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The Cult Of Heydar Aliyev Marches On

Heydar Aliyev Park Opened In Kyivi
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April 25, 2013
A park has been opened in honor of late Azerbaijani President Heydar Aliyev in the Ukrainaina capital, Kyiv. Built thorough the largesse of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) in Ukraine, Baku's ambassador described the park as a gift of Azerbaijan to the Ukrainian people. (RFE/RL's Ukrainian Service)
WATCH: Heydar Aliyev Park is opened in Kyiv.
Azerbaijan's ambassador to Ukraine and Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Kostyantin Hryshchenko attended the gala opening on April 25 of a park in Kyiv dedicated to the late president of Azerbaijan, Heydar Aliyev, who died in 2003.

The park features a bronze statue of the late leader, who is the father of current Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. It was funded by the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR).

It also has free Wi-Fi.

Azerbaijan's ambassador in Kyiv, Einulla Madatli, described the park as Azerbaijan's gift to the Ukrainian people.

It is just the latest move in Azerbaijan's apparent campaign to export the cult of personality of its former leader. From Belgrade to Tashkent to Mexico City, Heydar Aliyev's likeness is seeking out new venues to advance Azerbaijan's interests abroad.

In fact, RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service has created an interactive map of Heydar Aliyevs around the world:

View Heydar Aliyev statues around the world in a larger map

But Baku isn't stopping at statues. There have been reports of a film trilogy in the works on the life of Heydar Aliyev, dozens of seemingly little-frequented museums dedicated to him, and now even an academic discipline devoted to the study of his life.

"Special courses and special lectures could be established in universities to study the Heydar Aliyev phenomenon," says Adalet Qasimov, the head of the Department of AliyevScience in the History Institute of the Academy of Sciences.

"To me, Aliyev always served his nation. Compared to other leaders of Azerbaijan, there is nothing you could criticize him for. During our investigations, we came across nothing of the sort."

PHOTO GALLERY of Heydar Aliyev statues around the world:
  • A statue of Heydar Aliyev was unveiled in Kyiv, Ukraine, on June 4, 2004. 
  • There's also a Heydar Aliyev statue in Istanbul, Turkey.
  • Heydar Aliyev's son and current Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev attended the opening of the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center in the Uzbek capital, Tashkent, on September 27, 2010.  
  • A Heydar Aliyev statue in Bucharest, Romania. 
  • A monument to Aliyev has also been erected in Astrakhan, Russia. 
  • Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev (left) and Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili (right) in front of the Heydar Aliyev statue in Tbilisi. 
  • This statue of Heydar Aliyev was unveiled in Belgrade, Serbia, in June 2011. 

  • Heydar Aliyev's latest statue was unveiled in Mexico City on August 23, 2012. 

-- Dan Wisniewski

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by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
April 25, 2013 18:57
Yes,Huidurak Ali Babalievich is the greatest mother of the great milennia old nation,the father being good old Koba`s kgb.For 6 decades the great azeri,who is an armenian born kurd,served faithfully his soviet overlords sending hundreds of thousands to sunny Siberia for a free reeducation holiday,killing many others deemed not fit for reeducation-but these were mostly mercy killings,and that makes him the greatest azeri ever,and a proud father and mother of the current crop of the bravest axe-killers in the world!!! And now all ukrainians are jumping with joy at the priceless gift the azei Schweikhs have bestowed them!!! Three cheers for azeri Greatness and we are glad to learn the Great man has converted to Christianity becoming a Patriarch-we never knew such wonderful things could happen in the fiery furnace!!!
In Response

by: Ulya from: Baku
April 26, 2013 09:27
You'd better write about your small, "prideful" "ancient" Armenia, with monuments erected to Nazi criminals like Garegin Nzhde and terrorists like Monte Melkonian. Or perhaps, you pretend to have no idea of that? ))
In Response

