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Georgian Opposition Tycoon Pledges To Sell Russian Holdings

Bidzina Ivanishvili speaks to the media in Tbilisi last month.Bidzina Ivanishvili speaks to the media in Tbilisi last month.
Bidzina Ivanishvili speaks to the media in Tbilisi last month.
Bidzina Ivanishvili speaks to the media in Tbilisi last month.
Georgian businessman and opposition political leader Bidzina Ivanishvili has pledged to sell all his businesses and properties in Russia by the end of May, in a bid to clear himself of accusations that he is more loyal to Russia than to Georgia.

Russia and Georgia fought a brief war in 2008.

Ivanishvili's May 11 announcement comes with the tycoon seeking to push forward with plans to form an opposition party to challenge President Mikheil Saakashvili's allies in this year's scheduled Georgian parliamentary elections.

After announcing those plans in October 2011, Ivanishvili's Georgian citizenship was revoked on grounds that he had French citizenship.

Ivanishvili said the decision was made to block him from political activities in Georgia.

In April, Ivanishvili’s request to have his Georgian citizenship reinstated through naturalization was rejected.

Based on reporting by Interfax and RFE/RL's Georgian Service
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 11, 2012 16:36
It might be so, but I would also judge Ivanishvili party
By people like Alasania, which like Russian orientation.
If I wouldn't interfere in 2008 - Alasania would do nothing.
Russia would occupy and cleanse whole Georgian nation.

Such people echoing Russian propaganda: "threat of NATO",
Like Russians didn't get twice by Million Mongols, kill Georgia,
Killing most population, continuing through Griboedov's modo.
Like they didn't annex-repopulate, with most of population lost
In 20-th Century and like they didn't planed it since 1954 pacto.

Russians in Kishinev and all over USSR were than demanding
All republics annexed and repoipulated, specially Georgian land
And housing, breed Russians - as they did in Abkhazia invasion
As they promissed and planed - with genocide and desecration.

Georgia never dreemed to go to NATO, or even complain to UN.
Russia might use replicating Lenin's raid of 58 army, not in vain,
But it isn't plan to replace Georgia government by pro-Russians,
It is a race war of Varangas-Prussians. If they wanted be friends
They wouldn't invade in a first place and return it all, even Sochi!

In Response

by: David from: Los Angeles
May 15, 2012 21:08
You are obviously a product of the neo-nationalist Georgian educational system! Your entire history is based on the theft of other's histories!
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
May 17, 2012 08:04
The history I knew was known for milleniums.
Since 1940-th I studied it in medium-high schools.
Your mother and father studied it too, before collegium
Forced them into a marriage - breed the Russian mulls
And brainwash you for Russia "shtab's Gaulyaterum".

Since Khrutchev and Quin burned the history books,
Since many children, not unlike you - lied by crooks,
And ideological pervert, like your "Amir", the "Luhes",
Even Georgia remember not their own history ways.
I recall my old knoledge and World libraries, just look.

"www.WorldFreedomAndTruth.info" will wake you up,
Unless you are already gone into Varaga-Prasha dop,
Squashed by 150 millions radish-greish Russian pop.
Sure I understand your problem, your pride if falsly hit
By lying and instigating Russia into Dzagoevite's trick.

I don't live in Georgia, I haven't nation and I am too old
For a "neo". In 1947 I was already sentenced to death,
For "Contract with people", as helping suffering World.
Theft is all by your masters - Russian lying spying net.
I refer you to original sources - do not provoke "cadet",
Before I liberated World and payed for publishing that.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los angeles
May 18, 2012 03:13
I heared some of stories forged by Russian "shtaby"
of expansion and their punks on street, before I left USSR,
since 1954 thorugh 1970-th.
Just to mention a few:

- "Georgia was strong when they had united kingdom,
including Northern Osetia and allies like Chechnia.
We will not allow them be friends again!"

- "Northern Caucasian nationalities are too educated now,
they know they all relatives and their roots came once from
pre-Georgia. We'll beat them to the pop, till they will hate
each-other like enemy races!"

- "Georgians and Jews most intelligent in USSR, we must
turn them against each-other! We Russians must be race
of Masters!"
(Jew-Doctors case.)

- "Russia must expand and repopulate province after province
in each generation. Georgia didn't lost more provinces to us
for the last three decades, because of Stalin. This time we'll
take all, as Nicolos once promissed to do to Jews -
a third be killed, a third be dying in Siberian death camps,
the last third will be plagiarized and used by us in secret

- "Great idea - we'll stink at the last third with nerve gas less
than lethal doses, to destroy their nervous system and genes for generations - they will croll on their knees before us, Russian and German Masters, with horror and admiration and entusiasticly create for us!"

- "Let force some Caucasians into our armies of death - the
children of WW2 war criminals, threatening to murder their fathers!"
(About 2,000 Chechens and about 2,000 other Caucasians,
still used by Russian "shtaby" to bleed and enslave Ibero-Caucasian race.)

- "Let say to Osetins they were once Great Alania, from Sea of Asov through Tchinvali and blaim for lost of it Georgia!"
(Alans were geneticly pre-Georgians from Northern Caucasus
mixed with old relatives and allies of pre-Georgians - South-Ukrainian Skiffs, Medians-Hanians Guns and tribe of mostly descandent of South-Georgian Iber, Dan, Tchinvali was always Georgia.
Tribe of Gad mixed with Afro-Pechenegies unleashed genocide and killed most of Alania and parts of Georgia - Sochi region
and Northern Abkhazia.
One of the reason of weakening Georgia-Alania allience was
Visantian provocateurs, not unlike Russia they instigated Alans
in the North burn churches and turn against Georgia-Alania Common Wealth.
Murder of children in Beslan and annexation of both Osetias by Russia is result of lying Russian promises.)

_ "Let use bad tribes of Israel, like Chaldean Gad mixed with
Pechenegies, to invade in their name, mostly populated by Georgians since begining of times, Abkhazia. Let call them
incapups of Caucasian Civilization from Circasia and use russified Cherkess-Bureaucrats, like Gorbachev and his "securitate" to prepare the invasion and cleansing!"
(They digged few graves with brass and golden jewlery,
left by relocated Gad in area of "Mine Kampf - Mykop"
and some pre-Georgian-Skifian graves, dated about 2-3
milleniums later than Georgian sites."

- "Let create race theories of origins of Civilization, using
Chaldean Urartu mixed with Chaldean Ruben, as incapups
of South Caucasus and breed them along with Russians
in Southern parts of Georgia!"
(Erevanian Armenians, South Iberians, squeezed out.
Azerbaijan stambled, Common Wealth of Ibero-Caucasian
World is subotaged.)

And so on...

I understand your soul searching, David, but be carefull,
the truth and justice will emerge one day, don't jump into
Russian race war propaganda so fast...

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