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Saakashvili Rejects Russian Diplomatic Offer, Cites Sovereignty Issue

Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili made an initial overture to Russians during a speech in the parliament on February 28, offering visa-free travel to Georgia.
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili made an initial overture to Russians during a speech in the parliament on February 28, offering visa-free travel to Georgia.
Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili has rejected the terms of a Russian offer for the two sides to restore diplomatic relations for the first time since their 2008 war over a breakaway Georgian republic.

Saakashvili told reporters in Tbilisi that Moscow must first recognize that two breakaway territories whose sovereignty Russia has already endorsed -- Abkhazia and South Ossetia -- are part of Georgia.

Moscow previously vowed to have no relations with Tbilisi until Saakashvili, whose presidential term is scheduled to end in 2013, is out of power.

But the Russian proposal came after Saakashvili's offer in a speech to parliament on February 28 of visa-free travel for Russians.

The Georgian president called it a unilateral initiative intended to "give peace an even greater chance."

But it was also regarded as an attempt to boost Georgia's economic fortunes by drawing Russians to the former Soviet republic.

Moscow has pledged to reciprocate by removing the visa requirement for Georgians if Tbilisi can ensure "the safety of Russians visiting Georgia."

A Russian Foreign Ministry March 2 statement says Russia is interested in "strengthening ties between the peoples of Russia and Georgia" and is prepared to introduce a reciprocal visa-free regime for Georgians.

Russia and Georgia ended years of wrangling and struck a deal in December that opened the door for Moscow to join the World Trade Organization (WTO).

The agreement stipulated that an independent company would be allowed to audit trade in the two disputed regions, a model that some observers thought might serve as a future template.

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by: M from: Ingushetia
March 03, 2012 14:31
"Saakashvili told reporters in Tbilisi that Moscow must first recognize that two breakaway territories whose sovereignty Russia has already endorsed -- Abkhazia and South Ossetia -- are part of Georgia."
You know they never will. What is the point? Create a buffer state in between you and Russia the problem will solve by itself.

by: J from: US
March 03, 2012 17:02
Visa free is enough at this stage. Why is he wasting everyone's time.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 04, 2012 02:39
What one would receive from Russia if not threats,
Perpetual breeding of Russians in non-Russian lands,
Betraying its benefactors again, with the victorious stinks,
Proverbial cat that listen blaim for stolen sossage, but eats
The fooled Worlds? Preparing invade for more - as steals?

They turned again the non-Russian gentlmen propositions
To end Cold War, receive help, Western markets position,
Repay debth and get rich into rearm and arrogantly invade,
Gloriously dancing, breeding Russians victorious parades?

Is it why they sold corps of Peter the I (Bagrationi) to Fritz?
To dirty "Petrovians", replacing it by "Ekaterinians" squize?
Is it why they sold corps of Joseph (Dzhugashvili) to West?
To dirty it with Cousins Emperors, wile plagiarize the best?
Danceling in with lied-brainwashed West on "Bundershaft",
While sharpening knifes and vaselining aggressive shaft?

Confusing Her Magesty with movies by Lenin's grandson,
Part German part Chuvash face of a "race-brother" pon?

by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
March 04, 2012 03:24
What could be the relationship between Georgia and Putin (Russia) if Putin has created a racist gangster enclave in Abkhazia?
Racism, apartheid and the absence of a law on private property is the basis for the existence of an Abkhaz bandits supported by Putin
Poor Mandela...for what he fought?...and even the Ku Klux Klan is the boys in short pants compared to the Abkhaz monsters.
Therefore, all the honest people on the planet Earth should advocate a boycott of the Olympic Games in Sochi which is located next to the Abkhaz bandits living in the homes of others аnd against the World Cup, which is organized by Putin, who supported the racism.
We expect that Mr.Whitmore will begin campaign against racism on the occupied Georgian territory, and against racist Putin...
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
March 04, 2012 13:17
So, Vakhtang, what do you propose? What kind of relations should there exist between two neighrouring states?
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by: Mike from: US
March 04, 2012 17:40
If I may Vakhtang , I'll answer this:

The kind of relations where Georgia is armed to the teeth(they are getting there + now they are already making their own weapons), trained like NATO soldiers (which by now they already are, thanks to US training & war in middle east where Georgian troops take part), forming a strong air force, strong navy, and becoming like Israel or Singapore pretty much. So strong and powerful that everyone will think twice before attacking.
What the world is not aware of is the fact that Georgian troops wre kicking Russain ass in S. Ossetia. Of course Russi hid this at any means possible to save face; after all how can it admit that little, poor Georgia can go on the offensive against big almighty Russia; but it did. Just like back in the day, Turks, Persians mongols and etc could not believe that little Georgia was making such trouble for them. Temurlane had to invade Georgia EIGHT times to gain some sort of control in the region, and even after that he could not do anything, LOL.
War is in Georgian blood. Georgians have been fighting since their civilization started (simply because of their geographical location), and if there ever was an empire they have known them, odd are even fought with them, and prevailed to this day, despite the fact that they are small, outnumbered, and isolated.

