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Is Georgia's Outgoing Leadership Planning To Play Spoiler?

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said he considered Georgian Dream's program unacceptable and fundamentally wrong, and that he would fight to preserve what his party had achieved.
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili said he considered Georgian Dream's program unacceptable and fundamentally wrong, and that he would fight to preserve what his party had achieved.
Just 24 hours after Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili conceded the defeat of his United National Movement (ENM) in the October 1 parliamentary elections, it's already clear that the ideological and tactical battle between the ENM and Bidzina Ivanishvili's victorious Georgian Dream (KO) bloc is far from over. Statements by both Saakashvili and his closest entourage suggest that they will continue to snipe at and seek to undercut Georgian Dream at every possible opportunity.

The first salvo in the postelection struggle came from Saakashvili himself. In his televised address to the nation, he again stressed that he considered Georgian Dream's program unacceptable and fundamentally wrong. With a face like thunder, Saakashvili also implied that the new leadership would try to destroy everything positive the ENM had accomplished under his leadership over the past nine years. He vowed that the ENM will continue to fight to preserve those achievements for future generations.

Ivanishvili for his part compounded the humiliation of the ENM's defeat by suggesting that if Saakashvili truly had Georgia's best interests at heart, he should step down and schedule an early election, rather than wait until his term expires in January 2013. Saakashvili's voluntary resignation, Ivanishvili said, would help prevent the current situation of "dual power" evolving into a constitutional crisis.

Outgoing parliament speaker Davit Bakradze, who had been spoken of as a possible successor to Saakashvili as president, immediately ruled out an early presidential ballot. So too did National Security Council Secretary Giga Bokeria, who implied that Ivanishvili's proposal was unconstitutional. Bokeria warned Georgian Dream that "experiments [that] threaten the constitutional system [are] a very dangerous game."

Ivanishvili has since repeated that his proposal was not intended as a "political demand" or "an ultimatum." He stressed in a written statement that "I have said on numerous occasions that we are ready for constructive relations with the representatives of present authorities, including with the Georgian president." 

Whether the ENM and Saakashvili are ready to reciprocate is more than debatable, however. Deputy Prime Minister Giorgi Baramidze made clear that "there is and will be no talk of [the ENM] joining a coalition government." "We exclude that...not a single one of us intends to cooperate with him [i.e. Ivanishvili] at the ministerial level," Baramidze said. Why Baramidze made that statement is unclear, given that Ivanishvili had already said that not a single current minister could become a member of his team. 

Bakradze for his part said that in its capacity as parliamentary opposition, the ENM would monitor closely the extent to which Georgian Deal delivers on its election campaign promises. He said he is "very interested" to see how KO sets about fulfilling the "social commitments it made so prolifically" during the election campaign.

Meanwhile, Georgian Dream has signaled its intention of utilizing its victory to the full, by holding its defeated rival responsible for suspected electoral violations. Former human rights ombudsman and leading KO member Sozar Subari has said a commission will be formed to probe alleged violations in the course of the October 1 vote.

A second leading KO figure, former Georgian Ambassador to the UN Irakli Alasania, who ran as the bloc's candidate in the western town of Zugdidi, has called for the results of the vote there to be annulled and a repeat ballot scheduled. Alasania claims the outcome was rigged in favor of ENM candidate Roland Akhalaia, father of now-disgraced former Interior Minister Bacho Akhalaia, who resigned last month in the wake of the protests triggered by revelations of torture in Georgian prisons.

Ivanishvili has made clear that the new leadership will not proceed with one of Saakashvili's most cherished schemes, the construction of a huge new port, Lazika, on Georgia's Black Sea coast. Saakashvili had pledged at a campaign rally on September 23 that "I will not quit politics without turning Lazika into the most brilliant city on the Black Sea." 

