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Bahrain Demands Apology From Iran For Translation Error

Egyptian President Muhammad MorsiEgyptian President Muhammad Morsi
Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi
Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi
Bahrain has demanded an apology from Iran for an incorrect translation of a speech that appeared to list the island nation as one of the Arab states to have experienced a revolution in the past year.

The Bahraini government lodged a complaint with Iranian officials after Farsi interpreters translating a speech by Egyptian President Muhammad Morsi on Iranian state television and radio replaced the word "Syria" with "Bahrain."

Morsi, who was elected president in June, made his remarks on August 30 during a meeting in Tehran of the Nonaligned Movement.

Bahrain's state-run news agency accused Iranian media of interfering in Bahrain's internal affairs and called the mistranslation "a violation, fabrication, and unacceptable media behavior."

Shi'ite power Iran, a close ally of Syria, has frequently criticized Bahraini authorities for crackdowns against mainly Shi'ite protesters seeking greater political rights.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters
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by: Jack from: US
September 02, 2012 19:05
This is Zionist Mossad conspiracy. US is biggest sponsor of terrorism.
In Response

by: Not Jack from: USA
September 03, 2012 04:47
Jack, why don't you go back to Saudi Arabia or Iran & join your Muslim terrorist friends. US is not for Al Qaeda sympathizers like you.

by: Jack from: US
September 02, 2012 23:04
Bahrain is Wahhabi Sunni dictatorship propped up by US government

by: John from: US
September 03, 2012 04:51
This has nothing to do with Israel, wtf?

by: Dave from: REALLY from the US
September 03, 2012 05:03
"by: Jack from: US"

"This is Zionist Mossad conspiracy. US is biggest sponsor of terrorism."

Whatever rock-banging troll, go back to oppressing women and other entities smaller and weaker than you, and leave the trolling to professionals.

The internet isn't your backwards theocracy, and it never will be.

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