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Azerbaijan Protests Iranian Official's 'Irresponsible' Statements

Major General Hassan Firouzabadi
Major General Hassan Firouzabadi
BAKU -- The Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry has formally protested anti-Azerbaijani statements allegedly made by an Iranian official, RFE/RL's Azerbaijani Service reports.

Iran's Fars news agency on August 9 quoted Major General Hassan Firouzabadi, the chairman of Iran's joint chiefs of staff, as having criticized Azerbaijan's government "for taking measures that go against Islamic principles."

Mehr news quoted Firouzabadi as saying Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev should know that "the people's awakening" cannot be suppressed, and that "Ilham Aliyev will face a grim fate if he does not heed this warning."

Firouzabadi reportedly expressed regret that certain neighboring countries do not feel bound by the principles of friendship with Iran.

Iranian Ambassador to Azerbaijan Mammadbagir Bahrami was summoned today to the Azerbaijani Foreign Ministry and handed a protest note. The note called the statements attributed to Firouzabadi "irresponsible."

"Information [directed] against the Azerbaijani people, state, and state security contradicts friendly mutual ties between the two countries," the note reads.

The Foreign Ministry demanded the Iranian side counteract such biased statements against Azerbaijan and take steps to preclude any further such statements in the future.

The head of Azerbaijan's border service, Lieutenant General Elchin Quliyev, told APA news agency that Firouzabadi "should concentrate on neutralizing groups that smuggle drugs and other commodities" into Azerbaijan from Iran rather than "make such illiterate and nonprofessional statements."

The Iranian Embassy in Baku issued a press release today denying that Firouzabadi made the statements attributed to him. It said the reports are "a media misunderstanding."

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by: fly eye from: the mighty USA
August 11, 2011 20:01
Just remember.....its always easy to tell when iran is lying....their mouth will be moving!!!!!
In Response

by: Kemal Anaturk from: Kurdistan
August 11, 2011 21:51
Dear Kyor oglu from ,the land of the free & home of the brave,instead of writing crap on rfe/rl posts better write to yer senator to help the Iranians get back their breakaway public toilet province of ali baba alievstan.the majority of azeris live in iran,and when the iranians finally get back their lands now occupied by kgb azeri allahtans,abdals like you,writing from the `mighty usa`will find it hard to find work as a .toilet attendants.Sharia to you my dear secret service informer.
In Response

by: Mohammed-Hussein Shirazi from: Karaj, Iran
August 13, 2011 21:25
Mr. Firouzabadi is absolutely right to warn aliyev’s coward regime which has been shamelessly engaged in suppressing our Muslim brothers in Baku and also established evil ties with our number one enemy, Israel. Your days are numbered, Iranian nation will take back what rightfully belongs to him. Baku and our northern provinces will be recaptured. Make no mistakes my brothers, you are to rejoin your bigger Iranian family soon and aliyev’s family will stand trial for their crimes against Muslims, and believe me when I tell you that begging for mercy will then not be an option. So listen carefully to what our distinguished General Firouzabadi tells you and do as instructed. You are bunch of misguided clowns who always need some sort of guidance.

by: ali from: Georgia
August 14, 2011 06:47
Iranian officials have got used to interfere in other countires' affairs as God's messengers, they have a mission to lead the world to equality, peace and truth, this is only their right endowed to them by virtue of their excellent human behaviour on Tehrans streets with protestors, they must be stopped because soon they will interfere in God's affairs, I think!!!!

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