The latest, still incomplete data released by the Central Election Commission suggest that Georgian Dream will have some 82 parliament mandates, compared with 68 for the ENM. That is enough for Georgian Dream to endorse its candidate for prime minister (almost certainly Ivanishvili himself), but fewer than the 100 needed to amend the constitution.

Georgian Dream is also likely to face problems at the level of local government. All provincial governors are ENM stalwarts appointed personally by Saakashvili, as are lower-level district heads. And unlike under former President Eduard Shevardnadze, the ENM in its capacity as (now former) ruling party currently has a virtual monopoly on membership of district councils.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
October 04, 2012 08:40
Rashkas not free "Free Europe" article starts with label,
As it usually does: "Spoiler" of "Ivanishvili, the victorious"?
"Not a single current minister", Ivanishvili, the secretoriour?
Than who, The Russian ocupiers of "Cheremushka" Babel?
Ibero-Caucasian freedom and revival must be mandatorious.
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by: Anonymous
October 08, 2012 15:01
Meanwhile in Syria
07 October 2012
North Caucasian expeditionary forces stormed the hill on the border between Syria and Turkey near Jisr al-Shughur, and killed over 40 Assad and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, including an army major.
The expeditionary forces also suffered casualties: 1 KIA and 6 wounded.
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by: Jack from: US
October 08, 2012 17:22
evil Russians killed 200,000+ US- and Saudi- sponsored Muslim Sunni freedom fighters during 1995-2001. Keep fingers crossed Syrian people will match that and exterminate even more US and Saudi-sponsored peaceful Sunni thugs
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by: Anonymous
October 09, 2012 01:13
Keep dreaming bud, you a$$ was handed to you in Chechen campaigns.
Over 60,000 dead Russki soldiers and over 100,000 dead Russki civilians who couldn't get out of Grozny.
"BIG VICTORY" Bwhahahaha.

by: Anonymous
October 04, 2012 09:14
Why is it ENM and KO? What does KO stand for?
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by: Mamuka
October 04, 2012 11:00
KO-Kartuli Otsnebi or Georgian Dream. ENM Ertiani Natsionuri Modzraoba. Just abbreviations of the Georgian names. But now we can joke that Bidzina has delivered KO (knockout) to Misha.
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by: Anonymous
October 04, 2012 16:33
ENM = Ertiani Nationaluri Modzraoba
KO = Kartuli Otsneba

United National Movement and Georgian Dream are the literal translations into English.

by: Eugenio from: Vienna
October 04, 2012 10:44
Aha, look, it did not take too long for Mischa to stop being a "beacon of democracy" in order to turn into a "spoiler" :-))). Just as I've being saying the whole time: anyone who thinks that being a friend of the US is going to do you any good - just look at the fate of such leaders as Mischa or Mubarak. As long as you are "performing", the US will pretend that they standing behind you, but at the very moment you start losing they will throw you out and pretend they never had anything to do with you. This is just an integral part of their national character.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
October 04, 2012 20:39
Divisive again, Eugenio?
You know wery well who run the show,
The 1954-56 secret pact of Russio-Prussio,
With benevolence by the British "How Do You Do",
Letting "Free Europe"-alike unleash the poison arrows.

I under-estimated foreign lobby in USA - it isn't just lobby,
It's take over once largest in the World pirat ship, the USA,
By German and Rusian influx, shape movie-show dopping,
Momentum, as Lerner, Cohen and "Normy" direct vawes,
Russia-brainwashed presidents and governors blipping.

Now they all are the national-wild "murder incorporated",
As Russians-Prussians, US agencies and government
Carry out Americans be-sick by "Non Lethal Weapons",
"Low level bacteriologic-chimical warfare", just atacks
And telepaths - immobilize, kill in hospitals and homes.

Trillions stolen by unnnatural age, sickening and killing.
They also run national-wild "Plagiarizm amalgamated"
In synchro with each other, and the foreign-born milling
Of plagiarizm and explotation is a priority - all enslaved.
Millions made on each parent sickened, aged and killed.

