Friday, August 26, 2016


Iranian President's Ally Released From Detention

Said MortazaviSaid Mortazavi
Said Mortazavi
Said Mortazavi

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Iran Ex-Prosecutor Mortazavi Detained

The arrest came after Saeed Mortazavi played a role in a clash between parliament speaker Ali Larijani and President Mahmud Ahmadinejad,
Iran's state news agency says a close ally of President Mahmud Ahmadinejad has been released from detention.

IRNA quotes unnamed officials as saying that Said Mortazavi, a former chief prosecutor, was freed on February 6 from Evin prison.

His arrest on Febraury 3 came shortly after Ahmadinejad publicly accused parliament speaker Ali Larijani's family of corruption and influence peddling.

Ahmadinejad clashed with Larijani over the impeachment of his labor minister because he appointed Mortazavi to head Iran's social-security fund.

Mortazavi was suspended from his post as prosecutor in 2010 over the torture deaths of three protesters arrested after the 2009 presidential election, which the opposition said was rigged in Ahmadinejad's favor.

Ahmadinejad on February 5 harshly criticized Mortazavi's arrest, saying he would pursue the case after returning from his visit to Egypt.

Based on reporting by AP and Reuters

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