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Iraq Blasts Kill At Least 13 At Baghdad Market

At least 13 people have been reported killed in two roadside bombs explosions at a popular market in the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

Police and hospital officials said as many as 100 people were injured in the blasts on June 22 at the market in Al-Husseiniyah, a predominantly Shi'ite area on Baghdad's northern outskirts.

The attack was the latest in a series of bombings this month that have targeted mainly Shi'ite Muslim pilgrims and religious sites.

Tensions have been high in Iraq since the departure of U.S. troops in December, amid feuding between Iraq's main Shi'ite, Sunni, and Kurdish political factions.

While overall violence in Iraq has dropped since the peak of sectarian fighting in 2006-2007, recent bombings against Shi'ites have reignited fears of renewed sectarian clashes.

Based on reporting by Reuters, AFP, and AP
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by: Jane from: Fairfield, Connecticuit
June 22, 2012 18:58
All of these bombings, as with all bombings in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria have a very British-Israeli accent as usual. This is how they started the civil war in the 1980's in Lebanon. The so called 'Israelis' would explode a bomb in a muslim neighborhood in Lebanon and point the finger at the Christians and the next day they would do the same in a Christian neighborhood and point the finger at the muslims. 40,000 people were killed this way in communities that were living peacefully together for centuries. Check out the drduke channel on youtube, before it gets taken down, to see what is really going on.

by: William from: Aragon
June 23, 2012 01:28
"Tensions have been high in Iraq since the departure of U.S. troops in December". No, tensions have been high for the past 10 years of US occupation, with daily car-bombings and other atrocities occuring right under the US Army's nose. Their withdrawl changed nothing.

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