recall any myth where angels and saints get together, and vote for a new God.

Religion doesn't need to be totalitarian. We need new, better religions that are meaningful to our lives in the modern world.

by: Muslim from: world
September 18, 2012 16:22
Great way to expose a sophisticated Islamophobic PR campaign by the Western media disguised as freedom of speech. Denying holocaust is not a freedom of speech, but insulting Islam is freedom of speech.

Stupid imperialists.
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by: HS from: Seattle, WA
September 18, 2012 20:40
You can deny the Holocaust all you want in the U.S. That is only illegal in Germany (and maybe one ior two other countries?)
So your example doesn't apply. Perhaps you need to educate yourself more on the extent of freedom of speech.
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by: Roberto from: USA
September 18, 2012 21:23
Denying the holocaust is part of freedom of speech in the US. So is insulting Islam, Baptists, Catholics, Mormons, White folks, Black folks, or Brown folks. It also means that I can insult you and you can insult me. Doesn't mean we should insult each other just because we can. You appear not to understand what Freedom of Speech really means. Have you ever read the First Amendment?
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by: Victor from: USA
September 18, 2012 21:38
The analogy between denying the holocaust and insulting Islam is overbroad. And in the US there is no crime of holocaust denial, yet still the protests are directed against America.

Western laws against holocaust denial or incitement to religious or ethnic hatred (in the countries they do exist) are tailored in a manner that is protective of free speech.

There is not a single majority Christian country that has criminal or civil blasphemy laws or the equivalent.

Your argument holds no logical or legal sway.
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by: Imperialist from: World
September 18, 2012 22:42
Muslim, you are so blinded with your faith it baths you in hatred. I can say that I am free, can speak my mind and write anything about Muhammad I want. So go get brain washed some more at your mosques by your clerics who do nothing but preach hatred. You are nothing more then a brainwashed shell of Islam. I feel sorry for you. Wake up and be free you fool.
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by: Stupid Imperialist from: Bradford
September 18, 2012 23:35
I don't think muslims are yet quite aware of what is around the corner:’-mohammed-rapist-killer-or-compassionate-activist

I expect both these films will be "fact-based"(i.e.Muhammad's life as revealed in the hadith). Will muslims then claim that these films are "insulting" when they are merely telling the truth according to their own beliefs? What we are witnessing is nothing less than the beginning of the end of the world's second-largest "religion".
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by: M0sl3m from: unfreeworld
September 20, 2012 14:53
Oh nooooooo! No more anti-islam movies pleeeeaaasseeee! AND it's "fact-based" as it's based on A hadith...We are screwed and indeed the end of our great religion snif snif. I cannot take it anymore....where the hell is my suicide-vest....damn it shrunk a bit in the washer but hope the explosives
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September 19, 2012 06:24
Islamophobic PR campaign by the Western media? It really happens out there. You can't hide the fact that it happens. We are tired of blaming the Jews something they didn't commit. Pictures, interviews and video footages does not lie. People like you deny it.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
September 19, 2012 08:17
Aha, so all of these events reflecting the hatered of the humankind towards the nation of Beavus and Butthead has been nothing but an expression of "Muslim irony". Ok, so I assume, burning the US ambassador to Lybia alive was also meant as a "US-friendly ironic message" :-))

by: world citizen from: Earth
September 19, 2012 13:43
Anywhere people cannot shout ‘fire’ in a crowded theater or in a shopping mall because that would lead to public disorder and chaos and yet when it comes to Islam and its revered personalities, unfortunately it appear to be a fair game and such activities and blasphemous acts are defended in the name of freedom of speech.

The Arab American scholar, D Jack Shaheen, studied more than 1,000 movies, from the oldest Hollywood productions to the greatest blockbuster productions up to 2001 before he wrote the book Real Bad Arabs, How Hollywood Vilifies a People.

Shaheen concluded that over 300 movies, more than 25% of all those he studied, vilified Arabs and Muslims in one way or the other, comparing it to World War II Nazi propaganda against the Jewish people.

So who is inflaming hatred here is clear if one gos beyond the mainstream propaganda. The US killed millions of Muslims not only directly, but also by backing despots like Mubarak, so it is natural to have this sort of anger.

I cannot agree more with the earlier post that it was a very creative way to neutralize this Islamophobic act by Newsweek.

by: Muslim from: World
September 20, 2012 15:13
On the day the French satirical weekly, Charlie Hebdo, published blasphemous cartoons of the noble Messenger (saws), French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said on September 19 that Muslims will not be allowed to hold a rally on Saturday September 22 to protest the blasphemous US-made movie that has caused so much anguish in much of the Muslim world. Ayrault told RTL radio station there is “no reason why we should let conflicts which do not concern France come to our country.”

Ayrault’s claim is absurd. The blasphemous movie affects all Muslims wherever they may be. True, it was not made in France but that is no reason why Muslims should be banned from holding a rally to express their abhorrence at such blasphemous filth.

