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Stirring Video Asks Tehranis, 'What's Your Wish?'

There's a moving new video produced by a young Iranian artist, Ali Molavi, who asked people in Iran a difficult question: "What's your wish for today?"

It's called "Fifty People, One Question."

"Peace of mind," says one woman.

Another says she just wants her children to be happy.

One man says all he wants is an end to inflation and rising prices, while another says he hopes Iran's ties improve with the rest of the world.

Watch it here (click on "Turn on captions" for English subtitles):

-- Golnaz Esfandiari
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by: Tara
March 01, 2013 15:53
It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for bringing it to everyone's attention in your column.
In Response

by: Alistair Evans from: Bristol
March 02, 2013 12:12
This was filmed on my 40th Birthday which was pretty much an I uneventful event. I could not read what they were saying as I only have a phone to use at the moment l. However it brought me to tears also. Here are people whom so many like to imply how they should live. Some think they should believe in the propaganda driven RT way of events forever hating America where communism is tranquility.

I myself as a Welsh person cannot understand what they are saying. However, I would wish and live for the Iranian people to join us with the rest of the world. No restrictions of where they can travel, or believe.

by: Anonymous
March 02, 2013 18:41
Thanks so much for this very touching video. We all want the same things.

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