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Interview: Historian Susanne Berger On The Fate Of Raoul Wallenberg

The fate of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg has remained a mystery for decades.
The fate of Swedish diplomat Raoul Wallenberg has remained a mystery for decades.
Susanne Berger, a U.S.-based German historian has done extensive research on the case of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat who saved tens of thousands of Hungarian Jews from Nazi death camps during World War II before disappearing while in Soviet custody. His fate remains one of the great unsolved mysteries of World War II. Berger was a consultant to a Swedish-Russian commission investigating Wallenberg's fate until it disbanded in 2001. She was also part of a research team that uncovered new facts about the case in 2009. RFE/RL correspondent Tom Balmforth spoke to Berger about what we know -- and still do not know -- about Wallenberg's fate.

RFE/RL: In November 2009, information released from state archives appeared to show that Raoul Wallenberg was very probably interrogated by the KGB on July 23, 1947 -- six days after the date the Soviets claimed he died. Has there been any progress in the investigation since then?

Susanne Berger: There has been progress in the sense that it is becoming more and more evident that important documentation directly related to the Raoul Wallenberg case is still available in Russian archives which was not made available to the Swedish-Russian working group [which investigated the case in the 1990s until it was disbanded in 2001].

For instance, we have now learned that the investigative material for Wallenberg's cellmate Willy Rodel did indeed survive in large parts. We were not aware of that during the time of the working group.

Similarly, the Russian Foreign Ministry archives have recently released important telegrams from correspondence between the Soviet Embassy in Stockholm and the Russian Foreign Ministry. These were not available.

These [materials] include important information in the case and so basically, what we know is that there is plenty of documentation that we have not seen, that has been censored. Until we have had complete access to this material, we really cannot draw any final conclusions about the case.

RFE/RL: Do you think the Russian authorities are obstructing the investigation by not releasing archived material?

Berger: The problem is that there is obviously this core debate: does Russia know the truth? Or, who in Russia knows the truth? Or, can the case be solved?

Now, clearly some archivists are entirely truthful when they say we don't see any further documentation, we don't have any information about Raoul Wallenberg's fate.

The problem is that they have not allowed researchers to study documentation that is crucial in the original, in an uncensored form, in the context of the original files. All of this has to happen.

We have not seen very important information from intelligence reporting from Budapest and Stockholm from the 1940s, etc. Until we have had a chance to examine this documentation, it really cannot be said that everything has been seen and everything has been done.

There are large parts of research that have not occurred and that must be carried out. This is a problem. Does Russia know the truth? What I would say is there is definitely more information and researchers have to be allowed to review this and then we can make an assessment.

RFE/RL: In November 2009, Russian authorities revealed information to a research group you were involved with that suggested Wallenberg died later than the Kremlin officially said. If the Russian government is not cooperating, what was the motivation for releasing this information?

Berger: It's very difficult to say, but you have to see it in the context of how this information was released. We had asked questions about these particular interrogation registers from Lubyanka for those dates.

On those dates, July 22 and 23 [1947], a large number of prisoners with direct contact or a role in the Wallenberg case were all interrogated and subsequently isolated for many years so something decisive happened on that day, or on these two days.

However, we have never been given the full list of the people interrogated on that day. That is what we asked for -- please give us uncensored copies of this interrogation register. We received a copy of one page, but it showed only the names of [Vilmos] Langfelder and [Sandor] Katona, so the discussion went on and on. We insisted on seeing an uncensored full list.

In the context of these ongoing discussions which spanned months and years, the FSB [Russian security service] provided the information that, in addition to Langfelder and Katona who had been questioned for sixteen hours on July 23, [a person identified as] Prisoner Number 7 was also questioned on that day and on July 22. Based on the circumstantial evidence because of who was questioned when, etc. it appears that this person most likely was Raoul Wallenberg.

However, we were not aware of this before 2001. So this is how this particular release came about. Why the FSB released this information is in part due to two things: I think there had been previously some discussion of Wallenberg possibly being Prisoner Number 7 because this possibility had been raised by a former Soviet interrogator, but we had never ever been made aware that Prisoner Number 7 was listed in these interrogation registers and the Russians had never handed over either the information or an uncensored page.

