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The Internet Thinks Putin Is Dead

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been seen in public since March 5.

And with little further information to go by -- his press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said simply that there is "no reason to worry" and "everything is fine" -- some have naturally assumed the most drastic possible thing that could have happened is what did happen. 

"Putin umer" or "Putin has died," is now trending on the Russian Internet.

There's also a website that allows users to ask, "has Putin died?" (the automated response varies with responses like: "No, he's alive" and "No, that's not why it stinks in Moscow.")

And perhaps because people find the very notion rather unlikely, social media users have been trying to imagine what a world without Putin -- or a heaven with him -- might look like.

It's likely that he would have a mass funeral just like Vladimir Lenin, but would Putin be presented in his favored bare-chested uniform?

Would the outpouring of grief on state TV channels match the level of emotion shown when North Korean leader Kim Jong Il died?

And who would reach out to him first in heaven? Perhaps his longtime friend and former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez?
-Hello, Putin, is that you?
-Yes, and who's this?
-It's Chavez. Want to meet up?

But if Putin really were at death's door, would he really show up for his final meeting on time? (The Russian president is notoriously almost always running late)

Translation: It's already nearing noon...and still no Putin!

And after all, dying isn't really in his interests.
-Putin can't die.
-It's not profitable.

Really though -- is this something to even joke about?

Besides, his press secretary, Peskov, has said despite his disappearance from public view he's still "holding meetings all the time" and even "breaking hands" along the way.

-- Glenn Kates

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by: Jurri from: Netherlands
March 12, 2015 16:02
Putin umer is not trending, that screenshot shows that whoever made that screenshot Googled this before and Google offers it as a repeat search.
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by: Anastasia from: Chicago
March 12, 2015 20:03
True, but two other possibilities below that are "Putin has fallen ill" and "Putin is ill." The wider trend on the Russian internet is pretty clear.
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by: MI from: Michigan
March 13, 2015 19:50

by: shane from: texas
March 12, 2015 17:26
DEBKAfile March 12, 2015, 11:03 AM (IDT) stated:

"But a short announcement of Putin’s death was seen briefly on Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s website early Thursday, only to be removed after 20 minutes."

Anybody got a screen shot capture of this announcement before it was removed?
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by: nat from: california
March 13, 2015 01:08
I saw the screen shot here:

by: Panas from: Chernivtsi
March 12, 2015 17:41
No way. His "disappearance" is either some kind of hoax or he is very busy working out details of further advances in Ukraine or some other more dramatic moves.
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by: EstoniaKat from: Eesti
March 12, 2015 19:43
Just another scheduled facelift recovery period.

by: Mike from: Boston USA
March 12, 2015 18:35
I wish Putin would make his next official visit with Jesus.
Imagine there is no Putin
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by: Rocky from: USA
March 13, 2015 00:56
Most of the world wishes this, but his visit will be with Satan.
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by: CalDre from: California
March 13, 2015 07:13
Most of the world likes Putin. The brainwashed "mob" in US of A, of course, has been taught to despise Putin, and Americans never disobey their media masters. Hip, hip. hooray!
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by: cover72 from: Prague EU
March 13, 2015 22:00
That might be fairly unwise. Think Putin is the worst? Think again.
How would you like:
- Alexander Dugin, inventor of Russian nazi/commie/orthodox mix,
- Vladimir Zhirinovskij, extremist who gave UA separatists his up-armored jeep,
- Igor Girkin, the "lets conquer Kyiv" carist-imperialism-obsessed ex-SoF guy
- or any other of the plentiful of hi-profile Russian communist and/or nazi
on Putin's place?

Never assume it cannot get any worse. Bad Car was replaced by far worse Lenin who was replaced by outright satanic Stalin. Got the picture?

by: Mamuka
March 12, 2015 23:03
No doubt a loyalty test to see who grieves, who sends flowers, and who suddenly turns into a reformer!

by: Salome Japiashvili from: Bucharest
March 13, 2015 07:27
So, if his secretary says there's "no reason to worry" and "everything is fine", he must be really dead :)))
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by: Maicol from: Lucero
March 13, 2015 15:04
Another puppet the oil-mafia will made, don't worry.

by: Henrik from: Sweden
March 13, 2015 18:40
No, Putin is not dead. He’s not ill; he is the victim of yet another CIA-fabricated hoax.
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by: Anonymous
March 14, 2015 14:45
Too bad I started getting excited!!!!!!!
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by: C. Henry from: Virginia
March 15, 2015 20:37
The Russian media now claims Putin has the flu. The CIA does not control the Russian media, the Kremlin does. The media seem confused, so I don't think they are being told what to say.

by: Naeem from: Faisalabad,Pakistan.
March 13, 2015 19:14
Death of a mortal human is natural,today or tomorrow, but it's certain.Neither facts,rumours matter nor can alter.Faith in One and only One God, Follow the truth,adopt the Right path & be safe,here&hereafter,INSHA ALLAH.

by: Kamenciar from: Serbia
March 14, 2015 11:16
Many people are sick. Especially in this debate.

(Almost all discussants write here that they are from US and Western Europe. I think that this is a debate between Russians and Ukrainians.)

by: Brett from: Florida USA
March 14, 2015 14:14
One can only hope he IS dead.
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