by: Camel Atazer from: Kurdistan
April 26, 2013 12:53
The idea is that Turkic-azeri National Socialism is the greatest One with the mooselem turks being chief ally of Nazi Germany.And now we are all waiting for the azeri kgbs to build a mausoleum for the great kgb generalisimuss Huidurak Ali Babadjan and his greater-than-life son the current feudal owner of North Persia-Allahtan Ilhan>We all hope,dearest Ulyanov Arshin-mal-alan that you will lay the first brick for that Mausoleum!!! Alievich akbar!!! Ulyanov-no less akbar!!1
In Response

by: Nika from: Baku
April 26, 2013 10:00
Ones put up monuments in honour of terrorists, others in honour of presidents... So what?
In Response

by: Camel Anaturk from: Kurdistan
April 26, 2013 18:35
Dearest Nika djan when you qualify people who fought to protect their own from mooselem thugs as terrorists that just goes to show your perverted state of tiny azeri kgb mind.Njde and Melkonian never sent tens of thousands armenians to Siberia nor they killed those who disobeyed them and didnt lick their behinds like Huidurak Ali Babadjan Alievich did for more than 60 years so that his puppeteers made him a soviet kgb general.So,Njde and Melkonian cant be considered fathers of their nation by the twisted kgb logic you apply.So ones put up monuments for terrorists ,others for terrorists-Adolf Aliev`s is for both!!!
In Response

by: Camel Atazer from: North Persia
April 27, 2013 08:53
Sorry,I was carried away by the twisted logic of the azeri kgbs-my last sentence should read:So ones put up monuments for presidents,others for terrorists-Adolf Aliev`s monument is for both

by: Alex from: LA
April 25, 2013 23:07
what a waste...

by: syncope
April 26, 2013 05:05
I just cant get what's the problem with the attitude of Azerbaijan to its national leader. Why its ok with Ataturk or de Gaulle, but incomprehensive with Azerbaijan? Frankly, its obvious that in states listed it should be impossible to intrude and install any monument, statue or memorial plaque without governmental approval. So, you're questioning adequasy of the heads of the states listed. Sometimes, maybe not often but in time, things should be taken easy, I guess. Its just a cultural exchange, and there's no reason to look for any ambiguous implication.

by: Landau from: Azerbaijan
April 26, 2013 20:54
I think it is better than export terrorism, hatred or other things. It is good for local people of this Kyiv,s area. They can rest and use Wi-Fi in this park. And for this, in Azerbaijan there are parks and statues named after famous people of foreighn countires. By the way the parks and squares named not only after Heydar Aliyev, but also Nizami Ganjevi, Fizuli and etc. Thats normal.

by: Jack Kalpakian from: Morocco
April 29, 2013 11:14
RFE/RL are the last people in the world with any right to note or complain about the cult of personality being promoting by the "government" sitting in Baku. RFE/RL is ultimately a US government organ and the US helped buid the BTC pipeline that provides the funds for this sort of behavior. Those who opposed the pipeline were clear about how the pipeline will entrench rentierism in Azerbaijan, increase tensions, feed arms races and reduce the human rights and freedoms of both Armenians and Azeris. The US has only itself to blame for the Aliyev cult of personality. RFE/RL should instead investigate how Aliyev subverts both US and Turkish policy with "Caviar."