Russia knows this and that why it is so scared. LOL. It knows that it has to keep Georgia down, or otherwise it will lose norther Caucasus as well, along withoil from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and etc...
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 05, 2012 00:41
To Mike:

Your answer simce complete - but it is too bombastic.
Trying make Georgia, victim of aggression, lord of war?
Pre-Georgia had first weels, bull tracks, cooked iron ore
And made weapons, since 10 milleniums B.C. and on,
But not to kill people - for defence, while being altruistic.

Endless wars in Georgia were brought from outside
By human greed and envy - even little guarden site
Would become "I want it!" - and they would come:
- Every 2 years a battle - every 20 years was war.

Georgia, Ibero-Caucasian race and other tribes,
Allied - Hetia and Lidia CIS, Media UN and CIS,
The rest of estafet - through Guns and Skiffs
Were defending Caucasian World, at-large,
And Human Civilization from evil Empires.

You make sound small Georgia as threat
To Russia, usurping CIS property at best
Along with superpower arms - it isn't true!
Georgians created "Russia's artillery" too.

As During Peter - as during USSR times,
Or in USA, the Alexandr Kartveli's planes
Were built with participation of Georgians
For Just war, they built minimal defences.

Georgian made planes and the Katusha,
Nearly enough tolerate few days "ushka"
From be invading again Russian's army.
Don't threat us Mike again like dammies.

Georgia destroyed just enough in 2008
Allert UN and Civilized World, no more.
Sure they could destroy all that invade.
You ignoring Russia's ultimatum date
Use A-H-bombs if loosing at the gate,
Claim that if Russia-Superpower will
Lose to Georgia, all country be killed
And Georgia didn't like kill Russians.

By the way as in 1936 - by Georgia
And by World, nazis were stopped,
Russia to be stopped also, Borgio,
If it will not repare - all that it broke.

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by: Vakhtang from: Moscow
March 05, 2012 04:06
That's right, Eugenio...relations between the two neighboring countries--Russia and Georgia...

Even Prokhorov appointed as clown (billionaire clown by Putin for a show called the election said, there should be serious talks on Abkhazia and South Ossetia between Georgia and Russia...but it's not that drive people from their homeland, than to occupy it and defend the Abkhaz criminals...
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 04, 2012 23:23
You are right!
No olimpic games in Sochi!
Even Hitler dare not make Olimpics in invaded Prage,
He made it in Munich!
Were the bloody World is going?
Russians bribed with imperial resurecting the Quin,
since 1954, and the World is silent!
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by: Abriskil from: Abkhazia
March 10, 2012 17:46
Racism in Caucasus only belongs to Kartvelian culture, Abkhaz gladly welcomed Africans, Turks, Armenians, Greeks and many others into their society for millenia, while Georgians only genocided us and stolen our lands.
Save your lies for someone else, Muslim Christian Jew Pagan everybody is living happy in Abkhazia for 19 years. Even Georgian terrorists.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 12, 2012 02:41
You again, GRU "shtab" of Russian imperial invaders?
A-brisk-il that in brisky sick manner lying for millenia?
Look at "" site maps,
For the known 12 millenia all Caucasus lans
Where Iberia-Colhis-Albania-Caucasus,
All started from heart of it (later Kartly).

Abkhazia was part of Colhis, or Lasica,
North Abkhazia as Sinigia and Apsilsia,
Started Caucasians by Iberian villages,
Marrying the local Cro-Magnon families.

Since 7 millenia B.C. part Caucasians,
As Babilon, or bewitched by them Egipt,
Attacked Caucasus, that forced to unite
Hetian-Lidian CIS, Median UN and CIS,
And finally - estaphet lead to Sakartvelo.

Sakartvelo, World's most international,
As previous parts of estaphet, as Iveria,
Wasn't given for nothing Jerusalem flag
And the real Cross by Saladin for peace
Made between Muslims and Crusaders.

"Genocided... ...stolen our lands" - Yes!
It was done, to Georgia by the invaders,
Include Lasicans, Svans, Absils, Sinigs,
Allans (Skiffs mixed with pre-Georgians
In 5 Century B.C. from Asov to Osetia)!

