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Google+ Hangout: 'Euromaidan' And What's Ahead For Ukraine

The "Euromaidan" protest movement in Ukraine appears to have gained momentum after government-backed riot police failed to clear Kyiv's Independence Square before sunrise on December 11.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has offered to negotiate an exit from the country's current crisis, but opposition leaders say they will refuse any overtures until he accepts all of their demands.

But what comes next? Watch our Google+ Hangout with experts and journalists from Ukraine. (Scroll down for the list of participants.)


Maryana Drach is director of RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service. An international affairs specialist who joined the service in 1996, Drach also hosts the daily radio program "Liberty Today," which summarizes and analyzes key developments in Ukraine and on the international scene.

Natalia Churikova has been a journalist with RFE/RL since 1995. In 2005, she launched "European Liberty" (later "Europe Connect"), in which an online audience puts questions to residents of western Europe.

Natalya Sedletska has worked as a TV journalist based in Kyiv and is known for her investigative reporting into the public-procurement process in Ukraine. She is currently completing a Vaclav Havel Journalism Fellowship with RFE/RL.

Yevhen Hlibovytsky is founder of pro.mova, a communications consultancy dedicated to values research and focused on modernization issues in the former Soviet Union. A former journalist who in 2002 helped found the TV station "5 kanal," Hlibovytsky lectures at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School and Lviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University.

Brian Whitmore (moderator) is the Europe Desk Editor for RFE/RL's Central Newsroom and author of "The Power Vertical" blog.

We invite you to post questions in advance and follow updates for live links to the Google+ Hangout on Twitter and Facebook.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
December 12, 2013 19:45
These protesters will no get anything: they will demonstrate until the end of December and will then go home to celebrate the New Year and the Orthodox Christmas. And Yanouk. will continue governing until (at least) 2015.
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by: Zoltan from: Hungary
December 12, 2013 22:41
No. These people will ahieve their aim: Ukraine will depart from Russia and begin its long march towards full EU membership.

The future of Ukraine is in the European Union. Unification of Europe is not complete without Ukraine.

Moreover in the long term Russia's future is also in the EU. However before this happens the Russians need to change their authoriter government.

Long live Ukraine! We are waiting for you in the EU.
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
December 13, 2013 14:33
Zoltan is saying: "The future of Ukraine is in the European Union" :-)). The only problem with this statement, Zoltan, is that the European Union itself has no future.
The GDP of Greece (EU member states since 1981) shrank by 25 % over the last 5 years.
The unemployment rate in Spain (EU member state since 1986) is 27 % of the population.
The people in Bulgaria (joined the EU in 2007) have no money to pay for heating their homes in the winter and violently clash with the riot police and overthrow govts (the way it happened last February).
In Cyprus (EU member state since 2004) the Eurotroika steals money directly from people's bank accounts provoking the contraction of GDP by some 9 % (!) in the current year etc etc etc.
If you, Zoltan, really think that people in the EU will tolerate this kind of beautiful life much longer, you must be damn naiv. The EU has from the very beginning been a plan aimed at making of its member states German colonies, and this is why such countries as Switzerland and Norway rejected it. The EU will fall and neither Ukraine nor anyone else is as stupid as to join this Community of Bankrupt States.
Here is a VIDEO on which one can see how people really live in the EU:
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by: Mamuka
December 13, 2013 00:18
Zheniya, since you live in the EU (v printsipe) maybe you can comment on the latest announcement that Yanukovych will sign the EU agreement?
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
December 13, 2013 14:41
Mamuka, anyone who follows the Ukrainian policy a little bit can comment on this announcement: any Ukrainian president (with the exception of Yushchenko) has been following the same policy line as Tito of Yugoslavia used to follow some 40-50 years ago. Namely: promising one thing to the East, then promising another thing to the West and then seeing how much money he could get from one side and from the other.
See, Yanouk. has no suicidal tendencies: he has seen what happened to Ghaddafi or to Berlusconi and he knows that Frau Merkel and George W. Obama will treat him the same way when they can. And this is the major reason for which he will not make himself a hostage of the EU by signing any agreements with them. Espcecially the Association Agreement with the EU that - as many free-trade deals - would have negative consequences for the economy of the economically less developed side (the Ukraine in this specific case).
You know, Mamuka, what country has the freest trade regime in the world? It is HAITI, Mamuka, so the more free trade the countries like Moldova, Georgia or Ukraine have with the EU, the closer they move towards becoming New Haitis.
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by: MikeP
December 13, 2013 17:30
Who believes Yanukovich? He said the government would not use force before trying to clear Maidan. There is nothing that would hold him to his word later.
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by: Konstntin from: Los Angeles
December 13, 2013 13:49
It isn't as important as real interests of Ukraine be defended
From Russian imperial feudal hate, ruining Ukraine and CIS
By in-flux of once Russian occupier - now Citizen in waiting,
Encouraged by Russian Leaders - deny "coal dust" mixtures
For heating, burn to much gas - but refuse pay for it to Putin.

By his order? Bankrupt Ukraine, if not enough, steal and run
Billions for Russian invaders-hooligans - like to Kazakhstan?
As for the protestors, if you are one of ethnic Russians clans
Doing in non-Russian republics, you know they manipulated
By Russia as legion's leaders, the WW2 collaborators-Ivans,
Used discredit Ukraine - than along with Ukraine - truncated.

Still gloating? One might think, if you work for RFE in Vienna,
Whom hate you more, victim of Russian occupation, Ukraine,
For Great Russia - enslave to eat Ukraine for Gannibal-Gena,
Or your boss, geshefting on Ukraine for "absorbation" korzina.
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by: Tatiana from: New York\US
December 13, 2013 16:43
These protestors are NOT going to disperse to go celebrating X-mass and New Year, like you are saying. These ppl are standing in 10 degrees below at night/ or even colder if taking wind chill factor into account. These ppl dont care that many of them can get sick, or beaten, or even arrested. These ppl clearly are NOt just going to go away for the sake of holidays, to suggest that shows you do not understand what is at stake for them here!
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by: Eugenio from: Vienna
December 14, 2013 13:07
So, Tatiana, you are suggesting that those people will be standing there until the presidential elections of 2015? Well, it is hard to imagine, but after all - if those people like fresh air so mcuh, they can stay there 10-15 years long :-)).

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