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The Iran Conflict Comes To The Caucasus

Mourners carry the coffin of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan during his funeral in Tehran on January 13. Roshan is the fourth Iranian nuclear scientist to be assassinated in two years. Iran accuses Azerbaijan of colluding with Israel in the killings.
Mourners carry the coffin of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan during his funeral in Tehran on January 13. Roshan is the fourth Iranian nuclear scientist to be assassinated in two years. Iran accuses Azerbaijan of colluding with Israel in the killings.

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Video Israelis Targeted In Georgia, India

Israeli diplomats in Georgia and India have been targeted by bomb strikes that Jerusalem is blaming on archenemy Iran, which has denied any involvement.
By Brian Whitmore
When police in Tbilisi discovered and defused a bomb on the car of an employee of the Israeli Embassy on February 13, it marked the second time in less than a month that the Jewish state's diplomats had become the target of an attack in the South Caucasus.

The other incident came in late January when Azerbaijani security officials said they had foiled an Iranian plot to assassinate the Israeli ambassador, a local rabbi, and other prominent Jews in that country. Police arrested two Azerbaijani nationals in connection with that plot.

In both cases, Iran has been named as the suspected mastermind. Israel publicly accused Tehran of being behind the aborted Tbilisi attack. And officials in Baku said the two Azerbaijani suspects arrested in January had collaborated on the alleged assassination plot with an Iranian citizen connected to that country's security services.

Iran has denied involvement in either incident. But analysts say the two cases illustrate how Georgia and Azerbaijan -- due to their proximity to Iran and their close relations with Israel and the United States -- risk being drawn deeper into the quickly escalating conflict between Tehran on one side and Israel and the West on the other.

"We think of Iran primarily through the lens of the Persian Gulf. But this is a reminder that it also functions as a Caspian and Caucasian power," says Nikolas Gvosdev, a professor of national security studies at the U.S. Naval War College.

"Everyone is focused on Iran's ability to shut down the Strait of Hormuz," he continued. "Well, it can cause problems in the Caucasus, as well, if it so chooses."

Asymmetrical Warfare

The foiled bomb plots in Georgia and Azerbaijan -- as well as recent attacks in India and Thailand -- came amid escalating tensions between Iran and the West over Tehran's nuclear program, with talk of potential military strikes by the United States or Israel becoming increasingly frequent.

The talk of armed conflict has sparked fears of reprisal attacks in the Caucasus region.

Michael Lotem, Israel's ambassador to Azerbaijan, was the target of an assassination plot, according to Azerbaijani officials.Michael Lotem, Israel's ambassador to Azerbaijan, was the target of an assassination plot, according to Azerbaijani officials.
Michael Lotem, Israel's ambassador to Azerbaijan, was the target of an assassination plot, according to Azerbaijani officials.
Michael Lotem, Israel's ambassador to Azerbaijan, was the target of an assassination plot, according to Azerbaijani officials.
Besik Aladashvili, a Tbilisi-based security analyst, said Georgia could be more vulnerable to attacks similar to the one that was thwarted this week if armed conflict breaks out.

"I do not rule out the possibility that should the United States and Israel launch a military operation against Iran, then Iran will retaliate. This will happen in countries around the world," Aladashvili told RFE/RL's Georgian Service.  

"If things escalate -- God forbid -- into an open confrontation, we cannot exclude the possibility of Georgia becoming part of the conflict and terrorist attacks occurring here."

Analysts say Iran is looking to raise the cost of confrontation by carrying out "asymmetrical" attacks on Israeli targets. Tehran is convinced that Israel's intelligence service, Mossad, is behind a series of assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists and is seeking to exact revenge.

Wayne Merry, a former U.S. State Department official who is now senior fellow for Europe and Eurasia at the American Foreign Policy Council, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, says due to Georgia and Azerbaijan's proximity to and visa-free-travel agreements with Iran, Israeli facilities in those countries in those countries are among "the most available targets" for Tehran.

"I think what we are looking at here is a low-level asymmetric conflict between intelligence services -- Iranian and Israeli -- in which the territory and sovereignty of other countries are not well-respected," Merry says.

Baku-Tehran Tensions

Moreover, the saber-rattling between Iran and the West come amid a festering -- albeit thus far low-intensity -- conflict between Tehran and Baku, making Azerbaijan additionally vulnerable.

Much of this stems from Baku's close relations with Tel Aviv, analysts say.

WATCH: Authorities in Georgia defuse an explosive device that was planted on an Israeli Embassy vehicle in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, on February 13.
Bomb Found On Israeli Embassy Car In Georgiai
|| 0:00:00
February 14, 2012
Authorities in Georgia defused an explosive device that was planted on an Israeli Embassy vehicle in the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, on February 13. The same day, an explosion damaged an Israeli Embassy car in New Delhi, injuring the driver and a diplomat's wife. AP video
Azerbaijan, a predominantly Muslim country that is home to approximately 9,000 Jews, has exceptionally warm relations with Israel. Azerbaijan provides Israel with the bulk of its oil, while Israel sells Azerbaijan weapons. The close relations have long been an irritant to Iran.

Tehran has also long believed that Azerbaijan is allowing the Mossad to operate freely on its territory.

"The Iranians perceive that Baku is being used by Israel as a base of intelligence operations -- whether electronic listening or sending in and out agents or whatever," Merry says. "In Iran, there is a perception that along its northern perimeter, Azerbaijan is a place that is being used by Israel in its broader rivalry with the Islamic republic."

Earlier this month, Iran summoned Azerbaijan's ambassador in Tehran and accused Baku of assisting Mossad in staging actions across the two countries' common border -- specifically, the recent wave of assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists.

