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'I'm A Russian Occupier' -- Video Sings Praises Of Russian Imperialism

According to the video, citizens of the Baltic states are now "cleaning toilets in Europe" while Central Asia allegedly lives off U.S. credits and the sale of marijuana.
According to the video, citizens of the Baltic states are now "cleaning toilets in Europe" while Central Asia allegedly lives off U.S. credits and the sale of marijuana.

A bellicose video gushing over Russia's invasion of its neighbors is making the rounds online, describing Russia as a civilizing force and warning the world not to "mess" with Moscow.

The clip, explicitly titled I'm A Russian Occupier, has been viewed almost 3 million times since being posted on February 27.

It was first uploaded to social networks by a blogger named Yevgeny Zhurov in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk but gained wide attention after Dmitry Rogozin, a Russian deputy prime minister and former ambassador to NATO known for his harsh anti-Western rhetoric, promoted the video on his Twitter account. 


Led by the United States and European Union, a number of countries have imposed sanctions against Russia over its actions in Ukraine, where Vladimir Putin's government annexed the Crimean peninsula and critics accuse it of continuing to foment, arm, and support pro-Russian separatism.

Russian officials have aggressively employed nationalism and anti-Western sentiment in public statements and within state-dominated media to rally support for the Kremlin's foreign-policy goals. They have also long stoked nostalgia for some aspects of the former Soviet order, in which Russian politics and culture held primacy.

The 2 1/2-minute film, which uses computer animation and graphics, defends Russia's Soviet-era occupation of neighboring countries by trying to demonstrate that these nations are far worse off since breaking out of Moscow's orbit:


Citizens of the Baltic states, it claims, are now "cleaning toilets in Europe" while Central Asia allegedly lives off U.S. credits and the sale of marijuana. 

It accuses Ukraine of destroying the industries painstakingly built by Russians and installing a "dictatorship" -- a jibe at the Western-friendly government that came to power in Kyiv following the protests that ousted pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovych.

"Yes, I'm an occupant and I'm tired of apologizing for it," the video says. "I'm an occupier by birthright."

It goes on to reject Western democracy and values, including gay rights, and warn Russia's critics.

"I'll politely warn you for the last time: Do not mess with me! I build peace, I love peace, but more than anyone, I know how to fight."

The film ends with that message appearing to be sent to U.S. President Barack Obama.