by: Samanta from: Amerika
April 30, 2013 11:10
The national leader is not only the builder of modern Azerbaijan, he is also a world known statesman who made significant contributions to development of social, economic and humanitarian spheres of CIS countries. Peoples in CIS countries have respect for him. Taking into consideration all criterions and basing on power of rich experience and intellect, Heydar Aliyev defined main directions of new foreign policy of Azerbaijan. This updated foreign policy line had to fulfill several most important and necessary duties. One of these duties was to take Azerbaijan from international isolation, destroy front of thought created against Azerbaijan, inform world states and community of our right work and break information blockade around Azerbaijan. Another duty was to remove tension created in ties with some states, provide balanced foreign policy line in relations with foreign countries, pay more attention to ties with neighbor countries and achieve effective cooperation and kind neighborhood relations. One of important duties was to establish relations with big states according to international law in base of kind neighborhood and mutual advantage, join current international and regional organizations and take active part there, and so, provide required participation of independent Azerbaijan in big world politics and effective cooperation with world countries.One of important issues was right definition of place, role, strategic significance of Azerbaijan in current complicated world and Caucasian region.For successful implementation of all these duties there was e need for deep knowledge of political course of events ongoing in modern world and right evaluation of current circumstance, skill of making correct conclusion from intergovernmental relations, concrete political situation in region, their economic importance and its impact on world politics, interests encountering there. So, very quick foreign policy with different courses had to be carried out.As very skillful, experienced head of state and perfect political figure Heydar Aliyev managed to cope with these difficult and complicated duties successfully and skillfully. It brought prestige and fame to Azerbaijan in international world, created trust to new foreign policy line and attitude defined by Heydar Aliyev. As a result of this, Azerbaijan was changed to center of interest of big states of world, started to play important role in international and regional cooperation, became one of attractive countries in which investments were made.

by: Nariman Basqalli from: Bakidan
April 30, 2013 11:12
Heydar Aliyev had been one of the key persons in the Caucasus for a long period. His personal efforts in the establishment of current friendship relations between the United States of America and Azerbaijan, as well as defence of Azerbaijan's independence is of vital importance. Under his leadership United States of America and Azerbaijan have been partners in the fight against the terrorism including all the operations carried out in Afghanistan and Iraq. Steadiness he demonstrated in the field of achievement of the just and long-term solution of Daghlyg Garabagh tragedy via the peace negotiations had been of great importance in the maintenance of the peace and stability in the region. In the meantime, his position and efforts demonstrated in attraction of the large-volume foreign investments that strengthened economic development of Azerbaijan played a key role. These achievements had improved lives of million Azerbaijanis and created opportunity for Azerbaijan to come into the twentieth century as the modern state.The President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev successfully and confidently continued and made it rapid and sustainable progress, development strategy determined and led to bright future of the citizens by national leader Heydar Aliyev, and made it rapid and sustainable progress.Despite recession occurred in major developed economies during global financial-economic crisis, Azerbaijan preserved macroeconomic stability, economic growth, reduction of poverty, and increasing social and economic welfare of population. At the same time, taking the first place in economic growth among regional countries, Azerbaijan took upper stages for so-called indicator. people of Azerbaijan are happy, since the great leader’s political line is successfully continued. Under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev Azerbaijan has become one of the most dynamically developing states in the world. People in Azerbaijan live in prosperity while the developed countries in the world suffer from economic and financial crisis. All these successes and a huge political influence gained in the international arena were guaranteed thanks to the continuation of Heydar Aliyev’s course.
In Response

by: Camel Atazer from: North Persia
May 01, 2013 15:10
Well well well,the great azeris used to make monuments of donkeys acknowledging the virtues of the wily animals and and now they make statues of Huiduraks instead.Yes,dear azeri kgb Shamanta and Nerezan,Adolf Aliev-the armenian born kurd was the greatest national socialist stalinist kgb general in the region.How did he become so great??? By serving faithfully his soviet kgb overlords all his life and stealing millions from the people of the artficial stalinist created petrol station some call azerbaybaydjan.His thievery was surpassed by his lgbt offspring Ali Baba Ilham who spends more than 3 billion on arms each year,only to steal 99% of it for his mafia family ,his son and daughters with their million $$$ bank accounts in Switzerland.Allahtan Ilham is chef US ally in the fight against terrorism-and Osama bin Ladens`s visits to azeristan prove that-the CIA puts the number of these visits to more than 300..The only problem is that today`s great Adolf Ilham Aliev is tomorrow`s Mubarak and Quaddafi and Saddam,After the fall of Assad ,good old Alievich will join them in the fiery furnace which will make many scrap-iron merchants very very happy.

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