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U.S. Calls On Tehran To Release All Political Prisoners

The U.S. State Department says it is concerned over reports that Iranian Kurdish activist Mohammed Seddigh Kaboudvand and human rights defender Nargess Mohammadi are suffering from “rapidly deteriorating health” in prison.

In a statement issued on July 18, State Department’s spokesperson Victoria Nuland called on Iranian authorities to immediately release all political prisoners and to uphold its laws and obligations that guarantee freedom of expression, religion, opinion and assembly.

Reports say Kaboudvand has been on hunger strike since May 26 to protest the Iranian authorities’ refusal to allow him to visit his sick son.

Mohammadi has been denied proper medical care for previous health problems.

Both are reportedly in critical condition.

Earlier this week three rights groups also called on Iran to release ailing Kaboudvand. Kaboudvand and Mohammadi have been jailed on security charges.

Based on State Department statement, Amnesty International
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by: Peter from: N.Bethesda, MD, USA
July 19, 2012 21:37
The United States is quick to condemn other countries--and rightfully so--for keeping political prisoners, suffering from "rapidly deteriorating health" in prison. If we know to tell other countries that these prisoners should be released, it seems only fair that the US should do the same. Jonathan Pollard has served 27 years in prison, longer (by more than 20 years!) than any other person charged with the crime with which he was charged; and he is now aging and in "rapidly deteriorating health". Israel has asked the US to be compassionate and release Jonathan Pollard from prison. The President of the US has given no public response to this request and silently has done nothing. The Secretary of State, Madame Clinton, has just recently told the Israelis, when in Israel, that Pollard is serving a just sentence. This is a lie. So many in the US government and formerly in high positions (at the time of Pollard's arrest) are now calling for his release. We ask Israel and other countries to release prisoners who have murdered and maimed innocent people. Jonathan Pollard has murdered and maimed nobody. His punishment never fit his crime; and it was never just and most certainly is no longer warranted. But until the US releases him, we have no right to ask other countries to do what we will not do, nor should we expect them to do so. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. The US should, as the old saying goes, "put up or shut up".

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