-- Claire Bigg

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by: Julian from: USA
March 03, 2015 18:09
If only they could just stay home and not share their ruinous ideology, the world will just have to wait for demographics to finish them off
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by: Victor from: Moscow
March 03, 2015 18:37
Are you talking about USA? Then you are right. Definitely. The main thing for you to know that we are at our home. And USA have come to far with your uniqueness and "democracy".
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 04, 2015 11:49
No time.
Look my answer on tweeters to this post on
"Live Blog: Ukraine in crises."
Rogozin is Varyag's damn lies!
All history happened just to opposite!
Non-Russian nations created Russia!
Varyag bring "Smert' I Zlovonie" to nations!
Non-Russians rebuilt it, like during Peter, or Stalin,
only be betrayed by treachery of cowards Varyags,
from Hungary and Afghanistan through Georgia, Moldova,
Caucasus, Ukraine, Europe, whole World!
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by: Elizabeth from: Russian Federation
March 03, 2015 18:45
We'll see who's got the last laugh.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 05, 2015 01:23
Who will laugh last?
Remnants of Human species, not unlike frozen bodies from "Rosetta" images, Varyag-Prussak hungry bloodsucker!
Weakness of Europe planed by Russia - 1954 pact
of Varyag-Prussak bandits, spies that lured British and Bechtel', later Austrians and Germans, into promise
resurrect colonial empires. Since then Russia coordinate
its policy with 1954 luring "pact".
Map of gas and oil pipe-lines in Europe is clear advance - to Brits and Germs.
It is why they sabotage EU to pave road to Russian expansion and murder.
Not unlike Russians lured Hitler and British, promising World empires and giving "Messers", promised easy victory, disarmed USSR, encouraged to pogrom Jews and Pols both
in Germany and USSR, sent the conspirator Molotov to dancing-luring on "Bundershaft" Pobenthrop to imperial smell.
Nature of Varanga is caning treachery.
Brits and Germs paralyzed by the promises of Empires
they couldn't refuse and they went too far way with it.
Crushing Parliament of Nations, Hungary, Georgia, influx millions Russians, Invading Afghanistan with total genocide, attempt by Brezhnev abolish USSR and forge colonial empire, that failed, blockades, sabotage, terrorism and invasion into Caucasus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Global terrorism,
threat of Global A-H war.
USA and free nations are the last obstacle and target for Evil Russian Empire and, insofar for quiet cover-up by British, Germans and Austrians. All human Civilization is threatened!
Don't hope French that Edward the IV will not invade again! Don't hope Americans that the British will not come again to own you and hang you as traitors, as Putin is doing in Russia.
Don't hope China that only India will end by oily "rabbet-leap" orders - you consume resources too!
Obama's weakness even more sinister that you think!
His grandmother was a Jewish lady, probably from USSR,
told by Varanga bandits that they saved Jews, not Stalin -
be hated, so Russia must take over the World.
Possibly she lived in same apartment complex when the same Russian bandits-occupiers murdered an old Jew with a bolder, symbolic revenge after number off assassinations and challenges against me failed - "Moloh" must get a price,
If not a Georgian, some other non-Russian.
Still, the same people, or alike, make her a loyalist, so she probably inspired her grandson, Obama, and bewitched him.
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by: Vladimir Pavlov from: Russian Federation
March 03, 2015 19:03
Lol, do you think that creator of this video wanted it to be popular in whole youtube... when it only in Russian language now? Only your news sharing this video, it is even wasn't mentioned in Russian news. So we are staying home, and only you are invading us.
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by: Pete from: UK
March 03, 2015 19:06
What a pathetic, paranoid drunken nation they are. All this is a sure sign they are about to implode - just hope they don't start a war to try and halt the inevitable. This garbage is circulated from a former ambassador. Hmmm if they were such great 'civilizers' how come all the subject peoples can't wait to get away from them and join NATO. Strange isn't it?
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by: Alex
March 03, 2015 22:52
Whoa, what do we have here. Whole nation is a "paranoid drunken garbage"... Really? Reminds me of arrogant narcissistic nazis.This is all you need to know about European valuables. About it mentality. All you need to know about this "glorious" and spineless european muppet-civilization.
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by: sergio from: St-Petersburg
March 04, 2015 03:18
It's not that. The fact that the USSR no longer exist. And all already live separately. In the Soviet Union was a lot: good and bad. Russia, as the successor to the USSR, paid all debts: and of the Russian Empire, and of the Soviet Union, and of the Russian Federation (the Yeltsin's era). And anyone not should anyone. And we won't repent to anyone.
And about the aggression .... In London, the owners of fast food, which kept the Afghan's emigrants, gave us double portions, knowing that we are from Russia. And your the British veterans, in London, have got the killing.
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by: Russian Occupier from: Russia
March 04, 2015 15:47
Have you seen England in Saturday?
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by: Russian girl from: Moscow
March 03, 2015 20:46
Learn history to understand the situation and for not beeing stupid... May be education so expеnsive in US? Or may be you are all supermen in US? ;-) It's LOL, isn't it? The next are you... See you all in US, "supermen"...:-)

by: Danram from: Houston, TX, USA
March 03, 2015 18:45
Hmmmmm .... If the people of Russia's former republics and client states were so much better off under communism, why aren't they clamoring to rejoin with Russia?

Could it be that the idea of buying a first class ticket on The Titanic doesn't particularly appeal to them?
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by: VodkaBear
March 03, 2015 21:50
>why aren't they clamoring to rejoin with Russia?
Crimea and south-eastern Ukraine are. Your picture will be ruined, when USA will have no funds to support its puppet governments worldwide.
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by: Lukas from: Prague
March 18, 2015 16:09
Oh, they are? I guess they only needed the Russian "green men" with rifles marching across the street to realize that? A referendum that comes out of the barrel of a Russian gun, with no one to verify the results. What a joke.
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by: Artem from: Russia
March 03, 2015 22:09
Where did you see anything about communism in this clip?