French Muslims plan to hold protest rallies in several French cities on Saturday September 22.

Last Sunday (September 16), France’s Interior Minister Manuel Valls ordered a ban on any further demonstrations against the US-made anti-Islam film. “I have issued instructions so that this does not happen again. These protests are forbidden,” Valls said in an interview with France 2 television network.

The minister went on to say that the government would fight more anti-US protests with “the greatest firmness”. It had already done so on September 16 when French police arrested more than 100 protesters in Paris for rallying outside the US embassy and the French interior ministry.

So here we have French freedom of speech and expression in action. Imagine, if the Zionists were to plan a rally against an attack on the Zionist state. Would French officials use the same logic that this does not concern France and therefore, it would not be permitted on French soil?

Crescent International
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by: Ilya
September 21, 2012 07:37
That would depend on HOW the Zionists chose to demonstrate. If they did it by rioting and calling for people to be decapitated for insulting Zionism then they'd have been banned. If they did it by murdering foreign diplomats, they'd have definitely been banned.
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by: Mark from: Canada
September 21, 2012 14:10
ad an anti-Semitic movie been produced and aired, it is fair to assume that the same western politicians would be calling for the head of the producer. It is this hypocrisy that inflames Muslim passions.
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by: Ilya
September 22, 2012 04:50
Hi Mark,
You're wrong on several fronts:
1. Western politicians have been very critical of the film.
2. There's a difference between racism and criticising a religion in a secular society.
3. Judaism and Christianity are criticised in western societies.
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by: Ilya
September 22, 2012 05:33
4. Youtube's full of anti-Semitic propaganda. It's not in the news because Jews haven't reacted to it by rioting and murdering diplomats.
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by: Jack from: US
September 22, 2012 17:49
from Ilya: "Youtube's full of anti-Semitic propaganda"

you mean there are people who don't love Jews and Arabs? How could that be?
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by: Ilya
September 23, 2012 03:56
"you mean there are people who don't love Jews and Arabs? How could that be?"
I'm guessing mental illness.
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by: Jack from: US
September 23, 2012 13:52
From Ilya: "I'm guessing mental illness."

you mean: a genetic syndrome. That is because Jews and Arabs are Semite tribes, and they clearly do not like each other, it means the first and foremost anti-Semites are Jews and Arabs.
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by: Stupid Imperialist from: Bradford
September 21, 2012 17:10
And here we have Tunisian freedom of speech and expression in action.

I guess Tunisia must be full of "Islamophobes" and Zionists!

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by: Timothy Chase from: Seattle
September 22, 2012 14:23

Monty Python, very popular in Great Britain and the United States, did a movie that many would regard as poking fun at (or mocking) Christianity called "The Life of Brian" about a man mistaken for the Jewish messiah whose life largely parallels that of Jesus. They also did a movie called "The Meaning of Life" that ends with a scene in Heaven where its Christmas every day of the year -- and women dressed in Santa suits are missing a somewhat important item of clothing. My wife tells me that her sister saw the movie and enjoyed it very much until that scene where she promptly walked out of the theater and hated the movie ever since.

Religion gets mocked in Western Europe and the United States. People sometimes take offense -- but it is hard to imagine that ever leading to violence. Still, the director of this piece on Mohammed is a real piece of work.

by: Muslimeen from: earth
September 22, 2012 15:57
Muslims must not adopt the hedonistic concepts of the secularized societies. Just because teen pregnancy, fire arms murders, drug and alcohol abuse are norms in Western societies, it does not mean the entire world must make it a norm.

Just because other do not care about their sacred values, it does not mean Muslims must abandon their sacred values.

The protests have little to do with the movie itself, the movie is just a spark. Western atrocities against Muslims directly ( Iraq & Afghanistan) and indirectly by backing dictatorial regimes is the main cause of natural Muslim anger towards imperialist powers. Those who fail to see this are either sick with the whitemans burden or are extremely ignorant.
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by: Stupid Imperialist from: Bradford
September 23, 2012 07:33
Muslimeen doesn't want muslims to "adopt the hedonistic concepts of secularized societies". Unfortunately,huge numbers of muslims don't seem to share his views:

Why is it when muslims make claims about their religion/societies, the opposite turns out to be the truth....?


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by: John from: NY
September 23, 2012 14:07

and that's why Islamic political organizations are wining in all free and fair elections, that's bcs Muslims want to become Western right? Pathetic whiteman's burden disease.

Political Islam
Everywhere on the rise

Even the mainstream corporate media is forced to admit this reality. Good luck staying blind, listen more to Daniel Pipes and the ones like him and they will lead the Western world to political salvation :-)
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by: Ilya
September 23, 2012 09:36
Haha, nice one SI. I like how he slipped 'fire arms murders' in there, as if being murdered with a knife or something else is somehow less bad. The secular west has relatively low murder rates btw. It helps that we're so hedonistic that we don't honor-murder our sisters for dating guys we don't like.

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