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Shocking IS Video Appears To Show Child Militant Killing 'Russian FSB Spies'

A screen grab from the Islamic State propaganda video purportedly showing a child militant shooting two men identified as "Russian spies."
A screen grab from the Islamic State propaganda video purportedly showing a child militant shooting two men identified as "Russian spies."

A shocking new video by the Islamic State (IS) group that emerged on social media on January 13 appears to show a child militant shooting dead two men identified as “Russian agents.”

The child militant appears to be an ethnic Kazakh and is very possibly the same child who appeared in a recent Islamic State video featuring Kazakh child fighters undergoing training.

The 7 1/2-minute video, by IS’s propaganda wing the Al-Hayat media group, is titled Uncovering The Enemy Within and is in Russian with English and Arabic subtitles.

The narrator explains that the Islamic State group’s “enemies thought that they could send spies and agents to plot against the Islamic State.”

The video opens with the “confessions” of the two men, whom IS claims were Russian spies “recruited by the Russian intelligence services.”

The first man identifies himself as Zhanbolat Mamaev and says that he is from the Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan. Mamaev says he is an agent of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). However, he appears frightened and it is likely that his confession was made under duress. All of his answers are prompted by questions from a Russian-speaking “interviewer” who is off-camera.

Mamaev goes on to say that he was tasked with going to Syria and finding out information for the FSB, including information from Russian-speaking militants. He says that the FSB had promised to pay him for passing on information.

The captive goes on to say that he had been living in Istanbul “in an apartment next to a large mosque” and that there had been two others there -- an ethnic Karachay from the North Caucasus and a Turkish man.

The child appears to be a Kazakh boy who appeared in a recent IS video released in November and titled Race Toward Good.
The child appears to be a Kazakh boy who appeared in a recent IS video released in November and titled Race Toward Good.

The second captive appears to be an ethnic Russian and identifies himself as Sergei Ashimov. Like Mamaev, Ashimov appears frightened and his answers appear rehearsed. He uses IS terminology such as “brothers” to describe IS militants. He gives his age as 30 and says that before he came to Syria he worked for the FSB “against Muslims.” Ashimov says he had been tasked with providing information about “brothers fighting in Sham [Syria]” and to find out the location of the leader of IS.

The apparent forced nature of the confessions of the two men -- and their use of IS terminology -- are clues that Mamaev and Ashimov may not be telling the truth about being FSB agents.

Ashimov says that he was a “Muslim before, but then I handed over my brothers and so I became a murtad (apostate),” he told his captors.

The two men are then filmed apparently being shot and killed by a young ethnic Kazakh child.

The child appears to be a Kazakh boy who appeared in a recent IS video released in November and titled Race Toward Good. That video showed a group of Kazakh children undergoing military and ideological instruction in Syria. The boy said that he will be “the one who slaughters you, O Kuffar (infidels).”

After shooting the two men, the child holds his gun aloft and smiles. The video’s narrator explains that the two men have been “humiliated under the feet of these young mujahedin.”

Immediately following the video’s circulation on social media, the Russian Embassy in Damascus issued a statement saying that it had no information about the “publication of a video showing the execution of alleged FSB agents by members of the IS group.”

The FSB declined to comment.

Islamic State also shared this image of an alleged child suicide bomber.Islamic State also shared this image of an alleged child suicide bomber.
Islamic State also shared this image of an alleged child suicide bomber.
Islamic State also shared this image of an alleged child suicide bomber.

The video was released two days after IS shared images of an alleged child suicide bomber on social media.

According to pro-IS social media accounts on Twitter and on the Russian social networking website VKontakte, the child carried out a suicide truck-bombing attack in Iraq's Salahaddin Province.

Russian pro-IS accounts said the child had killed "tens of Rafidites," a derogatory term used by IS militants for Shi'ite Muslims. Some of the images show him sitting in the driver's seat of a truck and holding a weapon and a grenade.

Some of the images appeared under the title The Battle Of Revenge Of The Mother Of Believers, Aisha, a reference to one of the Prophet Muhammad's wives, who is viewed positively by Sunnis and unfavorably by Shi'ite Muslims.

-- Joanna Paraszczuk

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by: Michael Rivero from: Honolulu
January 13, 2015 19:25
If Rita Katz (whose father was executed as an Israeli spy) and SITE have anything to do with this video, then it is a manufactured fake to trick us into supporting more wars for the bankers!
In Response

by: pepe from: los guanas
January 14, 2015 13:56
If? Oh come on, Mike. Who didn't see this as a zionist false flag op from day one? Big question, who's funding this evilness?
In Response

by: Michael Rivero from: Honolulu
January 14, 2015 15:40
The American taxpayer, ultimately!

by: Jack from: US
January 13, 2015 20:35
Isn't US government arming and training Islamist rebels in Turkey? Isn't US government dropping arms and ammunition to ISIS on the ground? Isn't Israel reselling oil which ISIS pumps from oil wells in eastern Syria?
In Response

by: byron alexander from: Texas
January 14, 2015 13:51
yes, no, and no.

Enjoy conspiracy theories much?

by: Anonymous
January 13, 2015 21:42
who knows why
but for this news you opened the comments

What do you expect people write ?

by: hp from: usa
January 13, 2015 21:47
Direct from the drop off spot of a Rita Katz informant!
(a dumpster behind Abe Foxman's ADL office)

by: PB from: Australia
January 13, 2015 22:44
If Rita Katz is involved then its safe to say this is bullsh**.

by: bugs bunny from: albuquerque
January 14, 2015 06:42
child executioners. it's a sad world.

by: bs from: pennsylvaniat
January 14, 2015 08:07
There is no time like the present to test new US missile technology!

by: Birbal Dhar from: UK
January 14, 2015 10:25
Looks like these two executed men were probably islamic fighters who got on the wrong side of ISIS and the terrorist group decided to charge them as spies and make up a fictional story that they were FSB agents.

by: TE from: Houston, TX
January 14, 2015 12:20
Why would they blurr out the face of the child? I realize he is a minor but he is committing adult crimes. Good grief, our politically correct society today
In Response

by: Moderator
January 14, 2015 13:39
Thanks for your comment, but we regard it as appropriate, given his age and, obviously, level of maturity.
In Response

by: JC from: Fort Worth, TX
January 14, 2015 14:26
"...appropriate, given his age and, obviously, level of maturity." What?! He either killed someone or faked killing someone in cold blood and videoed it, so why would blurring his face be appropriate regardless of his age or maturity. Many murderers are immature, yet their pictures are posted regularly.
In Response

by: Owen from: Australia
January 14, 2015 20:45
Not appropriate at all. Totally agree..this kid is executing people and has the maturity to pull a trigger on any one of friends..loved ones..his face should be identified so there is no doubt who or where he is. Even the term 'appropriate' reeks of PCness. This kid has been turned, no going back and he will readily do it sympathy and no place in the world for these his face.
In Response

by: agreed from: US
January 14, 2015 14:19
if he is mature enough to murder people and spread terror his face should be in the public domain
In Response

by: Sam from: US
January 14, 2015 22:48
Most likely the child was brainwashed and is too a victim in all of this. The parents who take their children there are insane and the children are in fact a victim of their circumstances. The global community will be fighting the consequences of Islamic State well after Islamic State is defeated.

by: Emran hossain from: Dhaka
January 14, 2015 17:16
Stop muslim killing.
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