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Islam TV Takes To Russia's Airwaves

The new channel will feature round-the-clock news, talk shows and debates, as well as music and entertainment.The new channel will feature round-the-clock news, talk shows and debates, as well as music and entertainment.
The new channel will feature round-the-clock news, talk shows and debates, as well as music and entertainment.
The new channel will feature round-the-clock news, talk shows and debates, as well as music and entertainment.
By Farangis Najibullah
Live from Moscow's landmark Ostankino tower, Russia's television viewers will have a new offering come the end of Ramadan -- a nationwide channel aimed at a Muslim audience and promoting Islamic values.
"The intended primary audience of the new channel is Russia's young Muslims," says Rustam Arifjanov, chief editor of Al-RTV. He admits that the new 24-hour satellite channel, which goes on air on August 19, has its work cut out for it as it attempts to attract young audiences through its offering of news, talk shows, and entertainment and music programs.
However, Arifjanov -- a well-known journalist with 20 years of experience in print, broadcast, and online media -- is confident Al-RTV will find its niche. 

"Russia doesn't have any federal television channel dedicated for Muslims. There are only regional Islamic channels in Chechnya and Tatarstan. So, there is a demand for [a television channel] with Islamic content among young Russians who follow Islam," Arifjanov says.

"But our audiences don't have to be only Muslims. There are young people who have interests in the Oriental and Arab world, Indonesia, and Turkey, as well as these nations' traditions and culture."
Al-RTV's producer, Timur Bulgakov, describes the channel's content as "rich, objective, and informative."

"The broadcast content will be prepared about [the lives of Muslims] from all Russian regions, and it is first such effort of its kind. Therefore, it's not going to be a some kind of local channel. There will be coverage from all Russian regions, including Bashkortostan, Daghestan, Chechnya, Russia's central regions, Nizhny Novgorod, and Povolzhye," Bulgakov says. 
Pro-Kremlin Clerics

Bulgakov says programs exploring the everyday lives of Russia's Muslim minorities, which make up a seventh -- or 14 percent -- of Russia's population, will feature prominently on Al-RTV'.
Plans for the new Islamic channel were first announced in July by the state-backed Russian Muslims Religious Directorate for European Regions.

Damir Mukhitdinov, the directorate's deputy head, says a so-called Public Religious Council will oversee the channel's activities.
The council consists of several leading pro-Kremlin clerics, most of whom occupy high-ranking posts in Islamic institutions.

"Members of the public council are well-known religious personalities, such as the Mufti of Moscow and Russia's Central Regions Elbir Krganov, head of Mordovia's regional Islamic administration Fehim Shafiev, and the representative of North Caucasus Muslims living in Moscow Shefik Pshikhachev, among others," Mukhitdinov says.
Ravil Gainutdin, the head of the Council of Russia's Muftis, has long echoed calls by leading Muslim clerics for a state-backed, nationwide Islamic channel 
In 2009, the leading pro-Kremlin cleric officially asked the Russian government to set up such a channel. 
While officially Al-RTV is not operated by the Kremlin, Mukhitdinov did not rule out "state grants" to help finance the Islamic channel "in the future."
"Currently, Al-RTB is being funded by private donors," Mukhitdinov says, while noting that the presidential administration has "greatly" supported the channel. 
Al-RTV will be available on Russia's largest satellite television operator, Tricolor, which covers almost all Russian regions. Bulgakov says the channel intends to expand its target audience as well as its number of correspondents on the ground. 
Written and reported by Farangis Najibullah, with additional reporting by RFE/RL Moscow correspondents Anton Benediktov and Tom Balmforth.
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by: Rick
August 19, 2012 17:12
well done !

A normalization of islam is good for everybody

waiting for new russian way of islam

August 19, 2012 19:56
"Islam TV Takes To Russia's Airwaves. The new channel will feature round-the-clock news, talk shows and debates, as well as music and entertainment."
Ok lets get it right this time: MUSIC IS NOT ALLOWED IN ISLAM.
In Response

by: a_yustisi from: nowhere
August 20, 2012 09:40
Who's said Islam dislike music?
Music is part of Islamic culture too ^^ (please read about Islamic culture and Islamic music/art)

Anyway, Congratulation, Russia for having this Islamic channel
God blesses all Ruskis :)
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August 20, 2012 17:03
You are free to believe in whatever you want to believe but 4 major schools (counting 1.4 billion people) of Islamic thought say music is forbidden
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August 20, 2012 17:14
More on forbidding music in Islam:
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by: Anonymous from: US
August 21, 2012 05:19
Even Anasheed is harram? Acapella nasheed is a fitting expression for Islam. Why not also forbid mosques from having geometric patterns and beautiful calligraphy?
In Response

by: Q from: Netherlands
August 21, 2012 06:50
Not true. Music is allowed. Some people say it is not, but it is not true. Islam has hundreds of years of poetry and music. (arabic, persian and Urdu)
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by: Mamuka
August 21, 2012 10:40
This discussion in the comments points up the problem with Islam today: some groups (the Taliban most notably) introduce ideas such as the ban of music because they say it is un-Islamic. Yet nothing in the religion prohibits music. There is nothing in the koran which says women must cover their bodies from head to toe in fabric, yet some fundamentalist societies insist upon it. I think most religions have these conflicts when people insist on interpreting the word of God for their own purposes.

by: rick
August 21, 2012 13:18
with your opinions about ISLAM / MUSIC

you give a proof about one of the main problems of Islam .

