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British Actor Fry Clashes With St. Petersburg ‘Gay Propaganda’ Lawmaker

Russian legislator Vitaly Milonov (left) with British actor and writer Stephen Fry at the Mayakovsky Library, St. Petersburg on March 14.
Russian legislator Vitaly Milonov (left) with British actor and writer Stephen Fry at the Mayakovsky Library, St. Petersburg on March 14.
Stalin once famously quipped, "How many divisions does the pope have?"

Maybe before agreeing to be interviewed by British writer, actor, and comedian Stephen Fry, St. Petersburg Legislative Assembly member Vitaly Milonov should have asked, “How many Twitter followers does he have?”

Fry, who is in St. Petersburg to shoot part of a documentary called “Out There” about local gay communities, told his 5.5 million followers that he and Milonov went at it “hammer and tongs” during their meeting on March 14.

Milonov is the author of the city’s infamous law banning “gay propaganda,” an initiative that has been imitated in other parts of Russia and in other former Soviet countries. In January, the Russian State Duma passed a national version of the bill in its first reading by a vote of 388-1.

After the contentious interview Fry, who is openly gay, tweeted that “Milonov doesn’t seem to believe there are teenagers bullied and tormented for being gay, he thinks they make it up & indoctrinate to minors.” He added that Milonov told him Britain had been “destroyed by liberalism.”

For good measure and seemingly apropos of nothing, Fry also used the occasion to inform his Twitter fans that Russian President Vladimir Putin bears a striking resemblance to Dobby the elf from the film “Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets.”

He then went one step further by wondering if the Dobby comment might lead to him being “poisoned by one of [Putin’s] agents,” apparently a reference to the 2006 poisoning in London of former Russian secret service officer Aleksandr Litvinenko.

For his part, Milonov told journalists he will pray for Fry and his family. That contrasts to his calls in August 2012 for singer Madonna to be prosecuted under the law he wrote for saying during a concert in the city that fans should show “love and appreciation for the gay community.”

Fry was scheduled to leave St. Petersburg later on March 14.

-- RFE/RL’s Central Newsroom
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by: Jack from: US
March 14, 2013 14:49
He is handsome gentleman.

by: Anonymous
March 14, 2013 17:05
Specialists predict the Muslim majority in Europe after 2050.Who will defend Stephen and other gays from the fierce Muslim homophobes? Today the LGBT supporters fight for the Muslim`s number growth in Britain.Is it so funny?

by: Phillip from: Kazakhstan
March 14, 2013 18:19
Fry is pushing his homosexual and liberal agenda on people, instead of fighting for universal human rights.
West lost its moral leadership to push for justice and democracy. In US and Europe state legislature of homosexual agenda is becoming synonym for democracy.
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by: Asehpe from: The Netherlands
March 15, 2013 06:56
Yes, except the Blacks and women did it first... and then it was called "civil rights for all".

Funny how guys like you keep coming back with the same old stuff. As if you could never learn anything from history.
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by: limpopo from: KZ
March 15, 2013 16:26
You can't compare sexual perversion to the issue of blacks and woman. Total social moral perversion destroys the foundations of a society but women and blacks do not. Universal rights are for justice and elementary dignity of human beings. If you want to legislate homosexuality and push others to do, then logically you are opening the floodgates for other deviations and perversions, such as bestiality, pedophilia and other perversions. Moral bankruptcy will cause the downfall of Europe in the near future.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 18, 2013 20:40
Yesterday I post on BBC forum a post that was busted
By editors for no good reason.
My explanation above wasn't published - technically kicked in a
Manner of British bureaucratic mean scoundrels, last attempt was;

"my post was on subject of Hawking, his health problems;
I gave sample of my family health problems;
I was motivated to save the Queen, because it was derogatory
said she had to die, in "Globe";
At least let the people that care for her health see my posts."