This is my best explanation: there was this combined pressure to reveal the page, not giving the full page, but at least giving the information because they felt it had been previously discussed. But we had definitely never ever heard of Prisoner Number 7 being part of this line of people being questioned on July 22 and 23.

The motivation may have been mixed because we still have not seen the full uncensored version of these pages and the question is why.

The official explanation is that there are other names on this page that could be of interest and that it's a question of privacy. Well, there should be ways to work around these rules. It is done all the time in other archives and collections.

Researchers should be able to see this and verify the information. That is part of the rules of formal scholarly inquiry everywhere. That is the standard and that is what we should follow.

RFE/RL: There have been reports of sightings of Wallenberg after his supposed date of death. How much veracity do these reports have?

Berger: The problem is that we do not have an independently corroborated testimony for Wallenberg's survival after 1947. However, there is very important witness testimony that still needs to be verified.

In light of the fact that there is now a question of whether Wallenberg was possibly alive after his official death date indirectly and directly gives more credence to these reports or at least it increases the necessity of double checking those statements.

It's still possible that Raoul Wallenberg was killed some time around July 1947. It's also possible that he was instead strictly isolated and held as a prisoner under investigation for many years. If Wallenberg survived after July 1947, all other questions about his survival remain on the table.
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by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 05, 2012 05:36
Wallenberg's mistery could be easier understand as he being one of many victims of reshifting powers:
Ethnic Russian military takeover of 1936-1941 by treachery; Mutneous Siberian Divisions in 1941 and ultimatum to Stalin; Destruction most non-Russian, ethnicly, military units (even two armies at Donetc) during WW2 by Russian generals in power;
Puting Stalin under house arrest in Spring of 1947.

Also, it co-insided with work on Atomic bomb that made Soviets despert for information and human resources in science, while emerging ethnic Russian despoty was using it to silence Stalin
and Parliament of Nations - to plagiarize-exploit non-Russians, so ethnic Russian ruling class of despots would expand and dominate, gloriously moving their Varaga-Prussaka bodies.

Walenberg knew too much about Hungary intellectuals and just people of high intelligence and talent, they wouldn't let him go.
Knowing barbaric bloody nature of Russians in charge, one can only gess whether he was forced to work for Russians or was murdered for resistance...

My following testimony might help:
(will continue)

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 05, 2012 07:58
In 1946 I was injected by TB virus and had bronhidinitis.
It was done by neighbors of our apartment, an old monarchist-telepat and his moscovite-German step-doughter, a medical nurse.
My mother complained, but Moscow authorities threatened to kill us both if we will complain further, because "Germans and Russians had a Great Empire and will do what they pleased".
Later they allowed me visit a children hospital for a threatment.

In 1947 my mother and I were given a ticket for guided tour
to Kremlin, among group of WW2 widows and their children.
(In retrospect it was a setup.)
My grandmother prepared me, reading newspapers front pages
and explaining how they were going to rebuild the USSR.
I asked her some questions, including about USA and its Social Security System.

Last afternoon, before the tour, few Russians called me out from
apatrment and told me I must say the truth, if asked, that
"People were tired, under-nutritioned and not payed, government wouldn't be able to rebilt all they planed so fast."
They also said I would be killed, because "They kill people that tell truth, you will be dead."
(In retrospect, Stalin and Parliament of Nations didn't kill but saved many - ethnic Russia killed.)
- "I will tell the truth, but what means be dead?", I replied.
- "It will be some pain, than you will not feel anymore."
-"OK, I am always in pain, since I was injected with TB,
I will tell the truth."

During the tour I was approached by a tall man that offered me go to toilet or wash my hands.
I said I didn't need to go.
He looked at my body for a half minute, till I felt a pain, so felt a boy that was staying next to me - we voluntired to go.
On the way back, he lead us by different corridor, stopped at the open door and offered Stalin to talk to me.