You know, it's all about information warfare. Try to reread your own comment. According to you current Russia is the potential Titanic. But what could lead to it? I'll tell it to you by myself: the allied actions of West (America + EU). Which means that even if mentioned nations would wist to join us (to the Eurasian Economical Union, for example) the West will try to do anything they can to prevent it. And please, do not tell me anything but bloody regime of Putin. I think you know by yourself that It is connected with West's fear of russian reneissance and losing the control of economical and cultural gegemony at first.
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by: Vyacheslav from: Russia
March 04, 2015 00:20
Not all former Soviet republics, have cultural and spiritual ties with Russia. We do not need their wish joining us. We arrange their independence, including from the West. Let the thought about the Titanic, warms you to soul, will not trample against exclusivity ..!).
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 06, 2015 14:40
Americans help everywhere in the world to repair brought by Russia destruction, Malofeev!
They lost trillions, doing so, as Russia, secretly supported by 1954 "pact" terrorizing all continents!
Ukraine war is not fanatical, Malofeev!
Russian military use bandits of empire or slaves-mortars of GRU.
Your "popy" are lie-unbelievers, medicine for going to be killed,
arrogant, satanically-bestial redundancy of pseudo-language,
used once in Russian "Bylinas".
There is nothing holly in Russia, only innocent Russian victims
of tyranny and memory of aging people, before you burned
books and history, replacing it by arrogant degeneracy
of swine, and people that remember real revival by Peter,
Stalin and Just War, all of them dead or semi-strangulated
by usurping evil empire!
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by: Nina from: Rostov-on-Don
March 04, 2015 02:37
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by: sergio from: St-Petersburg
March 04, 2015 02:47
I go and see that many regret the collapse of the USSR. Not all, of course.
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by: Dmitry from: Russia
March 04, 2015 08:00
Watched Hollywood blockbusters, and decided that they immediately separate a life as you become. In Eastern Europe, some turned out. But in Asia, most were not ready for independence.
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by: Will King from: Melbourne
March 06, 2015 12:07
A good point, Dan. The thing is, the people of eastern Ukraine are 'clamouring' to be free of western Ukraine dominance and wish to be more closely aligned with Russia. They have a similar culture and speak the same language so what would you expect?
There are, in fact, some similarities with the desire of the southern states of the US to gain independence form the industrial northern states in the 1860s.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
March 06, 2015 14:37
It was an article by "Russkiy Reporter" about Malofeev,
Orthodox imperial Oligarch from Putin's tyranny gang:
Litvak was provocateur of Russia, not USA, Malofeev!
He gave to Russia precedent invade nations and provoke
Jihad against USA, killing with Shvartzkov 200,000 in 2 days, half Civilians, half returning home defeated soldiers, he
wanted kill 2 Millions, make USA match Russian genocide in Afghanistan.
Sadomites, Malofeev, were Russian spies and their Uratu
ass-masters, to desecrate USA, that also made Edgar Hoover a homosexual, partner of Russian plagiarists-usurpers, to steal from me and alike new unified theory, as they promised to Hoover. And who are Putin, Zhirinovsky and his young Nazi "pediks"?
There is no color revolutions, Malofeev, "Shtaby stervyatnikov"
language. Are you, imperial "nedocheloveki", call non-Russians colored?
You Malofeev, like beast-Bessler, family lines of Prussians of Katrina the II, Beckersdorf and alike call yourself white?
Look at your face!
Not unlike Lenin and his grandson De Caprio!
Lie, Malofeev, most of minority of Russian speaking, even lesser minority, Russians, are for free Ukraine!
Only invading Russian armies, GRU-Spetcnaz, KGB and old network of plundering Ukraine bandits-assassins of Russia for Russia, plus few their families and scared Human Shields"!
Russian Spring, Malofeev?
Jurists and Gods "pravo" dragging in, Malofeev?
Even professional "kruchkotvors", Lavrov and Churkin, can't trick it on us!
It is you, new imperial resurrectors, violating all laws, starting with Law of God and UN Charter!
You don't believe in God, Malofeev!
Half of "territories" never belonged to Russia, "obnaglevshie"
Varanga-Prussian usurpers of Moscow center, since Katrina the Prussian.
Your kind betrayed all nations that created Russia in a first place, by canning and genocides.
"Arianstvo", Malofeev?
"Monofizitstvo", Malofeev?
Arrogance of Varanga-Prussian mass murderers, perverting the very spirit of faith and reasoning!
"Mrakobesy" Bessy-Besslery i Malofeevy!
"Strastnoy Blagodat’yu" gaseling?
"Popostitsya dolgo ne sumel"?
"Vodku-shrudel nedoel"?
Learn from Savchenko!
Monarchist, Prussian Emperor presenting?
The Putin, "nashe vse, dolu dal", bandit from Leningrad?
"Rodinu lubish", Katrina, Beckersdorf, Stolypin, Bessler?
Sheared lute with Putin-Muller and the rest, Investor?
"Smert' I zlovonie" bringing to nations, Investor?
What is bad in Ukraine is Russian network, imperial spies!
There is a danger in Ukraine chance - it wasn't chance
Ukraine chosen!
They choose free trade and projects with the World, including Russia!
It is Russia was and do destroy Ukraine and other nations, denying Ukraine right to live and have any dignity, also making Germany, Austria and Britain, lured by 1954 Russian spies oral pact, to meddle with Ukraine-EU trade agreement!
It is your usurpers of Russia and stolen from USSR might,
"ozvereli" - went conquer-enslave Ukraine and repopulate
Ukraine by "nedocheloveki"!
Corrupted by your usurpers West also paralyzed,
as you bring "Smert' I Zlovonie" to Euro-Asia!