But even my copy file on explorer bar was destroyed by spying scoundrels.
Original post:

{Good wishes to anyone suffering - human life is precious.
They killed my mother 7/7/2012, instigated by Russia CIA,
To brake me and plagiarize, even more - for the atrocities,
Also pay back for critics against Russia expansionist ways,
And alerting McCain and UN stop them, during 2008 days.

Read names Popova and Glass made me uncomfortable.
I am not sure anymore of complete priority of S. Hawking.
Powers using unusual and mystifying are less believable.
He is a talented individual - let him get well and walking.
Where world is going to, devolved to inhumane gamble?

"Globe", from March 7, printed on the front-page words:
Queen Elizabeth THE END only months to live. It's end?
Sciatica, arthritis, failing heart, breath, digestion - is all
That people of her age usually got - lack of healthy diet,
In new age of healings, healthy people haven't die from.

Same goes for Mr. Hawking, but society playing games.
I healed my mother with new healings - they only killed.
If she got better, they used NLW and hypnotist - maim.
At age 85, they inflicted insult, "emergency" kidnapped,
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And were killing her in hospitals, instigator Russian CIA.
Queen looks as a quite healthy Lady, one family doctor?
How about modern healing and new health product way,
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And rest is result of same thing. She can get her strength
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Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ-10, K-K2, shaping and natokinase,
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Ethnic Russia had a great dream of global warming tropics,
Breed 50 Billions, steal miracles of science, from Barguzin,
Squeezing ideas from him, me, Caucasian noses and eyes,
Dying in pain amplifier - for breeding inhumanly Humanity.
The dream is coming, but can't Brits let their Mothers live?

I am sure don't interfere with British people will and forces
That shaping political outcome of the Britain's leaderships.
I have right, for sure, be concerned with world be coursed,
As KGB-nazi role destroying Princess Diana growing deep,
As Queen for a sake of inhumanity told to die without fight.

I am 70 - year ago they made me even worse - I was dying.
It took me half year - to lose some weight and get bit better.

In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 20, 2013 06:59

As for me, after they murdered my mother,
they still preventing me to file complain to
District Attorney Office and police by death threats,
immobilizing my health by NLW and Hypnotists,
trying to shrink my arteries (Russia did it since childhood),
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Today, at a supermarket, they said that they killed my mother
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Most of this guys are of Russian or Russian-speaking extraction,
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Sure CIA and other USA agencies love to murder people too,
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I will wait them whole day again.
Will they come?
Who knows...

by: Asehpe from: The Netherlands
March 15, 2013 07:03
Gospodin Milonov is not acting different from what Europeans and Americans used to -- some 50 years ago. And some people in Europe and America still do.

Basically, the idea is to think that some group that we don't like is actually engaging in some sort of destructive agenda. The Jews (the Elders of Zion!), the Blacks (Black Panthers!), the Roma (no documents, but still they're all thieves so what do you expect)...

With the gays it won't be different. Of course, Russia is a special case: there, people can go on forever believing whatever they want, because any argument to the opposite, besides being part of 'the gay agenda' (and somehow turning you gay), it's also an argument 'from the West'. And we know the West only wants the worst for Russia, right?

Gospodin Milonov's lack of memory about bullying is also very much to be expected. After all, he wasn't bullied for that, so we don't notice what doesn't hurt us... -- and besides, bullying is just fun 'n' games, like hazing in the military, isn't it? :-)...

by: Ben
March 15, 2013 11:50
Asehpe - typical leftist talker: everything about " some group we don`t like" but no word about the only group we are affraid of: contemporary Muslims. Majority of them are under the Islamists` influense.Asehpe, we don`t like sharia ,which you are trying to cover.

by: O Ralph Raymond from: Fort Lauderdale
March 15, 2013 16:55
The photo of Vitaly Milonov suggests a rather pudgy, homely unathletic person, i.e., the kind of person who very likely was bullied in his youth. Sometimes in pursuit of self-protection such victims try to join the victimizers by searching out some other kind of scapegoat, some kind they can at least plausibly deny themselves. Maybe Milonov is to be pitied.

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