(vill continue)

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 05, 2012 19:41
Stalin asked me about situation in USSR, I told what my grandmother told me - he was sutisfied with my answers.
Than he asked:
- "Do you think it will work?"
- "Not as fast as you plan, as people say - they are tired and not
- "What can we do? Germans destroyed everything, we have
nothing to give to the people, but we have to rebuilt as fast as
we can, to survive."

Not withstanding that I didn't see a man, that happened to be Lazar Kaganovich, snicking from another door, hiding behind the Stalin, I logicly saw the answer, and when I started talk, some power came upon me.
I do not know whether it was God's blessing or just trick of Russian plagio-telepaths that like to listen what one would say, than think what to do about it.

I offered "Contract with The People", a pledge and a law that Government would pay larger shear of produced goods and services to the people, along with rebuilding, month after month and year after year, so that people would see result of their work and improving standard of living.
When shear of the pay would reach some 30%-50%, government would transfer the same things to taxing system,
continuing improve standard of living and publicly deciding investments and pays, as a democratic country.
For the time being, additional revenues might be received from saling government bonds, trade and humanitarian help.

At this point Lazar Kaganovich jumped in front of me and started to poke at me finger or through his hands angreely-panicly:
- "It is Burgua propaganda! We must "razobrat'sya
(interrogate, russ.)" who is teaching him Burgua propaganda
in his family!"
Stalin looked at him with estonishment:
- "What are you "melesh" Lazar? He is right!
It is exactly what we have to do! let's write together such
article on front page of magor newspaper, as he suggested."

(will continue)

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 06, 2012 18:33
Kaganovich continued to object:
- "We need more humanitarian help from USA!
Our Russians in Moscow want more of it!"
Stalin replied:
- "We already getting humanitarian help from USA and asking for
more, but we have to rebuild on our own too, they will not
support us forever, and this boy is right, it will give hope."

Kaganovich agreed, but asked with canning impression on his face:
- "Good, we will write the article, but to whom we will credit it all?
Stalin was surprised:
- "What do you mean? We will write it, mentioning the child
that proposed it."
Kaganovich became horrified-furrious, stamping his boots on the floor:
- "It is "nel'zya" (forbiden, russ)!
All credits must be given to Great Russia!
We always give it to Russian Academicians, Generals and
other important Russians!"
Stalin turned looking sick.
In retrospect, he meant also his own intellectual property that he
offered through his life even to science, but ask not publish his credit for his contributions, till he dead or retired from government job, not to provoke mutney of envious Russian despots.
He was really surprised:
- "All priorities allways go to Russians?"
Kaganovich confirmed it.
Stalin was in shock. He turned blue, sitting unconsious for few minutes, with hanging down jaw and glass-like eyes.
Than he came arroung, but his voice was weak, like voice of an old broken man:
- "It is unbelieveble! How one can create and another one
say that he created it? We will mention name of this child."
- "But he is only 4 years of age! What is he, more intelligent than
our Great Russian scientists? What will our Great Russian
Generals and government leaders say?"
- "We will say that the truth is often better seen by a child, not
yet hardened by life, as we are."
Kaganovich stop arguing, but later sent relatives of my mother,
of Jewish extraction, to bug me.
My mother and her older brother were given work-leave by somebody to talk to me.
He said:
- "How could you be so intelligent, at age 4? Where did you get
it all?"
- "Grandmother was reading to me newspapers and answered
all my questions, including USA Social Security System.
Russians, probably related to Russia-controll, told me to say
that it wouldn't work, because people were tired. All said
that it is important to be prepared. I have good memory."
- "You must say, if asked, that Great Russian scientists
advised most Intelligent Jew, Lazar Kaganovich, to find the
solution and he ordered to Grandmother teach it to you!"
- "No, nowbody told me that, it is rather simple - if people suffer,
but there is not enough to give to them, why not make the
improving of standard of living part of rebuilding process?
Why not use for it known in USSR and USA economic tools?
Why give not hope?"
My mother's brother became angry, stamping his foots on the paved passage in a park-alley, thought unlike Lazar, he was
just bold:
- "They will kill grandmother for that!"
My mother said:
- "Pin it on me, let them kill me - I don't want them to kill my
I responded:
- "They will not kill any of you! They'll kill me, I am responsible
for the solutions, I proposed, alone - it was simple common
sence (I didn't know word "logic") and some enlightment"

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 10, 2012 11:10
Soon after the magor newspaper published "Contract with The People" - the same day Russians arrested me ( it happened several times) and exempted copies of the paper from circulation.
Contract with the people was working, thought, for more than a decade, till Russian usurpers abolished it and robbed most of population.