(will continue)

by: Alex
March 03, 2015 19:45
You understood it all wrong. How can you be so blind ... jeez

by: Oleg from: Moscow, Russia
March 03, 2015 20:46
Our ideology - no need to go into our affairs, or the Russian bear will have to wake up. We are accused of all sins, but throughout history begin aggressive actions first.
From Russia with love.

by: William Johnson from: U.S.
March 03, 2015 21:59
Nobody likes Russia. That's why all those countries joined the EU and/or NATO. They don't want to be conquered by a bunch of low class Russians with second world incomes, and leaders who have their enemies imprisoned or killed. 110 Russians own 1/3rd of all the wealth of the country, and they all give Putin (now the richest man on the planet) a cut. Russian leaders also just can't seem to get over this macho, male egotism. This video just swims in testosterone. It could have been made by Hitler's Nazi's.
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by: Russian Occupier from: Russia
March 04, 2015 15:51
Everybody hates the United States. Even vassals.
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by: Kirill from: Siberia
March 04, 2015 18:39
Any facts please! Or you as your government lot of the text and fairy tales, but any proofs pls?!
Why in the world to become norm to fence anything, and not to bear for it responsibility?
In Russia it is called "one grandma told..."
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by: TheNorwaysnow from: Norway
March 05, 2015 14:27
Everybody hates the United States!Everybody.
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by: William Johnson from: U.S.
March 06, 2015 16:51
Not in the same way they hate Russia. We gave back Japan, Germany, Italy after WWII. We have no desire to be an "occupier". Our leaders don't kill their political enemies. I personally admire Norway (even if it is a little too cold for me). If Russia could occupy Finland, Sweden, Norway, and the Baltic States, they would do it. That's why Norway is a member of NATO, even though it only spends 1.4% of GDP on military, and lets the U.S. carry the lion's share of your country's defense. If Russia conquered your country, you would deserve it. You don't pay your way.
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by: Russian Occupier from: Russia
March 08, 2015 07:21
Germany, Japan, and Europe is still occupied by the United States.This is well illustrated by the lack of an independent opinion.
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by: alegor_siberia
March 06, 2015 06:41
only 200 have 95% of 1000 best companies from Forbes (Euronews)/ 80% in doichland leas your homes( and 95% of Russian has own.
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by: Renzo from: Italy
March 07, 2015 10:20
Sure. This is why you still have dozens of US military bases in Italy and Germany (US, not NATO), after more than 70 years WWII finished.