Who rule America, once large beach-head, from Alaska
Through Land of Fire, fighting on the beaches as pirats?
Foreign influx, accompanied by degenerates, like Levites
In Jerusalem in 30 AD. To US and to World He said right:
They kill their Profits and Saints for greedy idiots-leaders.

As for typical exrimintation about Georgia independence,
You trying depict as colony of Russia or USA - just lying.
USA business not to make "colonies" - not withstanding
American "Imperialist" greed, Russian do, always crying
It can't survive, while making non-Russians crying-dying.

Georgia is independent so-far, don't missinterpret hospitality.
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by: DRW from: US
October 04, 2012 21:26
Hmm. Stand by friendly governments until the people indicate they don't want them any more. Sounds like a "beacon of democracy" to me.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
October 05, 2012 15:58
To DRW and Annonymous - some of many faceless names
Of Russia and West agencies amalgamated mocking game:

Trust not in a friend that lead you as Rashka into quick sands,
But in the friend that is just and doesn't incourage you be bad.
Russia lead you into Cohen-Litvak-Shvartckof-Bush demands
Thin resources over Globe - Georgia-CIS helping US exit that.

Russia gave Hitler Messershmidt, Kartvely gave plane to USA.
Those that drag you into depression, incited you push Georgia
For trying to be, not unlike France - friend that don't play game
Of inciting your evil or betraying your good, not to play Borgios.

Georgians are not anybodies "beacon", Rashka, they go strait,
Not withstanding Russia created 20% refugees and blocades.
People decided they restored statehood, with enemy at gates,
It is time to involve broader base, while try a negotiation mode.

Sure, Russia is canning, Ivanishvili must have only part of
future, in cooperation with Saakashvili and other parties,...
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by: DRW from: US
October 05, 2012 19:00
I was serious, Konstantin. A nation that takes democracy seriously shouldn't keep supporting its friends after their people vote (or, as in Egypt, throw) them out, should it?
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
October 06, 2012 04:22
Aha, DRW, such was the case of the govt of Augusto Pinochet in Chile for example: a US-friendly fascist govt that came to power after a CIA-orchestrated military coup d'état, having implemented bankrupt capitalist policies for a period 17 years - ocherstrated by a group of the so-called Chicago Boys. And this guy never stopped being a "beacon of democracy" for you, Beavuses and Buttheads.
More contemporary cases are those of Mubarak or the King of Saudi Arabia: they have been torturing and killing their people for decades without stopping to be best friends of the US, receiving (in the case of Mubarak) billions of dollars in financial assistance from the US. Really, one could go on and on listing those "beacons of democracy": the fascist general Fransisco Franco in Spain, the military junta in Argentina in the 1970s and 80s, the Emir of Bahrein who shoots at the people he "governs" while hosting an important US military base. All of those are "beacons of democracy" - the USstyle.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
October 09, 2012 03:25
There is no free elections, they are at least manipulated.
Small country being genocide victim of Varanga treason
At least since 12-13 Centuries A.D. by 2 Million Mongols
And periodicly destroyed - sometime compromise goals.
Not only one or another - multi-party praticipating reason,
Involve all Citizens rebuild "shrinked Georgia", renovated.

Your Russia agents of hate, "Black Hundreds" on "RFE",
And Russia-Brits-Germany-Austria "54 pact" to a degree
Involving even Lobbisized USA cousins to betray Georgia
By pretending Ivanishvili supported by Georgian magority,
Using Russian spies in Georgia and Eugenio lying spree.