Two middle-aged women brought me to KGB headquarters, they were present during interrogations.
I was accused of desire be Zcar of Russia, because I told it to Stalin, instead of secretly reporting to Russians my ideas, so that they would select and plagiarize what they choosen.
They also demanded me be their intellectual slave.
I told them that I never thought about my proposition that way, that USSR, including Russia, had no Zcars and that I refused
be a slave.
They also demanded me keep quiet about "Contract with The People" and my part in it.
At first I refused.
They said that USA had A-bomb and they had flatter USA
leaders for "Marchal plan" idea.
(That idea actually precided by Stalin's advise to USA to be remembered as helping suffering Humanity after WW2.)
I replied that my proposition had nothing to do with it.
Russians insisted that it was necessary to please USA, like only USA could have such ideas, or they might use A-bombs on USSR.
(In retrospect USA started Cold War only after Russians put Stalin under house arrest and started annex USSR republics and Eastern Europe.)
I asked Russians:
- "When USSR will have A-bomb?"
- "In 2-3 years."
_ "I will only agree not to voluntire what you ask, unless it will be called for, and only till USSR will have A-bomb too."
- "We'll see about that! I well squize evrything from you!"

One of the women said:
- "Can't he grow-up and become a politician, if people would elect him he can help us as one of the leaders?"
- "No, only Russians can be leaders - but we'll squize out of him all ideas - to be Great Leaders!"
- "Can't he grow-up and become a general, like Bagrationi?"
- "No, only Russians can be generals and officers - but we'll squize out of him all ideas - to be Great Military Leaders!"
- "Can't he grow-up and become a scientist-academician?"
- "No, only Russians can be academicians - but we'll squize out of him all ideas - to be Great Scientists!"
- "Can't he grow-up and become an engineer, to help us built industrial projects?"
- "No, only Russians would be allowed graduate universities - but we'll squize out of him all ideas - to be Great Engineers!"

I refused their advances:
- "If you Russians hate us so much, why would I want be one
of your leaders? Or be among your officers? Or among your
scientists? Or among your engineers?
Sure I refuse be a slave and produce ideas that you would
name as your own!"
- "Than we'll sentence you and your mother to death!"

When I was left alone with women-guards, one of them said:
- "As British predict, it will be Judgement day in year 2,000.
This people will condemn themselves and their World."
(I liked that phrase and repeited it to the boss of the KGB department that interrogated me.)
- "Can I save the World from it?"
-"No, at best you can save your own soul and one other soul.
Just walk upon the Earth as was Jesus Christ."

I am not sure whether I saved my mother's soul - she was eutinased against my will than bestially murdered in USA hospital, 7/7/2012 - by CIA, ordered by Russia.
Would anybody's soul survive such procedure of deliberatly murdering part by part human soul?

(vill continue)

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 11, 2012 02:04
Next interrogation took different approach.
The "Boss" demanded me to look at alboms with photos
of different individuals and say wich of them I do not like.
It was going on for some time, than the boss left for a wile
and the others in the office said:
- "Do you know why he asked you to do that?"
- "He is forcing me, I think, to have some will power controll
over me."
- "No, they forge cases on people, mostly innocent by
standards, as "enemies of the people" and kill them and their families. How do you know who of them is who?"
- "I don't!"
The "Boss" returned back.
I told him that I wasn't going to do it, because they were just
people that he wants to kill.
- "But you can! We are looking for the "enemies of the people",
You must!"
- "I only can see faces that look nicer or nastier, that doesn't mean any of them is the "enemy". Out of all people in this room
your face look the meanest and most evil. That would make you the biggest "enemy of the people", wouldn't it?"
The "Boss", a short guy, jumped two yards out of the open
door, like splashed with boiling water, than he ran back-in:
- "Why me?"
- "I will squize out of you everything!"

