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Georgian Forces Free Hostages Held By Militants

The Georgian Interior Ministry says three security officers have been killed and five wounded battling a group of militants who seized hostages in the Lopata Gorge area after entering Georgia from neighboring Russia.

The ministry said 11 militants were killed in the fighting.

The forces secured the release of all 10 Georgian citizens who had been taken hostage and held in three groups.

Officials said at least six militants continued their resistance to the Georgian security forces who had been fighting the militants since late on August 28.

The militants are thought to have entered Georgian from the neighboring restive Russian republic of Daghestan.

The motives of the hostage takers were not immediately clear.

Based on reporting by AFP and Interfax
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by: Jack from: US
August 29, 2012 17:08
a reliable reports by Russian news media indicates this whole story is a hoax. Congratulations to RFE/RL for delivering a steady stream of propaganda from US government and its minions
In Response

by: Andrew from: Auckland
August 29, 2012 18:42
Reliable and Russian news media are an oxymoron, and Jack is just a moron. Enough said.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 29, 2012 21:36
The reason must be the same that other border frictions
In all Caucasus, Russian army "Shtab" creating illusions
For invading another platcdarm for Russian "M........kas".
As comprised from Jack's own words he's homomaniac
That call himself homofobic - hiding under second mask.
In Response

by: holger from: germany
August 30, 2012 06:44
Russian media news is totally hoax.

by: rebecca smith from: sweden
August 30, 2012 12:31
and by 'militants' they mean MUSLIMS, right?
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 30, 2012 22:37
No Rebecca!
Not really Muslims!
CIS knows who they are!
Georgians also see Russia "ra"
As "oboroten's" of canniballistic "Ura",
But nowbody dare to critisize Russians!

I do - they kill me in US, they killed my mother,
7/7/2012 and Free Europe is staffed by Russian liers.
Eugenio and Jack were setting-up for last two-three month,
Kill us as "Anti-American" by CIA staffed by Russian mouth.

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