Parliamentary system is checks and ballances, Eugenio.
Just like in your outrageous examples of Tirannies "lineo"
Your evil Russia apply to Georgia success of "54 pactio",
Making NATO lie and forge "revolutions", deviding World.
USA will be colony again, if it is so mean - as its reward.
In Response

by: Anonymous
October 04, 2012 23:36
Nah! we'd rather look at Makhno, Dudaev, and Kadyrov Sr.

by: Anonymous
October 05, 2012 07:35
Look that Kartoshka pic ! he will smash an onion with his powerful punch :)))) Why Saakashvili ? Why not Saakashvili ? Georgians have no replies for this.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
October 09, 2012 04:00
It is Georgian respond - but not what you fence.
Georgia rebuilt its statehood and foreign affairs
As Gamsahurdia and Shevardnadze defended
Georgia from usurp soviet army Russia "zver'".

Saakashvili develop democracy, being attacked
And blocaded by evil Russia, as it was stopped
From taking all country and Azerbaijan, in 2008,
By small peacekeeper's force with the UN help,
Long time one dared not fight them or use word.

Russia infurriated, wanted be conqueror of Earth,
Heaven and desecrators of Universe, using force.
All almost ready to invade all Caucasus, even US
Subverted by 1954 packters. Alasania got a post
Freeze Georgian army - as he did in 2008. Gross.

Georgians do not want it, if not tricks of Ivanishvili
And bloody Russia, Georgians gave to opposition
Less than 50%, to involve all Georgia in rebuilding.
They for Parliamentary compromise, not invasion.
Do not push it, as you did US into Suni expanding.
In Response

by: Nuclear Arab from: Nuclearabistan
October 10, 2012 08:30
You son of fascist Gamsahurdia, clean your dirty mouth before speaking about Caucasus. Who are Georgians ? Kartveli potato sellers :) sell your potato to America and shut up, who cares Saakashvili the shepherd, or İvanishvili the shepherd elected ? if you will have a hard position with Caucasians, you will surely turn your orthodox faces to patirarc of Russians. "save me holy father russia !!!" its your ancient slogan.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
October 11, 2012 05:10
I will not step to level of the dirty Russian spy from GRU,
A department of nazi Russia's "Union of Russian people",
He's dreaming go "Nuklear" on non-Russian nations "peu"
With call-name "Arab from Nuklearabistan", with squabble
Of child of rape by Russia, or Chaldean dervishes crew.

Of coarse they have A-bomb, that treasonous swines,
Prussians of Russia, that got it from "Bechtel" in 1954
With blessing of the Brits - to resurrect empire of boars
And Feudal slavery, using Gada-Pechenega for a dime,
And with other pseudo-Muslims, like this one, as spies,
Pseudo-Arabs, kill defenseless people in betray-trance.

This lying nazi better learn history - Georgia was twice
Attacked by Million armies of Mongols - first destroyed,
But second came like Russian cowards, with CO gas.
Both time lied by Russian Czars. First lying Czar died,
Executed in Tbilisi, others went to Mongolia again to lie.

Unfortunately, Georgia, creator of the Human Civilization,
Look at the picture: "",
That also created Arabs 8 Millenniums ago, gave Peter's
And Stalin's industrialization to Russia, betrayed by wolf,
Again, Varaga-Prusaka-Semena-Gada-Pechenega liars.

I have no nation, none dare to defend my rights in World
Run by plagiaristic races of part-Neanderthals - I am old.
Even the best, like Georgia, dare not - I am a lonely sword.
But Freedom as Georgia for 12,000 attacked by evil horde.
Any honest man with access to media must say a word.

It isn't cheap, 7/7/2012 they threatened and killed my mother,
Lying on internet that I wrote some anti-American messages
under name "Eugenio" and asking CIA and USA government
to murder my mother - part of blackmail - to make me create
science and inventions for them to plagiarize - the greedy
Americans always "buying it" from hideous Russians.
Since 1947 Russians and USA plagiarists-spies
danceling on Bundershaft, trying suck by mind.

by: Josh from: USA
October 16, 2012 07:06
world is not perfect,bu we can have a inner peace.
"Joshnjessi" Perfect place for bigger women and men,free to join find love and peace today.

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