The "Boss" lied to Stalin that I refused identify "enemies of the people" and Stalin asked to arrange our second and last short meetting in an alley of a park near Kremlin.
Before that happened, somebody arranged brainwash on me, probably not without Levitic army of Lazar Kaganovich.
One of sons of the purged Soviet Leaders, about 7 years older than me, approached me and told that I shouldn't talk to the Soviet Leaders (presumably Stalin), because they will order to
kill my mother, if I say something they don't like.
- "Better just answer question with question, as I do. Just ask why."
During the short meeting Stalin said:
- "They say that you refuse help them to catch "enemies".
How one, specially a child could know that?"
- "It is what I said to them."
Stalin thought about something for a while, than he said:
- "We had a lot of enemies, now I do not know anymore."
- "Why?"
He looked at me with a strange impression:
- "I know who tought you that! He always say "why"."
He thought for a moment, than continued:
- "His father was executed by Russians as "the enemy of the people"...
- "Why?"
- "Stop it!
Many people were killed...
Mistical prediction by a child to find who is the enemy?
Now I see how Russians were forging it and were lying to us"...

(will continue)

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 11, 2012 23:08
Stalin didn't like that I answered "Why?" (pochemu, russ),
however it was called for.
I knew nothing about "enemies of the people" and "purges",
so I asked "Why?".
Unfgortunately that word was already used by another one and
was reinforced by Russian telepaths, the "podletcy i raskol'niki".
(In retrospect, Stalin saved many from being killed, including the
father of the boy in question, few times, till Russians simply grabbed him and forced sign a confession, than killed him.)

My last interrogation was a total international lying comedy.
The evening before they made my mother read me children foretail abouit an old agly witch, (Baba Yaga, Russ).
During interrogation Russians came in a large group of spies and telepaths, in a large empty room, orchestrated by the same
He brought fresh outprint of a newspaper page with
"karikatura" of Churchill and Truman.
I didn't know who they were, but their faces and noses looked like the pictures from the faretail about "Baba Yaga".
They set me in a chear, put the "karikatura" in front of me and surrounded me by a tightly close gang of screaming and
laughing telepaths:

- "Churchill and Truman! Baba Yaga!
American imperiaslists! British Imperialists! Baba Yaga!
They eat little children, like Baba Yaga! They are agly!
Laugh! Why aren't you laughing! Baba Yaga!"

I didn't laugh, it was nothing to laugh about and I didn't trust
my enemies that betrayed me and tried to brake me.
However, at some point they put me into trance and I started to lough and even repeited after them something about Churchill
and Truman.
At this point the group wanished, except their "Boss" that walked
to the part-open door and invited two individuals, probably diplomats or liason from Britain and USA.
I immediatly snapped out of hypnosis.
The "Boss" pointed at me:

- "Look how non-Russians, specially Georgians, like this boy
and Stalin, have no respect for Authority!
How they hate your Great Leaders!
Only Russia respects you!"
I was indignated:
- "This Russian is lying!
He brought many screaming and laughing whitches here,
trying to make me laugh at the faces on a page that look like "Baba Yaga" from faretail that they showed me before!
He is just a mean lier!"
The "Boss" grabbed both men and lead them out of the room,
continuing to lie to them holericly...

(will continue)

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 13, 2012 00:16
I still was visiting the children hospital, healing a hole in my
langs that Russian-German nazi-Moscovites put there.
My mother and other parents were visiting on Sunday.
We were sitting on some blanket on the fresh Spring grass in the yard.
When my mother split two slices of bread with a little butter and
an apple that she brought alone, a large dark car entered the
paved passage and stopped next to us.
It looked like a foreign car.
People that visitted with their children turned pail-scared.
The door openned and my mother walked to a man
that was sitting at the open door of his car.
She also turned pail.