Azerbaijan denied those allegations, calling them "absurd" and "slander."

Highlighting Western Ties

Ross Wilson, a former U.S. ambassador to Azerbaijan and Turkey, said that in the event of armed conflict between Iran and the West measures will likely need to be taken to protect Azerbaijan from Iranian reprisals.

"As for the position that Azerbaijan finds itself in, I think that is a topic that our leaders -- at the appropriate point and I don't think we're there yet -- will have to have a conversation about," Wilson told RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service.

"Azerbaijan will not be the only country, if it comes to this, that is in an extremely difficult situation and will need some help and reassurance."

For their part, Azerbaijani officials appear to be going out of their way to highlight their close relations with Israel and the United States.

Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev visited NATO headquarters in Brussels on February 15. Aliyev also met with Israeli President Shimon Peres on January 25 and with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton earlier this month.

Azerbaijani officials have also hinted at territorial claims against Iran, where ethnic Azeris make up the largest minority, with some 16 percent of the population. Some legislators have even suggested changing the country's name to "North Azerbaijan," implying that the southern part of Azerbaijan is now an Iranian province.

Azerbaijan's neighbor and rival, Armenia, which has close relations with Iran, has managed to escape being drawn into the tensions thus far. And as Merry explains, this is no accident, due to Tehran's close relations with Yerevan.

"If you look at the three Caucasus states, Iran feels a good deal of bitterness towards Azerbaijan, a good deal of partnership and mutual interest with Armenia, and less so with Georgia," Merry says. "So in terms of choosing priorities for targets, I would suspect that those priorities are reflected."

RFE/RL's Azerbaijani and Georgian services contributed to this report
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by: George from: USA
February 17, 2012 15:44
Has anyone heard of false-flag operations? The Mossad is a masterful practitioner of this tactic. There is no chance that Iran was involved in any of the recent bombings. How was the bomb under a car detected in Georgia unless the owner already know that it was placed there. Who checks the bottom of a car regularly? Why would Iran jeopardize its relationship with India at a time that India is the second biggest importer of its oil? It simply makes no sense.
In Response

by: dlpartyka from: Oxford, NC USA
February 17, 2012 17:01
Shhhhhhhhhhh. Your not suppose to tell folks the truth. Somebodys gonna come knockin with our new detention laws don'tcha know.
In Response

by: Demetrius Minneapolis from: My House
February 17, 2012 19:50
Hey George, gotta link? Proof? Perhaps a Stormfront webpage?

Iran could ravish India and they would thank the Mahdi for it so long as they flow of natural gas continues. Stop being naive.

You conspiracy minded individuals sure are fun to laugh at, almost as much fun as Ron Paul supporters.
In Response

by: GW from: San Diego
February 18, 2012 06:18
Yea I suppose the Israelis paid an Iranian guy to got to Thailand and blow his own legs off. That seems likely!

by: rick from: milan
February 17, 2012 16:59
Is there a "conflit" in Iran ?

maybe rfe refers to 2 nuclear scientist bombed in Iran ?

by: American Troll
February 17, 2012 20:19
If Israel has only one ten-thousandth of the cunning and acumen that the "Mossad false flag" crowd insists it has, then I desperately want to be ruled by Israelis. Sheer enlightened self-interest demands it. Instead, my rulers grovel to oil money, which necessitates pandering to the thin skins of these cultural and demographic deserts in tribal Eurasia whence it flows.
In Response

by: Phil from: Sydney
February 20, 2012 00:13
This conflict is further proof that America remains Israel's little (you know what), Israel has a license to do whatever it wants in the middle east. They are the only country with nuclear capabilities and they will stop at nothing to keep it that way. The US just sits back and lets them impoverish and abuse their neighbours. The Palestinian plight is a human rights tragedy and Israel instigates it and America ignores it, it's truly sad!
In Response

by: Dog Bar from: Earth
February 27, 2012 13:25
Phil Your right..
Isreal the petend state is selling arms to topple
ofter countries Yet the Americans continue to supply
the Irealies with arms
same can be said of whats happening to Syria..
Isrealie, American and the UK are supplying
the Terrorist. The terroirist are fighting the Syrian armed force with Isrealie, American and Uk
weapons Thank god theres Russia and China
Gazza ~ America and the UK should be a shamed
America and the UK should demand by force that Isreal STOP... Starting with sanctions and finally with War.

by: Konstantin from: Los Angeles
February 22, 2012 01:32
Both is possible, specially the Iranian involvment,
Considering history -

Northern-Western Iran is an annexed parts of
pre-Ibero-Albano-Colho-Caucasia since Persians periodicly, betraying Median United Nations, invaded Media, almost 3 Milleniums ago, which was part of pre-Georgian Kingdoms, including Caspian Albania (Southern Azerbayjan), invaded more recently too, that is still part of Iran now.

Not withstanding old history of Persia and brave, thought often to militaristic men, sence of national pride - Iran is often instigated
to imperial biggotry by "Chaldean pristhood" and Russian "Varaga" inspirerers, not unlike that idiot that made
one of his prizing imperial conquests moves about Alexander of Macedonia in Persia and "Dariush"...

Such induced Persian ambitions reverberate with Urartu bigotry of "Great Armenia from Sea to Sea" (new friends of Iran) include
even larger clame of Persia on whole ancient civilised World,
that once was Median Common Wealth, helped by UN of
Media that later was invaded by Persia - "the Empire to build"...

Somebody puling strings...
Is it Iranian leader, also from South Azerbayjan?
Is it Iranian ambitions in science and technology to claim also
a shear of brains, including Jews-scientists, or they just helping Russia to grabb it with end of Israel?

Who knows...

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