by: Evgeny from: RUSSIA
March 03, 2015 22:52
There is very good Russian saying - "Who to us with a sword will come, that from a sword and will be lost", Alexander Nevsky 1242 A.D.
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by: Ulidian from: London
March 05, 2015 19:15
No-one wants a piece of your sad country - we just want you to stop interfering with your neighbours.
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by: Evgeny from: RUSSIA
March 05, 2015 19:28
Russia, great, mighty country! It you with the democracy and the friend Obama, support fascism which came to Ukraine, interestingly and whose it is hands business? That in Ukraine now - FASCISM.
In Response

by: William Johnson from: U.S.
March 05, 2015 22:20
If Russia applied to be a U.S. state, it would be turned down. We already have a second class country on our border (Mexico). It would cost us more to administer Russia than Russia would be worth. Russia has the same problem with Ukraine. Everything is relative. But believe me, the U.S. has no desire to own Russia. Not in the slightest. We just want you to quit medling with other countries.
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by: Vyacheslav
March 06, 2015 20:48
Your desires! - It is your desire !. Us it is not interested ..).
In Response

by: Гюрза from: Россия
March 07, 2015 16:54
You supported the mass murder and genocide of Russian children in the east of Ukraine. A year ago, I did not support Putin and wanted his resignation. Declaring war on Russian world (punitive operations against Russian is at the behest of the United States), you have signed his own death warrant. Now most of the former opponents of Putin moved to his side. You still do not understand what kind of stupidity committed by unlocking the Russian bear. Russian take your call and ready to rid the earth of infection of your false peace.

by: American Troll
March 04, 2015 00:10
This doesn't capture the true zeitgeist of today's Russian reich. The broad brushstrokes are there, but the portrait is ruined by reflexive neo-liberal appeals to the well-being of subhumans. No true Russian ubermensh would care whether or not Balts and Central Asians were better off under Russian rule -- if they were, that just means they were exploiting Russian beneficence. Taking pride in such a thing is a Western, liberal, tolerasti, decadent, genderless, LGBT worldview. Soon enough, when pogrom and genocide are Russian state policy in deference to the true will of the Russian people, this song will be blacklisted as Western propaganda for even implying that exploiting non-Russians is criminal.

Russia's civilized mask is falling off, but clearly it's still barely hanging on if they still feel the need to pretend that non-Russians deserve anything but extermination. They're still audience-conscious. As long as that's the case, there's still time for the sane minority to flee before the camps and mass-graves start filling up. So again, I say as I've said for twenty years now: Escape while you can. Don't pack, don't say goodbye. Those are luxuries for leaving civilized lands. Take your living skin, and flee while you still have that.

by: James from: Los Angeles
March 04, 2015 01:28
Better to watch your own house than worry about your neighbor's. Today, Russia, you buried one of the two leaders of the only opposition to your totalitarian government. There is a word for a country where one individual controls all, including the military, the industry and the media. It is called a dictatorship.
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by: alegor_sib from: novosibirsk
March 06, 2015 06:55
Naw. we can read one of 300 mln. idiotic slaves of FRS from Fashingston. FRS killed "presidents" of omerica in 18xx,19xx, citizens of NY in WTC, omerican and fEU idiots in Afganistan.....

by: john from: canada
March 04, 2015 01:56
- Russia has more than a million slaves:

- Russia corruption rank is worse than Belarus and Kazakhstan:

- Russia press freedom rank is worse than Ukraine, Krygyzstan and Baltic countries:!/

- Russia Global Peace Index rank is worse than other ex-USSR countries:

- Russia homophobia level is worse than European countries in Pew homophobia survey:
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by: Russian Occupier from: Russia
March 04, 2015 15:56
Canada for the Nazis. Is it possible to believe her?

by: Stefanstefan from: Romania
March 04, 2015 02:14
God! How pitiful, not to say completely idiotic. If most Russians have this sort of delusional pride, Russian culture may be sick beyond any hope of redemption.
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by: alegor_sib from: Novosibirsk
March 06, 2015 07:03
in 2014 Russia manufacturing plus 10%, agriculure plus 15%, gold in CB 1100tn (plus 120tn) , profit in trade, and no profizit in gaverment. What abaut "f//ing EU" and cauntry of great elfs?
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