He presented himself as a loyal to Stalin head of his guard,
apointed once by the Government, and said:
- "Leaders of Moscow and Russian Federation sentenced
your son and you to death."
- "Why?"
- "Because of him," he said and pointed with his head and eyes at me.
- "What he (Stalin) said?"
- "He was put under house arrest by Russian Federation and Moscow leaders (for the same reason).
He told to pass you a message - go to any non-Russian
republic that have no jurisdiction of Russian Federation.
Russians wouldn't be able to touch you legally."
- "We will go to Moldova, my parents are from there and they have there relatives.
But what about illegally? Russians are everywhere and can kill anybody."
- "Yes, go to Moldova.
He (Stalin) said that it is true that Russians started kill non-Russians, specially children, starting with leading in USSR
He is hold incommunicado, but he promissed to convince Russians to change their mind."

We left Moscow at the Spring of 1947, I think in April or May, before July 23, 1947, when Wallenberg they said died.
Russians were taking over and reversing restoration of "CIS",
as would comprise from Preamble to Constitution of USSR.
Ethnic Russians started influx into non-Russian countries and
Eastern Europe, including Hungary.

My mother went, before leaving Moscow, to largest department store - only few Russians, looking like ruling class with
Varanga-Prussaka self-indulge with importance "mordas",
were walking there, among goods.
It was staffed by import goods from the West, including British Tweed, while Russian influx started organize hunger all over USSR.

First night in Kishinev we spent at my mother's relatives.
She told them what hapenned with us, being sentenced.
They told it to their son, about 5 years older than me.
In the morning he called me out, bringing all street of Russian
and Russian-speaking kids.
(local Moldavians were expelled from City or purged by Russians.)
They stoned me, screaming that I was enemy of Great Russia
and made various pro-Russian insults.
One stone wounded my forehead...
Blood was runing over my face...

(vill continue)

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
August 13, 2012 09:25
In a few days my mother brought me in a day-care children guarden and started to work.
The children were a bit older than me, all Russians, few Russified Polls and one Russian Jew.
About half of them came recently from Russia.
It was also one kitchen women and one care-giver, a student of
Russian language and literature.
She told that she was reading book by Great Russian writer,
"Vishnevyiy Sad", than stared at me with growing hate and said:
- "Children, boys!
Let's play war, we all are Russian army and we will defeite the Germans!"
Than she order the tall Jewish kid to stand and the wall and be German and turn to me:
- "You are also German! Go to the wall!"
- "I am not German."
- "You must be a Jew, thus you are German!"
- "I am neither Jew nor German and I am not going play with you."
- "We know all about you!"
She twisted my arms and dragged me to the wall.
- "We Russians will defeite you! Charge Russians!"
I wasn't yet 5 years of age, but they bounced off.
So they all attacked the Jew and he submissivly vanished
under their bodies.
Thought I was standing on my feets, the care-giver started scream victoriously and vindictivly, pointing at me:
- "We defeited you! We Russians are Great!"
- "Nobody defeited me!"
I got really angry and one after another grabbed Russians that were sworming over the Jew and put them on the ground one upon another.
Than I steped on them and repeated:
- "Nobody defeited me!"

Before dinner she told that I am punished for insulting the Great Russia:
- "You will not eat but stand and look at good Russian children eating!
It is Russian bread everybody eat!"
- "I thought it is Moldavian bred."
The Jewish kid started to beg:
- "I didn't defeited Great Russia, he did, please let me eat!"
She let him eat and stared at me, but I simply didn't want eat.
It made her very angre.
After the dinner she dragged me into the kitchen:
- "We will make you eat what you deserve, if you don't want
eat Russian bread!"
The kitchen woman scratched two table spoons of cooked serials and mixed it about half with arsenic, taken from cans
lying at the floor.
Kitchen woman manage to make me swallow one table spoon of half-poison.
I managed grabb a fork from the counter and stabbed the
care-giver that was holding me in her tie.
She releived the hold and kitchen women didn't catch me -
I ran out of kitchen and out of open gates to an abandoned field.
I started to throw-up and almost loosing consiousness.
Later I washed myself at a "hydrant" and returned back.
Both woomen were waiting, hiting behind the open halfs of the gate...

(will continue)

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