There is no single interpretation of Islam
because there is no central power,
there isn't a "Muslim pope" for speak clear
that with his authority
give "oneway" interpretation

Islam is basically an anarchist religion with some fixed points
and many eventual interpreted points
In Response

by: Anonymous from: US
August 22, 2012 04:50
Rick, I disagree with your basic concept here. I think anarchy within a religion is a strength, not a weakness. Islam is more of a people's religion than Catholicism, and people are the driving force in a religion's survival. Also, if a church functions with central authority as a corporate entity (the Vatican), it can also be wiped out as a single entity. Consider first the Sadducees, but then consider second how much economic damage was caused by the priesthood pedophile coverup scandals.

I can tell you from my own witness that 4 out of 5 Catholic churches in the US have been shut down, with for sale signs in the yard. This is happening due to legal expenses, despite the willingness of the laypeople to continue having Mass in their grandparents' churches. At the same time, parishes are underserved by transient priests that are expected to manage several churches and are then shuffled away. There are still many loyal nuns, but the central authority in Rome doesn't allow the nuns to perform Mass. This is contrary to the desire of the American Catholic laypeople, who see the nuns as legitimate spiritual authorities. The Catholic faith is imploding.

by: john from: canada
August 21, 2012 17:25
Would be interesting for RFERL to present more about Rustam Arifjanov political and social background, as well as his affiliation to state and non-state actors. Likewise to know more about the funding and editorial directions of Al-RTV. Thanks.

August 22, 2012 01:59
I am sorry to disappoint my non-Muslim opponents but 4 schools of Islamic thought (that's about 1.4 billion people) say that MUSIC IS HARAM (forbidden). You say huh? You know why you didn't know that because you stereotype Islam. You think that Muslims are at the same level of development as you. You think if you have music Muslims have music too. We are all humans and all alike, right? WRONG!
SINGING without music about religion or Koran singing is HALAL (allowed), that is why it is called SINGING. Poetry is HALAL. Koran is in poetic language no one can write anything even close to it. Don't believe me? Learn Arabic read and try to write better.
Please do not even refer to Shiite. They still have pagan traditions which they incorporated into their version of their "islam":
I urge you to investigate the subject matter before publishing incorrect information. Here are some examples of different Islamic studies scientists speaking in English from all over the world saying that MUSIC IS NOT ALLOWED IN ISLAM. Now I hope you do realize that there is NO SUCH THING AS "ISLAMIC MUSIC" there is Islamic SINGIGN WITHOUT MUSIC:

by: Anonymous
August 22, 2012 08:38
This Islamic Channel may well be crafted out by people sitting in corridors of power so as to have an indirect say in religious affairs of people and thereby controlling the psyche of Muslims.

If Private Corporations do it then it may be thought of as service to religion,
when state indulges directly or as proxy then motive is not clear.

Some people commented about "Music in Islam".

Music is BANNED in Islam for people 's start losing their senses and thereby may do very Un-Islamic.

As far as culture is concerned people do tend to have some folk Music.
Thes are people born as muslims but engaged in kufr.

So Islamic channel anywhere in world will use natural music i.e flowing river , birds chirping etc since they are creation of nature and so of GOD.

SUFI's play musical instrument and sing in praise of GOD , but they become mushliq's .
Most of them adhere to monasticism which is prohibited.

Islam is strict code of conduct based on Holy Koran and Hadees.
Which was written 1400 years and true for every generation to come.

So Taliban are just following the principles and it is not in contradiction with Islam.
In Response

by: Mamuka
August 22, 2012 10:38
As I understand it, the koran is the revelation of the word of God to his Prophet. But the hadees/hadithas have been written down since the time of the prophet, sometimes for political gain. Even today we hear of "fatwas" from self-appointed "scholars." And of course you can find this in any religion, but these days there is one that seems to be leading the way in enforcing these dictates with violence. As someone noted, there is no Pope of Islam, but there are any number of local warlords willing to play the role.
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by: Anonymous
August 23, 2012 06:10
Religious Scholar will rely heavily on hadees and you cannot convince them that they have been written for political gains.

As Islam says you should have faith in it , do not question any thing the five fundamentals need to be followed.

There is no place for rationalism , message delivered adhere it.
You may read story of Zainab and Abulaas Daughter and Son in Law respectively , Abulaas was businessman and was somewhat rational but due to his love for his wife and losing battles things changed.

Daughter on other hand left the most caring and affluent husband for sake of message of GOD delivered to prophet, so you can understand what happens if one of spouse is muslim.

The Ulema is authority in having final say so they can issue fatwas.

People may call them warlord but they are serving Islam.

As far as fundamentalist believe.
One who follows fundamentals is fundamentalist.

I have just given the view .
In Response

August 24, 2012 00:39
Hadiths are not made for political gains. These are well documented sources of what Prophet Mohammed (SAW) showed us (like the exact way we pray), told us, and gave approval. Every authentic hadith begins with "narrated by" and "transmitted by". These are well documented sources going back to the primary source prophet Mohammed (SAW). Mohammed (SAW) left Muslims 2 things: Koran and Sunna (hadiths). Those who follow it are Muslims. Those who invent hadiths for political gains can start looking for a place in hell. Many Muslims know Koran and hadiths by heart, so it is impossible to twist them or invent new ones. There is only one place where it is made possible. They are your neighboring country.

by: American Troll
August 22, 2012 10:46
And Russia has not had music since March of 2011 when T.A.T.u. split up.

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