It was done by tribe of Gad, now Adyga,
And, brought by Arabs, Afro-Pechenega
That externinated Allan, many Sinigians
And Apsilians, 8 Century A.D. genocide.
Liberated by David in 120 years, briska!

After second Mongol attack catastrophy,
Muslim Empires had North-West bases,
Absorbing Afro-Pechenega and Adygas,
Both betrayed, plundered - the butchery.
Russia abused locals. Georgia objected.

Gada-Pechenega, the murderous tribes,
Had so called "Mudgehedin" mob hypes,
A pair of all speciments, black and white,
The more men the marrier kick and byte.

The same is Russia and its evil "shtaby".
The Georgia - last Civilization's estaphet,
Represent Ibero-Caucasio-Albano-Colhis
Race of people, Russia is to exterminate!

Give Russia a pair of all speciments to kill
And repopulate all Caucasian World at will.
Why not a Cossack, or an Adyga, dressed
As a banana in Turban and bottle of wodka.
Later, as contractor's pay, a hole in a head!

by: Anonymous
March 04, 2012 14:41
but some of you
knows how many Georgians living
or are Involved in crime syndicates
in russia?

Are georgians that need russia
not the contrary

So .... this
Visa Overture To Russians
is just an expedient for hope
in a mutual Overture for Georgians in Russia.

As always and as usual for Georgians merchants
they are trying to get the bigger advantage
with the minimal cost

But on this poker table
the Russians, as any other good player
have raised the stakes
with a game that catch unprepared Saakashvili
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 05, 2012 11:49
Russia is not a game, but treachery of subhuman breed.
Georgians created and rebuilt Russia in most difficult times,
Spreading thin where brains and noble character were needed:
As at Peter's time, nephew of Georgian King, or Stalin's time -
Russia would betray - breed in homes of Georgians they'd kill.
In Response

by: Abriskil from: Abkhazia
March 10, 2012 17:51
And we call mainstream Georgians are racist. Thanks Konstantin, keep up the good work.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 11, 2012 18:31
Abriskii, From Abkhazia? How dare you!
About 25 relatives of mine were murdered there!
More that hundred of remote relatives murdered there!
Most of them were just eledrly, women and children!
They were killed bestially by Russians and "psy"!

You are subhumans along with 2/3 of Russia, expanding,
Joyfully approving - with genocide since 9 Century A.D.
Envious hate, because I reminded you of Georgian
contribution to Russian history?

by: Jack from: US
March 05, 2012 03:37
rump dictatorship of Saakashvilli, propped up by US government on US taxpayers' money is only making it worse for "republic of Georgians". Prolonging death convulsions is what Saakashvilli is concentrating on. His pitiful rump serfdom is falling apart and Saakashvilli will end up in jail within 2 years, while "republic of Georgia" will fall apart even further since no one is willign to live in a crazy state like that.
In Response

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 05, 2012 12:04
Jack like Mongol hypnotist pre-houl fall of Georgia
And all the nations in Euro-Asia to Russian hords.
It simce it works - the Russian breed muls forges,
Now, they are USA government, agency and mold.

They turning to degenerates USA - to dropp shilds,
While super-seeded by Russian treachery we wait
For too long, help the World survive Russian assult
With Einshteins and Kartvelis. Too late? For "gold",
Corrupted by Russ, America is sucking their blood?
In Response

by: Piotr from: Warsaw
March 09, 2012 21:08
Hi Jack, funny how you forget to use the article the. Makes you look like a native Russian speaker, but not like Jack from the US.

by: Michael from: NY
March 10, 2012 18:11
No big surprise here. So long as the US continues to support Misha's neo-fascist regime with the money of people who don't support or don't care for Georgia in the least, we will continue to see such idiotic and ill-advised moves from their government. Ironically, they probably should accept this offer. They knew from years that Abkhazia and Ossetia are not theirs and was given to them as a result of Stalinist policy. For those of you who want to bemoan the Georgian myth that these regions were a part of it since "ancient" times, spare me the sob story. I know that the Georgian version is a lie too, especially because Europe and the rest of the civilized world knows that this is a lie as well. "Georgia" never existed in history, but what it was before as separate kingdoms did. And even those kingdoms were conquered time and again by invaders and neighbors (like the Abkhaz). Your attempts to prove to the world and to people like me that this hogwash is true is just a waste of your time. Bottom line: my contempt for Georgia grows more every time I read garbage like this. When will your pride peak? Wake up, cannot continue down this path without suffering consequences in the end.

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