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Fugitive Warlord Arrested On Return To Georgia

Why did Emzar Kvitsiani come back to Georgia?
Why did Emzar Kvitsiani come back to Georgia?
Emzar Kvitsiani, who in the early 2000s served as Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze's governor in the Kodori gorge, has returned to Tbilisi, almost eight years after the armed insurrection that culminated in his flight to Russia.

Kvitsiani, 52, was arrested on landing at Tbilisi airport on February 28. He has been remanded in pretrial detention despite the readiness of 30 generals, including former Defense Ministers Gia Qarqarashvili and Davit Tevzadze, to stand bail

The remote and inaccessible Kodori Gorge in western Georgia links Georgia proper with its breakaway region of Abkhazia. Its upper reaches were the only stretch of Abkhaz territory that remained under Tbilisi's jurisdiction following the 1992-93 war that ended with the loss of Georgian control over the breakaway region. In 1997, Shevardnadze tasked Kvitsiani and his Monadire (Hunter) militia with policing the gorge. Monadire, many of whose members, like Kvitsiani, belonged to Georgia's Svan ethnic sub-group, was nominally subordinated to the Georgian Defense Ministry a year later.

Kvitsiani pledged his support for Shevardnadze in the Rose Revolution of November 2003 that precipitated Shevardnadze's ouster. One year later, Shevardnadze's successor as president, Mikheil Saakashvili, dismissed Kvitsiani as Kodori governor. Georgian Defense Minister Irakli Okruashvili ordered the disbanding of Monadire in April 2005, but its members refused to surrender their arms.

Things came to a head in July 2006, when Kvitsiani protested the reappointment to the new cabinet of Okruashvili and Interior Minister Vano Merabishvili. Specifically, he warned that in light of the unresolved killings of several Svans, including banker Sandro Girgvliani, he would "start a civil war" if Merabishvili retained his post. Merabishvili's wife had been present during an altercation in a Tbilisi bar the evening before Girgvliani's death between the young Svan and four mid-level Interior Ministry staffers subsequently found guilty of his murder. 

Saakashvili sent Okruashvili and Merabishvili to quash the insurrection in an operation that U.S. military advisers to Georgia described as less than stellar, and which apparently succeeded primarily because Kvitsiani offered no resistance, and fled, either to Abkhazia or Russia. Several months later, Abkhaz television broadcast a statement by Kvitsiani in which he claimed responsibility for the artillery bombardment of Kodori on October 25 while Merabishvili was touring the region. Kvitsiani also sent a missive to the independent Georgian TV station Mze (Sun) branding the Saakashvili leadership "fascist" and vowing "revenge on the authorities for insulting the people of Georgia. But he failed to deliver on that threat.

Kvitsiani's sister Nora, however, was apprehended and went on trial in March 2007 on charges of illegal possession of arms, creation of an illegal armed group, and theft of humanitarian aid. She was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison. She was released in November 2012, shortly after the defeat of Saakashvili's United National Movement in the October parliamentary elections.

What impelled Kvitsiani to return to Georgia at this juncture after what he termed "eight years of hell" and face trial on charges of armed insurrection remains unclear. It is possible that given the bad blood between Kvitsiani and Merabishvili, the former intends to divulge damaging information about the latter.

Merabishvili was sentenced last month to 4 1/2 years in prison on charges of exceeding his authority in connection with orders he is believed to have given to police and security personnel during a standoff with opposition protesters in Tbilisi in May 2011. He faces further charges in connection with Girgvliani's murder.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 06, 2014 08:46
What this case has to do with events in Ukraine?
Eugenio-alike Russians and their 1954 pact
German partners block comments on Ukraine!
If I comment, they hold it back and use to make
propaganda to opposite - advance Russian expansion!
In the same time, they spread lies about Ukraine protests.
They pervert conversation between Estonian Leader and
Ashton (leakage - great success of Nazi Russia spies!).
They simply informed each other about speculations of
pro-Russians and doubts of Society party that it looked
like the same stile snipers were shouting at both side.
But of coarse!
Gorbachev-Cheushesku securitate;
Killing all over Russia and CIS of reporters
and undesirable by Russia;
Killings during Abkhazia invasion and in North Caucasus;
Killings by same stile masks assassins in Fergana;
Invasion of masks into Crimea;
Killing in other places Ukrainians –
only Russian "Third Force" doing it in such stile!
It is small possibility that some non-Russian individuals
might find in new post-USSR democracy few guns,
however, they are not so organized and so mean
as Russia, which acting with impunity, imagining itself
be Metropolis of Euro-Asia.
Is it a Helena German or Austrian?
Even one wouldn't dare to do that - Ukrainians would catch it,
also Helena and Russia working together divide East Europe,
not unlike Swarzeniger in movie about good Russian and bad
Georgian - Helena order, Russian KGB and GRU requested...

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 08, 2014 17:38
The Devil rule the World and never stop insinuating.
Russian lies, scratched out of their own noses take hold.
Proxies of Russia and their offer in 1954, imperial resurrecting,
Moved West and East, with help of British. Scores - lying-bold.
Is CIS, Georgia, Ukraine "strive to the West... EU integration"?

That language invented by imperial snakes, Russian "shtaby",
To repopulate Eastern and Central Europe, with Central Asia.
Avoid travesty, majority in Abkhazia elected Kantaria - "Uvy",
He razed flag on Reighstag. It didn't stop genocide by Russia.
After genocide-cleansing - help appeared for CIS and Georgia.

Holt the expansion by international community was sabotaged,
By Russia, specially Third World countries - be lied since 1947.
Stalin under house arrest - all good usurped by Russian brass.
Slowly EU, USA, "NATO for Peace" helped, Russia Aggressed.
At some point Russia, relentlessly lying, got a new terminology.

I wonder, why last surviving national leaders repeat it so often?
Why open a door to Russians, British, Germans and Austrians
And Imperial resurrection. "Strive to the West Against Russia?"
All nations want to be free and live in dignity and let others live.
Whose perverted idea was help breed Russians in their lands?

It will happen one day that Russia will be behind barbed wire,
As it will expand evil and corruption to be the "Pomesh'iks".
But why fuel Russia's and their proxy's evil propaganda
Helping Russians invade and repopulate Euro-Asia?
Is new nomenclature under Russia-garrote again?

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